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October 21-31

Possible cancer-causing capacity of COVID-19: Is SARS-CoV-2 an oncogenic agent? Biochimie. Oct 2023.

October 11-20


October 1-10


September 21-30

Interview with Finnish pulmonologist Dr. Alexander van Assendelft on airborne transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic (I would like to say that even if it’s not possible anymore to get rid of this pandemic because of the extremely transmissible Omicron mutations, it would still make a great difference if people realized that the most dangerous part in encountering others is when they are talking. By minimizing discussions indoors, maintaining distance and wearing good masks, then it is possible to decrease your risks considerably from getting COVID. Everybody can do something to protect themselves and others. ). World Socialist Web Site. 18.9.2023.

Cambridge Health Alliance to require masks again starting Monday. Boston Nusiness Journal (Cambridge Health Alliance will reinstate mask mandate for its patients, visitors and employees on Monday, according to a memo from CEO Dr. Assaad Savah.). 15.9.2023.

Covid-19 ökar i Stockholms län (Ökningen i Stockholm följer samma trend som resten av landet. Samtidigt ser man även tecken på ökad smittspridning i flera länder inom Europa och i andra delar av världen, enligt statistik från Folkhälsomyndigheten. / Ökningen förväntas att fortsätta under hösten och vintern. Covid-19 är ett luftvägsvirus och de brukar spridas mer under höst och vinter. Men en annan anledning kan vara Eris, som den nya varianten som cirkulerar i landet kallas.).  SVT Nyheter. 15.9.2023.–fw669x

Trends in invasive bacterial diseases during the first 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic: analyses of prospective surveillance data from 30 countries and territories in the IRIS Consortium (COVID-19 containment measures were associated with a sustained decrease in the incidence of invasive disease caused by S pneumoniae, H influenzae, and N meningitidis during the first 2 years of the pandemic, but cases began to increase in some countries towards the end of 2021 as pandemic restrictions were lifted. These IRIS data provide a better understanding of microbial transmission, will inform vaccine development and implementation, and can contribute to health-care service planning and provision of policies.). Lancet Digital Health. September 2023.

New Study Detects Spike Protein 6 Months After COVID-19 Vaccination. (According to CDC, mRNA from COVID-19 vaccines is “broken down within a few days after vaccination and doesn’t last long in the body”—a position it has adhered to since the pandemic’s beginning, despite research suggesting otherwise (pdf). The CDC refers to mRNA as “messenger RNA,” whereas regulatory documents and Pfizer refer to the mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines as “modified RNA.” However. 
A study in Proteomics Clinical Applications found spike protein in individuals six months after vaccination, challenging claims mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines break.) EPOCH Health. 14.9.2023.

Covid may have permanently damaged people’s immunity (New Zealand. Several international studies – involving millions of people, mainly from before vaccines became widely available – found a Covid infection doubled the risk of developing heart disease and increased the chance of stroke 1.6 fold. It was also associated with higher rates of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. “There are a lot of long-term sequelae to Covid that we don’t really know yet and we may not know for years,” Payinda said. “Post polio syndromes were not identified for literally decades after polio infections. The same with the 1918 flu epidemic – people born during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic had a two- to three-fold increased risk of later developing Parkinson’s Disease.” The latest research showed vaccination halved the risk of cardiac problems post-infection, he said.).  1 news. 13.9-2023.

“Absolut erschreckend” Corona-Gefahr: Ärzte schreiben Brandbrief (“16 österreichische Ärzte haben sich in einem Brandbrief an die Österreichische Ärztekammer gewandt. Ihr Anliegen: Der Schutz der Patienten vor einer Corona-Infektion. Sie schreiben: “Wir können eine ständige, unmitigierte Durchseuchung der Bevölkerung mit einem Gefäß-schädigenden, neurotropen Virus wie SARS-CoV-2, bei dem eine frühere Infektion nicht längerfristig vor einer weiteren Infektion schützt, NICHT verantworten!” / Der Umgang mit der Pandemie und das Management dieser Gesundheitskrise sei “absolut erschreckend”. “Durch Infektionen und Reinfektionen sehen wir bereits jetzt, dass den Menschen gesunde Lebensjahre verloren gehen, die Übersterblichkeit anhaltend zu hoch ist, und alleine in Europa 36 Millionen Menschen als Folge einer SARS-CoV-2-Infektion chronisch krank geworden sind. COVID-19 ist kein Schnupfen. Es ist kein grippaler Infekt. Es ist eine systemische, Gefäß-schädigende Erkrankung, die sich lediglich über den respiratorischen Weg, über Aerosole, ausbreitet.” / Zur Infektionsprävention schlagen sie eine Reihe von Maßnahmen vor:

-Einsatz von Kohlendioxid-Messgeräten in Innenräumen
-Gute Ventilation mittels Lüftungsanlagen bzw. offene Fenster
-Luftreinigung mit HEPA-Filtern (im Winter oder wo Ventilation nur eingeschränkt möglich ist)
-Testungen und Isolation bei Symptomen, Testung bei Kontakt mit COVID-19-Erkrankten
-COVID-19 als meldepflichtige Erkrankung beibehalten und Einsicht ins Vigilanz-System (Überwachungssystem) ermöglichen (z. B. Abwasserdaten, Hospitalisierungen, Todesfälle)
-Geblockte Zeitfenster an definierten Tagen für vulnerable Personen reservieren
-Freiwillige Ärzteliste erstellen, wo präventive Maßnahmen eingehalten werden

Ein Arzt sollte Respekt vor Patienten haben. Ein Mensch kann entscheiden, ob er in eine Diskothek geht oder nicht. In eine Arztpraxis oder in ein Spital muss er gehen.”). t-online. 12.9.2023.

When Did “Herd Immunity” Become a Taboo Phrase

(Doctors who repeatedly predicted herd immunity in 2020 and 2021, mocking and berating those who disagreed, now treat herd immunity as a taboo phrase. Jonathan Howard, GBD, Martin Kulldorf, Jay Bhattacharya:

  • Herd immunity for coronaviruses means a widescale decoupling of cases from deaths caused by the virus due to immunity.

However, most doctors who spoke ceaselessly about herd immunity in 2020 and 2021, refuse to do so today. In fact, they act as if they had never mentioned herd immunity at all. There has been scant acknowledgement that their preposterous predictions of the pandemic’s end failed to arrive. They’ve made made no effort to grapple with the real-world consequences of telling people herd immunity was around the corner, when in fact the worst was yet to come. Instead of reflecting on their previous claims of herd immunity, these doctors now encourage repeat mass infection, saying:

  • Repeat infections are inevitable. More the longer you live. Nothing can be done about it. 

And thus it becomes clear, doctors who previously mocked and berated those who supposedly treated herd immunity as a taboo phrase, now treat herd immunity, as they defined it in 2021, as a taboo phrase. As cases and hospitalizations rise once again, I wonder why that is).

Science Based Medicine. 12.9.2023.

Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations are Now Available (On September 12, 2023, CDC recommended a COVID-19 vaccine updated for 2023-2024 for everyone aged 6 months and older to protect against serious illness. / The main reason to get vaccinated against COVID-19 is to protect yourself against severe illness, hospitalization, and even death. COVID-19 vaccines also reduce the chance of having Long COVID. This vaccine is expected to provide better protection against variants that are currently making people sick.). CDC Respiratory Viruses. 12.9.2023.

Satoja tutkimuksia läpikäynyt raportti: Kasvomaskit ja sulut vaikuttivat kiistattomasti koronaviruksen leviämisen hallintaan. (Asiantuntijatyöryhmää johtaneen Mark Walportin mukaan tutkimustulokset ovat tärkeitä, koska jossain vaiheessa tulee taas uusi pandemia, joka voi olla jotain paljon pahempaa kuin sars-CoV-2). Mediuutiset. 11.9.2023.

Is COVID back in Germany? Summer is coming to an end in Germany and the number of COVID-19 cases is starting to increase again. Is this the beginning of a new post-pandemic wave of infection? DW. 11.9.2023.


September 11-20

Comparative study showed that children faced a 78% higher risk of new-onset conditions after they had COVID-19 (We compared 1656 exposed and 1656 unexposed children from 1 February 2020 to 30 November 2021. The overall excess risk for new-onset conditions after COVID-19 was 78% higher in the exposed than unexposed children. We found significantly higher risks for some new conditions in exposed children, including mental health issues (aHR 1.8, 95% CI 1.1–3.0) and neurological problems (aHR 2.4, 95% CI 1.4–4.1).). Acta Paediatrica. 9.9.2023.

Covid-19 linked to elevated risk of type 1 diabetes in young children (Children between the ages of 4 months and 2 years seem more likely to have antibodies that attack insulin-producing cells, a feature of type 1 diabetes, if they have had covid-19, which may show how viral infections can lead to this type of diabetes). New Scientist. 8.9.2023.

COVID patients breathe large amounts of virus early on. Northwestern investigators collect samples over the entire course of infection to determine when a person is most infectious (On day eight, exhaled levels of virus drop steeply, down to near the limit of detection — an average of two copies exhaled per minute. / Mild and moderately symptomatic patients with COVID still exhale large amounts of virus, though severely symptomatic cases exhale higher levels on average, the study reports. / Vaccinated and unvaccinated patients exhale similar levels of virus over the course of infection, the research shows. / The amount of virus being exhaled while infected was the same no matter which variant a person was infected with — people infected with Alpha exhaled just as much as those infected with Omicron, the study reports.). Northwestern Now. 8.9.2023.

Quantity of SARS-CoV-2 RNA copies exhaled per minute during natural breathing over the course of COVID-19 infection (…numbers of exhaled SARS-CoV-2 RNA copies during COVID-19 infection do not decrease significantly until day 8 from symptom-onset. COVID-19-positive participants exhaled an average of 80 SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA copies per minute during the first 8 days of infection, with significant variability both between and within individuals, including spikes over 800 copies a minute in some patients.). medRxiv. 8.9.2023.

Global Trends in Highly Cited Studies in COVID-19 Research (This cross-sectional study found that the number of highly cited studies peaked at 1292 studies at the end of 2021 and declined to 649 studies at the end of 2022. Highly cited studies from China showed a decreasing trend, while those from the US and UK showed an increasing trend. These findings suggest that as the COVID-19 pandemic evolved in the 3 years since its outbreak, there were important shifts in trends of the number and origin of high-profile COVID-19 studies.). JAMA Network Open. 8.9.2023.

Determinants of the onset and prognosis of the post-COVID-19 condition: a 2-year prospective observational cohort study (The study included 548 individuals, 341 with PCC, followed for a median of 23 months (IQR 16.5–23.5), and 207 subjects fully recovered. In the model with the best fit, subjects who were male and had tertiary studies were less likely to develop PCC, whereas a history of headache, or presence of tachycardia, fatigue, neurocognitive and neurosensitive complaints and dyspnea at COVID-19 diagnosis predicted the development of PCC. The cluster analysis revealed the presence of three symptom clusters with an additive number of symptoms. Only 26 subjects (7.6%) recovered from PCC during follow-up; almost all of them (n = 24) belonged to the less symptomatic cluster A, dominated mainly by fatigue. Recovery from PCC was more likely in subjects who were male, required ICU admission, or had cardiovascular comorbidities, hyporexia and/or smell/taste alterations during acute COVID-19. Subjects presenting with muscle pain, impaired attention, dyspnea, or tachycardia, conversely, were less likely to recover from PCC.). The Lancet Regional Health – Europe. 5.9.2023.

Neutralization Escape by SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Subvariant BA.2.86 (The ability of BA.2.86 to evade NAbs compared with other currently circulating Omicron variants remains unknown. Our data show that NAb responses to BA.2.86 were lower than to BA.2 but were comparable or slightly higher than to the current circulating recombinant variants XBB.1.5, XBB.1.16, EG.5, EG.5.1, and FL.1.5.1). bioRxiv. 4.9.2023.

Bird flu is undergoing changes that could increase the risk of widespread human transmission. EurekAlert AAAS. 4.9.2023.

Fauci Touts Face Masks While Admitting to Ineffectiveness (Dr. Anthony Fauci said that face masks may not be effective on populations when looking at the “pandemic as a whole” but persists in his stance that people need to follow authorities’ recommendations and wear them.). The Epoch Times. 4.9.2023.

September 1-10

Scientists Sound the Alarm: COVID-19 Virus Is Rapidly Evolving in White-Tailed Deer (Genomic analysis showed that at least 30 infections in deer had been introduced by humans – a figure that surprised the research team. “We generally talk about interspecies transmission as a rare event, but this wasn’t a huge sampling, and we’re able to document 30 spillovers. It seems to be moving between people and animals quite easily,” said Andrew Bowman, associate professor of veterinary preventive medicine at The Ohio State University and co-senior author of the study. “And the evidence is growing that humans can get it from deer – which isn’t radically surprising. It’s probably not a one-way pipeline.”). SciTechDaily. 29.8.2023.

Opinion Everyone should know the dangers of long covid (Given these [Long Covid] findings, I am confused as to why CDC  and our local public health authorities in Montgomery County and elsewhere in Maryland are not widely sharing information about the risks of long covid, encouraging us to prevent every possible infection and mandating — or at the very least encouraging — universal masking protections in health-care settings. … High-quality masks and ventilation can help us reduce the likelihood of these serious health outcomes and are especially important in essential spaces such as health-care settings.). Washington Post. 27.8.2027.

Hundreds of hospital wards closed due to Covid outbreaks (At least 237 wards were closed to new admissions – typically for periods of around seven to 10 days – in a bid to prevent the virus spreading to other patients. That compares to a total of 93 ward closures up to the end of July for all other infection control incidents combined, including cases of norovirus, flu, RSV, or gastroenteritis.). The Herald/Scotland. 25.8.2023.

As schools resume, CDC reports new rise in COVID emergency room visits from adolescents (The increase comes as schools and businesses are now weighing a return to masks and other precautions to curb the virus, amid a weeks-long rise in new COVID-19 hospitalizations nationwide that is projected to continue. Officials are also now tracking a new, highly-mutated COVID-19 variant called BA.2.86 that experts think might fuel further spread.). CBC News. 25.8.2023.

Public Pushes Back On CDC’s Plan To Weaken Infection Control (“This is eugenics. I’m Jewish, and I see the writing on the wall. The history of not only the Holocaust but many genocides.” They continued, “They target disabled people first, and I’m literally begging for something to be done.”). Forbes. 25.8.2023.

Lockdowns and face masks really did help to control covid-19.
(Non-vaccine measures such as social distancing and wearing face masks have been “unequivocally effective” at preventing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, according to a major report by the UK’s Royal Society). New Scientist. 24.8.2023.

Effectiveness of social distancing measures and lockdowns for reducing transmission of COVID-19 in non-healthcare, community-based settings (Re. masks/schools: Four of the six observational studies assessed individual schools between the end of 2020 and early 2021. Three did not quantify the effect but observed minimal transmission in schools with SDMs and universal masking interventions in place despite substantial community transmission . The remaining study that examined the effect of multiple distancing measures in 36 schools in Italy (including limited capacity, distanced student desks and minimized crowding and entry and exits) observed that the overall secondary transmission rate was 3.8%, although there was no comparator without the interventions in place. Two other observational studies had similar findings. One that used data from 35 school outbreaks across 12 countries from 2020 to July 2021 suggested that distancing and masking were both associated with a lower risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection in schools (adjusted odds ratio (aOR): 0.30, 95% CI: 0.25, 0.37). Another ecological study examining schools in North Carolina and Wisconsin, US, from 2020 to 2021 did not observe an increase in the secondary transmission rate in schools after distancing measures were relaxed, indicating they had no effect on transmission in these schools . The remaining simulation studies found that school measures were associated with reductions in public health impacts of COVID-19, both in the schools and the community.). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. 24.8.2023.

Medical News in Brief: Two New Analyses Add to Long COVID Understanding (Overall, the prevalence of post–COVID-19 condition, or long COVID (LC), has declined among US adults. In June 2023, 11% of participants with a previous SARS-CoV-2 infection reported currently having LC, compared with 19% at 12 months prior. Prevalence of LC among all US adults also decreased, from 7.5% to 6%. / The decline in prevalence plateaued by this January. Among those who reported having LC this June, 1/4 said they had a significant activity limitation (MMWR). / Another study in MMWR found that LC-like symptoms may not be unique to COVID-19. It used data from the CDC-funded Innovative Support for Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infections Registry, or INSPIRE, multicenter cohort study. / This analysis looked at the prevalence over time of LC-like symptoms among 1296 adults who had a COVID-like illness. A substantial proportion of both those who had a positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR or antigen test result and those who tested negative reported symptoms at 3 months—about 48% and 38%, respectively. Both groups also reported symptoms that emerged or reemerged over the following 9 months. /Persistent symptoms decreased over time in both groups. By month 12, the prevalence of long COVID-like symptoms was similar between the groups, reported by about 18% of people with a positive test result and about 16% of people with a negative test result.). JAMA. 23.8.2023.

Hospitals are killing patients because they don’t feel like doing infection control  (We now know COVID is fully airborne. We also know how to control airborne disease. So why are vulnerable people still dying of hospital-acquired COVID?). The Gauntlet. 23.8.2023.

Small study suggests long COVID may affect more people than previously thought (). American Academy of Neurology. 23.8.2023.

Anders Tegnell släpper bok om pandemin. Tegnell säger att han vill bidra med lärdomar inför nästa pandemi. HBL. 23.8.2023.

Is the post-COVID-19 syndrome a severe impairment of acetylcholine-orchestrated neuromodulation that responds to nicotine administration (In summary, the enhancement and reduction of ACE2 will be beneficial for the prevention/treatment of chronic disease and COVID-19, respectively. Post-translational modifications of ACE2 protein in chronic diseases are different from those in COVID-19; therefore, regulation of ACE2 protein modification will help develop the prevention or treatment for COVID-19 without the induction of chronic disease risks.)? Journal of Biomedical Science. 22.8.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 can cause lasting damage to cells’ energy production (“The continued dysfunction we observed in organs other than the lungs suggests that mitochondrial dysfunction could be causing long-term damage to the internal organs of these patients”) . NIH. 22.8.2023.

Neuro-ophthalmic complications of varicella-zoster virus (Despite varicella vaccination, the incidence of herpes zoster continues to rise, potentially leading to devastating consequences when ocular complications occur.). Current Opinion in Ophthalmology. 22.8.2023.

Sosiaali- ja terveys­ministeri Juuso: Korona­rajoitusten järkevyyttä pitää selvittää.
(Sosiaali- ja terveysministeri Kaisa Juuson (ps) mukaan tulisi miettiä, pitäisikö Pohjoismaiden kesken sopia yhteisistä käytännöistä mahdollisissa tulevissa pandemiatilanteissa. ”Tutkimushankkeessa käsitellään ainakin kriisin johtamista, varautumista ja perusoikeusrajoituksia”, hallitusohjelmassa todetaan.) Helsingin Sanomat. 22.8.203.

Omicron infection following vaccination enhances a broad spectrum of immune responses dependent on infection history (We find that most individuals increase BA.1/BA.2/BA.5-specific neutralizing antibodies following infection, but confirm that the magnitude of increase and post-omicron titres are higher in the infection-naive. In contrast, significant increases in nasal responses, including neutralizing activity against BA.5 spike, are seen regardless of infection history. Spike-specific T cells increase only in infection-naive vaccinees; however, post-omicron T cell responses are significantly higher in the previously-infected, who display a maximally induced response with a highly cytotoxic CD8+ phenotype following their 3rd mRNA vaccine dose. Responses to non-spike antigens increase significantly regardless of prior infection status. These findings suggest that hybrid immunity induced by omicron breakthrough infections is characterized by significant immune enhancement that can help protect against future omicron variants.). nature communications. 21.8.2023.

International Pediatric COVID-19 Severity Over the Course of the Pandemic (This cohort study including 31 785 hospitalized children with SARS-CoV-2 infection suggested that while intensive care unit admission decreased over the course of the pandemic in all age groups, ventilatory and oxygen support did not decrease over time in children aged younger than 5 years.). JAMA Pediatrics. 21.8.2023.

COVID-19 boosts risks of health problems 2 years later, giant study of veterans says. SARS-CoV-2’s public health impact is worse than that of heart disease or cancer, study claims; others say the work may overestimate harm for the general population (Now, researchers have attempted to quantify this long-term harm using a massive database of U.S. veterans’ health records. They found a dramatically increased risk of dozens of conditions including heart failure and fatigue, sometimes years postinfection. Overall, the team estimates, COVID-19’s public health impact is more than 50% greater than that of cancer or heart disease.). Science. 21.8.2023.

Postacute sequelae of COVID-19 at 2 years (The increased risk of death was not significant beyond 6 months after infection among nonhospitalized but remained significantly elevated through the 2 years in hospitalized individuals. Within the 80 prespecified sequelae, 69% and 35% of them became not significant at 2 years after infection among nonhospitalized and hospitalized individuals, respectively. Cumulatively at 2 years, PASC contributed 80.4 (95% confidence interval (CI): 71.6–89.6) and 642.8 (95% CI: 596.9–689.3) disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) per 1,000 persons among nonhospitalized and hospitalized individuals; 25.3% (18.9–31.0%) and 21.3% (18.2–24.5%) of the cumulative 2-year DALYs in nonhospitalized and hospitalized were from the second year). nature medicine, 21.8.2023.

August 21-31

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome correlation with SARS-CoV-2 N genotypes (The hypothesis is consistent with the mutagenic deriving observed on the in-silico assay, which reveals that genotypes N/120 and N/152 are determinant to reduce the Immune Response of the host infecting lymphocytes, allowing the virus persists indefinitely and causing an Acquire Immune Deficiency Syndrome = AIDS). Biomedical Journal. 19.8.2023.

Infection prevention and control in the context of coronavirus disease (‎COVID-19)‎: a living guideline,  10 August 2023. WHO. 19.8.2023.

Evidence of leaky protection following COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 infection in an incarcerated population (Although associations may not have been thoroughly adjusted due to dataset limitations, the findings suggest that prior infection and vaccination may be leaky, highlighting the potential benefits of pairing vaccination with non-pharmaceutical interventions in crowded settings.). nature. 19.8.2023.

Risk assessment for SARS-CoV-2 variant V-23AUG-01 (or BA.2.86). 18.8.2023.

How Bad Is a Second (or Third or Fourth) Case of Covid? Reinfections are becoming more common. Experts are still unsure about how damaging they can be. NYTimes. 17.8.2023.

There are a couple of simple ways to see whether herd immunity has been achieved. twitter. 17.8.2023.

Data on COVID-19 vaccination in the EU/EEA. ECDC.17.8.2023.

Risk of autoimmune diseases following COVID-19 and the potential protective effect from vaccination: a population-based cohort study (Compared with non-COVID controls, patients with COVID-19 presented an increased risk of developing pernicious anaemia [adjusted Hazard Ratio (aHR): 1.72; 95% Confidence Interval (CI): 1.12–2.64]; spondyloarthritis [aHR: 1.32 (95% CI: 1.03–1.69)]; rheumatoid arthritis [aHR: 1.29 (95% CI: 1.09–1.54)]; other autoimmune arthritis [aHR: 1.43 (95% CI: 1.33–1.54)]; psoriasis [aHR: 1.42 (95% CI: 1.13–1.78)]; pemphigoid [aHR: 2.39 (95% CI: 1.83–3.11)]; Graves’ disease [aHR: 1.30 (95% CI: 1.10–1.54)]; anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome [aHR: 2.12 (95% CI: 1.47–3.05)]; immune mediated thrombocytopenia [aHR: 2.1 (95% CI: 1.82–2.43)]; multiple sclerosis [aHR: 2.66 (95% CI: 1.17–6.05)]; vasculitis [aHR: 1.46 (95% CI: 1.04–2.04)].). eClinicalMedicine. 16.8.2023.

Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19. JAMA Patient Page. 16.8. 2023.

Viral emissions into the air and environment after SARS-CoV-2 human challenge: a phase 1, open label, first-in-human study (). The Lancet Microbe. 16.8.2023.

Why Blood Type Seems to Be Linked With COVID-19 Risk (…given the earlier SARS observations, Stowell said that most studies of the relationship between SARS-CoV-2 and blood group have found that, all other things being equal, people with type A were more likely to become infected than people with type O. Although some studies have found no relationship between blood type and COVID-19 risk, none has linked type O to a higher risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection.). JAMA. 16.8.2023.

Communication of COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media by Physicians in the US. JAMA Network. (The propagation of COVID-19 misinformation was attributed to 52 physicians in 28 different specialties across all regions of the country. General misinformation categories included vaccines, medication, masks, and other (ie, conspiracy theories). Forty-two physicians (80.8%) posted vaccine misinformation, 40 (76.9%) propagated information in more than 1 category, and 20 (38.5%) posted misinformation on 5 or more platforms. Major themes identified included (1) disputing vaccine safety and effectiveness, (2) promoting medical treatments lacking scientific evidence and/or US Food and Drug Administration approval, (3) disputing mask-wearing effectiveness, and (4) other (unsubstantiated claims, eg, virus origin, government lies, and other conspiracy theories).) 15.8.2023.

Protection against COVID-19 hospitalisation conferred by primary-series vaccination with AZD1222 in non-boosted individuals: first vaccine effectiveness results of the European COVIDRIVE study and meta-regression analysis (Primary-series AZD1222 vaccination confers protection against COVID-19 hospitalisation with enduring levels of VE through ≥6 months. AstraZeneca.) Science Direct. August 2023.

Changes in SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence and population immunity in Finland, 2020-2022. Helsingi Yliopisto. 12.8.2023.

Group Life COVID-19 Mortality Survey Report. SOA Research Institute 11.8.2023.

More young Americans are dying – and it’s not COVID. Why aren’t we searching for answers?
Without a thorough and collaborative exploration, we can’t know what’s killing us – or how to stop it. USA Today Opinnion. 11.8.2023.

Bird flu researchers turn to Finland’s mink farms, tracking a virus with pandemic potential. STAT 11.8.2023.

August 11-20

Opinion: Long covid has derailed my life. Make no mistake: It could yours, too. The Washington Post. 9.8.2023.

Italy abandoning all COVID mitigation measures. World Socialist Web Site. 9.8.2023.

Long Covid May Affect Organs Like The Heart And Kidneys After Lungs Recover, New Research Says.
Forbes. 9.8.2023.


Vaccines & Immunizations, 6 Things to Know. Information for parents and caregivers: For the best protection, CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccines for everyone 6 months and older (1. COVID-19 vaccination for children is safe. 2. Getting vaccinated helps protect children against COVID-19. 3. Children may have some side effects after COVID-19 vaccination. 4. Children receive a smaller dose of COVID-19 vaccine than teens and adults. 5. Children who have already had COVID-19 should still get vaccinated. 6. Children can safely receive other vaccines the same day they receive their COVID-19 vaccine.) CDC. 8.8.2023.

Antiviral efficacy of the SARS-CoV-2 XBB breakthrough infection sera against Omicron subvariants including EG.5. (the NT50 of the BTI sera of XBB1.5/1.9 and XBB.1.16 against the variant infected were 8.7- and 8.3-fold lower than that against the B.1.1 variant. These results suggest that XBB BTI cannot efficiently induce antiviral humoral immunity against XBB subvariants.) bioRxiv. 8-8.2023.

Case Report of Leprosy in Central Florida, USA, 2022. CDC Research Letter. August 2023

Diabetes following SARS-CoV-2 infection: Incidence, persistence, and implications of COVID-19 vaccination. A cohort study of fifteen million people (In the pre-vaccination cohort, adjusted hazard rations (aHRS) for type 2 diabetes (T2DM) incidence after COVID-19 (compared to before or without diagnosis) declined from 3.01 (95% CI: 2.76,3.28) in weeks 1-4 to 1.24 (1.12,1.38) in weeks 53-102. aHRS were higher in unvaccinated than vaccinated people (4.86 (3.69,6.41)) versus 1.42 (1.24,1.62) in weeks 1-4) and for hospitalised COVID-19 (pre-vaccination cohort 21.1 (18.8,23.7) in weeks 1-4 declining to 2.04 (1.65,2.51) in weeks 52-102), than non-hospitalised COVID-19 (1.45 (1.27,1.64) in weeks 1-4, 1.10 (0.98,1.23) in weeks 52-102). T2DM persisted for 4 months after COVID-19 for ∼73% of those diagnosed. Patterns were similar for Type 1 diabetes, though excess incidence did not persist beyond a year post-COVID-19.). medRxiv. 7.8.2023.

The Economic Cost of Long COVID: An Update – David Cutler (per cap. $11 189, 17% of 2019 GDP). Harvard Kennedy School. 7.8.2023.

The Effects of Vaccines on the Sequelae Rates of Recurrent Infections and the Severity of Pulmonary COVID-19 Infection by Imaging. MDPI. 4.8.2023.

Notes from the Field: Safety Monitoring of Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Among Persons Aged ≥12 Years — United States, July 13, 2022–March 13, 2023. (Although postauthorization safety data after receipt of a primary Novavax dose are limited by the low number of doses administered (0.01% of total COVID-19 vaccine doses administered) (2), available data are consistent with those from preauthorization clinical trials.§ No new safety concerns were identified. ) CDC MMWR. 3.8.2023.

We’re now finding out the damaging results of the mandated return to the office–and it’s worse than we thought. Fortune. 1.8.2023.

August 1-10

Covid-19: Leaked cremation data hint at true scale of China’s death rate (In the relatively wealthy and developed eastern province, where more than 99% of all deaths end in cremation, the number of cremations in the first quarter of 2023 was just under 171 000, compared with 99 000 in the first quarter of 2022 and 90 000 in the first quarter of 2021.  Extrapolated across China, this 72% rise in mortality would translate to about 1.5 million excess deaths in the first quarter of 2023, closely matching predictions of several models developed by epidemiologists). BMJ. 31.7.2023.

Three myths about COVID-19 — and the biggest challenge that lies ahead (1: It’s just a cold now so let’s get it over with, 2: Being fully immunised stops infection, 3: Variant-specific vaccines are the answer. Making COVID-19 personal). ABC Health & Wellbeing. 28.7.2023.

Multimodal Molecular Imaging Reveals Tissue-Based T Cell Activation and Viral RNA Persistence for Up to 2 Years Following COVID-19. medRxiv. 27.7.2023.

Open data for COVID-19 policy analysis and mapping. Scientific data. 27.7.2023.

Highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) virus infection on multiple fur farms in the South and Central Ostrobothnia regions of Finland, July 2023 separator. Eurosurveillance. 27.7.2023.

Research uncovers new insights into post-COVID-19 syndrome (PCS) phenotypes and impact on quality of life (clinical PCS phenotypes were identified: chronic fatigue-like syndrome (CF: memory loss, fatigue, and headaches, 42%, 757 individuals); respiratory syndrome (RE: dyspnea and cough, 23%, 502 individuals); neurosensorial syndrome (NS: altered smell and taste, 11%, 197 individuals); and chronic pain syndrome (CPs: myalgia and arthralgia, 22%, 399 individuals.  The largest decrease in quality of life was observed in CPs and REs (44 and 44 versus 57 among control controls, respectively).).). News Medical. 26.7.2023.

Neuroinvasion and anosmia are independent phenomena upon infection with SARS-CoV-2 and its variants. nature. 26.7.2023.

Opinion: Accountability for Canada’s Covid-19 Response. We can learn from the covid-19 pandemic management strategy of First Nations communities in Canada. BMJ. 24.7.2023.

Number needed to vaccinate with a COVID-19 booster to prevent a COVID-19-associated hospitalization during SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.1 variant predominance, December 2021–February 2022, VISION Network: a retrospective cohort study (Median estimated number neede to vaccinate (NNV) to prevent one hospitalization was 205 (range 44–615) and NNV was lower across study periods for adults aged ≥65 years (110, 46, and 88, respectively) and those with underlying medical conditions (163, 69, and 131, respectively). Median estimated NNV to prevent one emergency department encounter was 156 (range 75–592).). The Lancet Regional Health – Americas. 23.7.2023.

Association Between Duration of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Positivity and Long COVID (In an observational study, we analyzed 1293 healthcare workers previously infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), of which 34.1% developed postacute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (also known as long COVID). Using a multivariate logistic regression model, we demonstrate that the likelihood of developing long COVID in infected individuals rises with the increasing of duration of infection and that 3 doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine are protective, even during the Omicron wave.). Clinical Infectious Diseases. 22.7.2023.

Study: 1 in 6 kids have persistent COVID symptoms for 3 months after infection. CIDRAP, UoMi. 21.7.2023.

A Systematic Review of Persistent Clinical Features After SARS-CoV-2 in the Pediatric Population (27 cohorts and 4 cross-sectional studies met the inclusion criteria and involved over 15 000 pediatric participants. A total of more than 20 persistent symptoms and clinical features were reported among children and adolescents. 16.2% (95% confidence interval 8.5% to 28.6%) of the pediatric participants experienced 1 or more persistent symptom(s) at least 3 months post COVID-19. Female gender might be associated with developing certain long COVID symptoms.). Pediatrics. 21.7.2023.

The effects of COVID-19 on cognitive performance in a community-based cohort: a COVID symptom study biobank prospective cohort study (3335 individuals completed Round 1, of whom 1768 also completed Round 2. At Round 1, individuals with previous positive SARS-CoV-2 tests had lower cognitive accuracy (N = 1737, β = −0.14 standard deviations, SDs, 95% confidence intervals, CI: −0.21, −0.07) than negative controls. Deficits were largest for positive individuals with ≥12 weeks of symptoms (N = 495, β = −0.22 SDs, 95% CI: −0.35, −0.09). Effects were comparable to hospital presentation during illness (N = 281, β = −0.31 SDs, 95% CI: −0.44, −0.18), and 10 years age difference (60–70 years vs. 50–60 years, β = −0.21 SDs, 95% CI: −0.30, −0.13) in the whole study population. Stratification by self-reported recovery revealed that deficits were only detectable in SARS-CoV-2 positive individuals who did not feel recovered from COVID-19, whereas individuals who reported full recovery showed no deficits. Longitudinal analysis showed no evidence of cognitive change over time, suggesting that cognitive deficits for affected individuals persisted at almost 2 years since initial infection.). eClinicalMedicine. 21.7.2023.

As COVID-19 cases rose, so did diabetes — no one knows why. The spike in childhood type 1 diabetes opened new avenues for researchers to explore the cause of the disease. nature. 21.7.2023.

July 21-31

Official Data Hinted at China’s Hidden Covid Toll. Then It Vanished. Epidemiologists say a rise in cremations in an eastern province was the latest indication that the country’s official death toll from Covid is a vast undercount. NYTimes. 19.7.2023.

The Challenges of Defining, Understanding, and Addressing Long COVID.  Pfizer. 18.7.2023.

Epigenetic Age Acceleration in Surviving versus Deceased COVID-19 Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome following Hospitalization (Our analysis revealed significant accelerated epigenetic aging but no telomere attrition acceleration in severe COVID-19 cases. … The DNAmTL  measurements revealed telomere attrition acceleration in deceased COVID19 patients between inclusion and end of follow-up as well as a significant change in dynamic telomere attrition acceleration when comparing patients who recovered vs those who died. In conclusion, EAA and telomere attrition acceleration was associated with treatment outcome in hospitalized COVID-19 Patients with ARDS.). bioRxiv. 18.7.2023.

Healthcare group calls for return of face mask guidance (A lobby group of healthcare workers has warned against the decision to remove face mask guidance in healthcare settings. The Scottish Healthcare Workers Coalition (SHWC) has written to ministers, claiming “very serious flaws” in changing the guidance. The group is made up of medical professionals who worked throughout the pandemic. All members have long Covid or another chronic post-viral illness.Face mask guidance was withdrawn in May in hospitals, dentists and GP surgeries having been in place since June 2020. The decision came after the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 was no longer a global emergency.) BBC News. 17.7.2023.

News: Covid-19: Bring back mandatory mask wearing in health settings, say Scottish workers. BMJ. 17.7.2023.


Immunogenicity and efficacy of vaccine boosters against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariant BA.5 in male Syrian hamsters.  ( In a comprehensive, experimental vaccination study using male Syrian hamsters, we evaluate neutralizing antibody responses and efficacy against BA.5 challenge after primary vaccination with Ad26.COV2.S (Janssen) or BNT162b2 (Pfizer/BioNTech) followed by a homologous or heterologous booster with mRNA-1273 (Moderna) or NVX-CoV2373 (Novavax). Notably, one high or low dose of Ad26.COV2.S provides more durable immunity than two primary doses of BNT162b2, and the NVX-CoV2373 booster provides the strongest augmentation of immunity, reduction in BA.5 viral replication, and disease. ) nature communications. 17.7.2023.

COVID-19 Severity and Waning Immunity After up to 4 mRNA Vaccine Doses in 73 608 Patients With Cancer and 621 475 Matched Controls in Singapore – A Nationwide Cohort Study. (Each booster COVID-19 vaccine dose was associated with significant clinical protection in patients with cancer, lasting at least 5 months in actively treated patients with cancer and cancer survivors, underscoring the benefit of boosters.) JAMA Network. 13.7.2023.

Novavax Intends to Deliver Protein-based XBB COVID Vaccine as Specified in U.S. HHS Letter to COVID Manufacturers. Novavax News&Media. 13.7.2023.

Determinants of the Onset and Prognosis of the Post-COVID-19 Condition:  2-Year Prospective Cohort Study (Preexisting medical and socioeconomic factors, as well as acute COVID-19 symptoms, predict the development of and recovery from the PCC. Recovery is extremely rare during the first 2 years, posing a major challenge to healthcare systems.). Preprint Lancet. 12.7.2023.

Gene linked to long COVID found in analysis of thousands of patients.  The first genome-wide search for long-COVID risk factors could pave the way for larger studies. Nature 11.7.2023.

Immunogenicity of NVX-CoV2373 heterologous boost against SARS-CoV-2 variants. NPJ Vaccines. 11.7.2023.

The immunology of long COVID (of all those who had COVID-19 globally, at least 10% have long COVID. The disease burden spans from mild symptoms to profound disability, the scale making this a huge, new health-care challenge. Long COVID will likely be stratified into several more or less discrete entities with potentially distinct pathogenic pathways.). nature reviews, immunology- 11.7.2023.

July 11-20

These Schools Across the US Have Brought Back Mask Mandates. The Epoch Times. 9.7.2023.

Devastating COVID-19 surge in Okinawa exposes lies that the pandemic is over (The situation is not so much a medical crisis as a collapse of the system). World Socialist Web Site. 7.7.2023.

An analysis of studies pertaining to masks in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: Characteristics and quality of all studies from 1978 to 2023 (MMWR publications pertaining to masks drew positive conclusions about mask effectiveness over 75% of the time despite only 30% testing masks and <15% having statistically significant results. No studies were randomized, yet over half drew causal conclusions. The level of evidence generated was low and the conclusions drawn were most often unsupported by the data. Our findings raise concern about the reliability of the journal for informing health policy.). medRxiv. 7.7.2023.

Novavax COVID-19 vaccine as a second dose generates high immune response in young people, finds study (“Of particular interest is the enhanced performance of Novavax’s protein subunit vaccine following a dose of Pfizer-BioNTech’s mRNA, compared to the standard two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA. Among participants who had not been infected with COVID-19 before, those in the Novavax group were less likely to report a breakthrough infection than those in the standard Pfizer-BioNTech group…). MedicxalXpress by UoOxford. 6.7.2023.

UK doctors demand re-introduction of infectious disease controls. Earlier this week the trade union for doctors and medical students in the UK issued a warning about the number of doctors that have had to quit or reduce their hours due to long covid – the number was one in five. Nate Bear Ko-fi. 6.7.2023.

How to Protect Yourself & Others. CDC. 6.7.2023.

Hospital admissions linked to SARS-CoV-2 infection in children and adolescents: cohort study of 3.2 million first ascertained infections in England (Most SARS-CoV-2 associated hospital admissions in children and adolescents in England were due to SARS-CoV-2 or SARS-CoV-2 was a contributory factor. These results should inform future public health initiatives and research.). The BMJ. 5.7.2023.

First major survey of doctors with Long Covid reveals debilitating impact on health, life and work (-(-Doctors reported a wide range of symptoms, including fatigue, headaches, muscular pain, nerve damage, joint pain, ongoing respiratory problems and many more.
-60% told the BMA that post-acute Covid ill health has impacted on their ability to carry out day-to-day activities on a regular basis;
-18% reported that they were now unable to work due to their post-acute Covid ill-health;
-31% said they were working full-time, compared to 57% before the onset of their illness;
-48% have experienced some form of loss of earnings as a result of post-acute Covid;
-54% acquired Covid-19 during the first wave of the pandemic in 2020, and 77% of these believed that they contracted Covid -19 in the workplace;
-A small minority had access to respiratory protective equipment (RPE) around the time that they contracted Covid-19, with only 11% having access to an FFP2 respirator and 16% an FFP3 respirator;
-65% said their post-acute Covid symptoms had not been investigated thoroughly and effectively by an NHS long Covid clinic or centre. Almost half reported not even being referred to an NHS long Covid clinic at all.). BMA. 4.7.2023.

Rare link between coronavirus vaccines and Long Covid–like illness starts to gain acceptance
Studies probe unusual cases of neurologic complications, blood pressure swings, and other side effects. Science. 3.7.2023.

July 1-10


COVID-19 cases continue to rise, straining health care system in Okinawa. The Japan Times. 30.6.2023.

Incidence of Diabetes in Children and Adolescents During the COVID-19 Pandemic
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (…a higher incidence rate during the first year of the pandemic compared with the prepandemic period (incidence rate ratio [IRR], 1.14; 95% CI, 1.08-1.21). There was an increased incidence of diabetes during months 13 to 24 of the pandemic compared with the prepandemic period (IRR, 1.27; 95% CI, 1.18-1.37)). JAMA. 30.6.2023.

Covid pandemic linked to surge in child and teen diabetes (There has been an unusual rise in the number of children and teenagers around the world diagnosed with type 1 diabetes since Covid, say researchers.) BBC News. 30.6.2023.

Immunogenicity and safety of a fourth homologous dose of NVX-CoV2373. (A fourth dose of NVX-CoV2373 enhanced immune response to SARS-CoV-2 variants. / An NVX-CoV2373 fourth dose induced robust immunogenicity in those aged 18–84 years./  Correlates of protection imply post-boost efficacy of ≥ 82% for Omicron variants.) Vaccine. 29.6.2023.

New research finds that COVID-19 can cause cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and thyroid disfunction- World Socialist Web Site. 28.6.2023.

Reduction of SARS-CoV-2 intra-household child-to-parent transmission associated with ventilation: results from a case–control study. BMC Public Health. 26.6.2023.

New onset or relapsing neuromyelitis optica temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 vaccination: a systematic review. Frontiers in neurology. 22.6.2023.



June 21-30

The Covid Inquiry is Ignoring the Biggest Lesson: COVID-19 is Airborne. In the first week of the Covid Inquiry, the importance of aerosols has been ignored, and the WHO’s disastrous initial claim Covid ‘is not airborne’ has been overlooked.(GB) Byline Times. 20.6.2023.

Study Reveals 23 Percent Lower COVID Risk in Those ‘Not Up-to-Date’ With Vaccinations. The Epoch Times. 17.6.2023.

Lessons From COVID-19 for Protecting Workers in the Next Pandemic (COVID-19 is an occupational disease that sickened and killed countless workers in health care and long-term care, and in meat processing, agriculture, warehousing, transportation, corrections, and other “essential” industries. Nonetheless, COVID-19 has rarely been treated or tracked as an occupational disease by public health agencies, particularly in non–health care workplaces. The lessons from the failure to protect workers during the COVID-19 pandemic can be helpful as the nation anticipates and prepares for the next public health emergency.). JAMA. 16.6.2023.

Reactogenicity, immunogenicity and breakthrough infections following heterologous or fractional second dose COVID-19 vaccination in adolescents (Com-COV3): A randomised controlled trial. (Novavax. Heterologous and fractional dose COVID-19 vaccine schedules in adolescents are safe, well-tolerated and immunogenic. NVXCoV2373 following 30µg BNT162b2 as a first dose elicited the highest humoral and peak cellular immune responses. Neutralising antibodies against Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 were higher after NVXCoV2373 than a two-dose 30µg BNT162b2 schedule. The lowest rate of SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections occurred in participants who received NVXCoV2373 as their second dose. Enhanced protection may be provided by heterologous vaccine schedules using NVXCoV2373 than the homologous BNT162b2 schedule.) J Infect. 16.6.2023.

Why our family is covid cautious (extensive list of LC &Covid sequelae). 16.6.2023.

Tutkimus: Yli 70 prosentilla suomalaisista on sairastetun koronan tuottamia viruksen vasta-aineita. THL. 16.6.2023.

Notes from the Field: Comparison of COVID-19 Mortality Rates Among Adults Aged ≥65 Years Who Were Unvaccinated and Those Who Received a Bivalent Booster Dose Within the Preceding 6 Months — 20 U.S. Jurisdictions, September 18, 2022–April 1, 2023. CDC MMWR Weekly. 16.6. 2023.

Wavelength dependence of ultraviolet light inactivation for SARS-CoV-2 omicron variants (The inactivation efficacy of 220 nm light, which is considered safe for the human body, was approximately the same as that of health hazardous 260 nm light for both BA.2 and BA.5.). Nature 15.6.2023.

Maternal COVID-19 infection and the fetus: Immunological and neurological perspectives (Pregnant women with male fetuses have been reported to have decreased maternal and placental humoral responses. This suggests that in pregnancies with a male fetus, fewer antibodies may be transferred to the fetus and contribute to males’ increased susceptibility/vulnerability to infectious diseases compared to female infants.). New Microbes and New Infections. June 2023.

Immunogenicity and safety of a fourth homologous dose of NVX-CoV2373 ( Novavax. In conclusion, despite the call for variant-specific vaccines, an increase in number of vaccine booster doses with NVX-CoV2373 enhances immunogenicity for the ancestral SARS-CoV-2 strain and its variants without a notable increase in reactogenicity. Therefore, these data suggest that further boosting with the ancestral sequence used in NVX-CoV2373 should retain meaningful utility in preventing variant virus-associated illness.). Vaccine. June 2023.

Viral emissions into the air and environment after SARS-CoV-2 human challenge: a phase 1, open label, first-in-human study (…a minority of participants were high airborne virus emitters, giving support to the notion of superspreading individuals or events. Our data implicates the nose as the most important source of emissions. Frequent self-testing coupled with isolation upon awareness of first symptoms could reduce onward transmissions.). The Lancet Microbe. 16.6.2023.

For Patient Safety, It Is Not Time to Take Off Masks in Health Care Settings. Annals of Internal Medicine. June 2023.

Long covid ja keho-mielihoidot (Juhani Knuuti: Covid-infektion laukaisemien pitkäaikaisoireiden hoito on edelleen suuri haaste. Toistaiseksi täsmähoitoa ei ole ja hoito perustuu toisaalta elinjärjestelmän vaurioiden hoitoon ja toisaalta moniammatilliseen kuntoutukseen, jossa tavoitteena on tukea oireiden kanssa pärjäämistä ja toipumista. Onneksi valtaosin potilaat toipuvat. / Perehdyttyäni huolellisesti tutkimusnäyttöön ja kuunneltuani luennon ja tutkittuani sen lähteitä, jää mieltäni edelleen askarruttamaan kysymys: Annetaanko Suomessa jo nyt covidin pitkäaikaisoireisiin muun kuntoutuksen ohessa hoitoa, josta tutkimusnäyttö kokonaan puuttuu ja jota vasta pyritään tutkimaan? Se, että ”kahden vuoden aikana [ei] ole jätetty yhtään muistutusta hoidon sisällöstä tai laadusta” ei mielestäni käy perusteeksi tutkimattoman hoidon antamiselle.).  TS Blogit. 14.5.2023.

Over 20 Million Americans Struggle To Regain Smell and Taste After COVID. Sci Tech Daily. 14.6.2023.

Choroid plexus defects in Down syndrome brain organoids enhance neurotropism of SARS-CoV-2 VUMC researchers study long term neurological impacts of COVID. NewsChannel5. 15.5.2023.

Sunday Timesin selvitys: Koronavirus karkasi wuhanilaboratoriosta, jossa kehitettiin ihmisiin herkemmin tarttuvia virusmuunnoksia. Tekniikan Maailma. 13.6.2023.

“The idea that the pandemic is over… The virus hasn’t gotten that memo.” An interview with Arijit Chakravarty on ending of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: Part 1.  World Socialist Web Site. 11.6.2023.

June 11-20

Evaluation of Mask-Induced Cardiopulmonary Stress. A Randomized Crossover Trial. (… wearing the N95 mask for 14 hours significantly affected the physiological, biochemical, and perception parameters.4,5 The effect was primarily initiated by increased respiratory resistance and subsequent decreased blood oxygen and pH, which contributed to sympathoadrenal system activation and epinephrine as well as norepinephrine secretion elevation. The extra hormones elicited a compensatory increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Although healthy individuals can compensate for this cardiopulmonary overload, other populations, such as elderly individuals, children, and those with cardiopulmonary diseases, may experience compromised compensation.) JAMA. 8.6.2023.

Prusty on Herpesviruses, Messed Up Mitochondria and a Biomarker for ME/CFS and Long COVID (?). HealthRising. 9.6.2023.

Association of COVID-19 Government-Instituted Mask Mandates With Incidence of Mask Use Among Children in Alberta, Canada (This cohort study of 939 children (age, 8-13 years) from August 2020 to June 2022 examined government masking mandates and child mask use; the odds of parents’ report of child mask use (often or always) was 18.3 times higher during the mask mandate compared with when there was no mandate, which was a significant difference. Each day without the mask mandate was associated with a 1.6% decrease in mask use). JAMA. 8.6.2023.

Long COVID. National Instiututes of Health 8.6.2023.

Researchers discover that COVID-19 can cause brain cells to fuse. MedicalXpress- 7.6.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 infection and viral fusogens cause neuronal and glial fusion that compromises neuronal activity. Science Advances. 7.6.2023.

Causal associations and genetic overlap between COVID-19 and intelligence. QJM: An International Journal of Medicine. 7.6.2023.

Discontinuation of Universal Admission Testing for SARS-CoV-2 and Hospital-Onset COVID-19 Infections in England and Scotland (in England, the same mean (SD) rate increased from 0.64 (0.14) to 1.00 (0.17) to 1.39 (0.34) (Figure, B). The immediate level change was significant after admission testing ended (26% relative increase; 95% CI, 8%-45%)). JAMA. 5.6.2023.

Study finds 27% rate of long COVID in infected health workers. CIDRAP. 5.6.2023.

Risk factors for long coronavirus disease 2019 (long COVID) among healthcare personnel, Brazil, 2020–2022. (Of 7,051 HCP diagnosed with COVID-19, 1,933 (27.4%) who developed long COVID were compared to 5,118 (72.6%) who did not. The majority of those with long COVID (51.8%) had 3 or more symptoms.) Cambridge Univ Press, 5.6.2023.

Post-COVID-19 Syndrome in Non-Hospitalized Individuals: Healthcare Situation 2 Years after SARS-CoV-2 Infection. (Of the 304 non-hospitalized participants (58.2% female, median age 53.5), 210 (69.1%) had a PCS. Among these, 18.8% had slight to moderate functional limitations. Participants with PCS showed a significantly higher utilization of healthcare and a large proportion complained about lacking information on persistent COVID-19 symptoms and problems finding competent healthcare providers) MDPI. 5.6.2023.

US CDC announces indoor air guidance for COVID-19 after 3 years. (The announcement calls for indoor air to be completely replaced at least five times every hour and cleaned with minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV)-13 air filters.) Lancet. 5.6.2023.

Dutch Survey Data Shows Significant Increase In Memory And Concentration Problems Among Adults Since Start Of Covid-19 Pandemic. Forbes. 4.6.2023.

Australia records 37,448 new Covid-19 cases as winter begins. A winter warning for Covid-19 is under way across Australia as tens of thousands of people contract the virus. 4.6.2023.

More than 70% of US household COVID spread started with a child, study suggests (“More than 70% of transmissions in households with adults and children were from a pediatric index case, but this percentage fluctuated weekly,” the study authors wrote. “Once US schools reopened in fall 2020, children contributed more to inferred within-household transmission when they were in school, and less during summer and winter breaks, a pattern consistent for 2 consecutive school years.”). CIDRAP. 2.6.2023.

Lapsilla on oltava oikeus puhtaaseen hengitysilmaan. Ilmahygienia on seuraava suuri kansanterveydellinen murros, kolme kirjoittajaa sanoo. Suomen Kuvalehti 1.6.2023.

More than 70% of US household COVID spread started with a child, study suggests (Children aged 8 years and younger were more likely to be the source of transmission than those aged 9 to 17 (7.6% vs 5.8%). During most of the pandemic, the proportion of transmission from children was negatively correlated with new community COVID-19 cases). CIDRAP. 2.6.2023.

Smart Thermometer–Based Participatory Surveillance to Discern the Role of Children in Household Viral Transmission During the COVID-19 Pandemic (In a cohort study of 166 170 households with adults and children using smart thermometers, among 38  787 inferred household transmissions over 3 years, 70.4% had a pediatric index case. Rates dropped during school breaks.). JAMA. 1.6.2023.

COVID-19 delirium and encephalopathy: Pathophysiology assumed in the first 3 years of the ongoing pandemic (Among COVID-19 patients, delirium and encephalopathy have been observed / Cytokine storms and CNS damage result from viral induced hyperinflammation / BBB failure and elevated microglia activation may be signs of COVID encephalopathy / COVID-19 can result in cognitive impairment, starting with delirium). Brain Disorders. June 2023.

June 1-10

Recovery and symptom trajectories up to two years after SARS-CoV-2 infection: population based, longitudinal cohort study (22.9% (95% confidence interval 20.4% to 25.6%) of individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2 did not fully recover by six months. The proportion of individuals who had an infection who reported not having recovered decreased to 18.5% (16.2% to 21.1%) at 12 months and 17.2% (14.0% to 20.8%) at 24 months after infection. ). BMJ. 31.5.2023.

Opmerkelijke groei aantal volwassenen met geheugenproblemen na coronapandemie. NOS Nieuws. 31.5.2023.

Why the world needs more transparency on the origins of novel pathogens. Collaboration and openness are essential to minimize the risks of future pandemics, says the World Health Organization’s scientific advisory group, SAGO. Nature. 30.5.2023.

Oral Fungal Alterations in Patients with COVID-19 and Recovered Patients. Advanced Science. 29.4.2023.

EMA Panel Endorses Novavax’s (NVAX) COVID Jab for Full Approval. yahoo!finance. 29.5.2023.

Immunologist Akiko Iwasaki: ‘We are not done with Covid, not even close’.  The Yale professor and long Covid expert on why the virus is causing ongoing illness for so many, and the challenges she faces as a woman of colour in science. The Guardian. 27.5.2023.

Case report: Post-COVID new-onset neurocognitive decline with bilateral mesial-temporal hypometabolism in two previously healthy sisters. Front. Pediatr. 26.5.2023.

1 in 10 People Get Long COVID After Omicron. Time. 26.5.2023.


Estimates of Bivalent mRNA Vaccine Durability in Preventing COVID-19–Associated Hospitalization and Critical Illness Among Adults with and Without Immunocompromising Conditions — VISION Network, September 2022–April 2023. (Among adults aged ≥18 years without immunocompromising conditions, bivalent booster vaccine effectiveness (VE) against COVID-19–associated hospitalization declined from 62% at 7–59 days postvaccination to 24% at 120–179 days compared with VE among unvaccinated adults. Among immunocompromised adults, lower bivalent booster VE was observed. However, bivalent booster VE was sustained against critical COVID-19–associated outcomes, including intensive care unit admission or death.) CDC MMWR. 26.5.2023.

Disentangling the Postacute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2. E Unibus Pluram (From One, Many) (This first RECOVER adult cohort study report provides an important initial framework for defining the sequelae that manifest after acute SARS-CoV-2 infection. The research exemplifies the benefits of multidisciplinary collaboration informed by extensive input from patient representatives. These efforts will continue to be needed to determine whether this phenomenon represents one entity with a single definition or multiple phenotypes that arise after COVID-19 infection requiring separate case definitions (ie, E unibus pluram [from one, many]). Addressing this question and finalizing the definitions of these postacute sequelae should facilitate more robust research that ultimately leads to high-quality care and treatment for patients with late effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection.). JAMA Editorial. 25.5.2023.

Historiallinen käänne Suomessa: vastasyntyneen elinajanodote lyheni. Elinajanodotteemme on 50 vuotta vain pidentynyt, mutta viime vuonna se kääntyi selvään laskuun (n 1,1 v). Tutkimusprofessori Seppo Koskinen ei pidä tilastovirhettä mahdollisena. Mediuutiset. 25.5.2023.

Development of a Definition of Postacute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection. (In this analysis of data from 9764 participants in the RECOVER adult cohort, a prospective longitudinal cohort study, 37 symptoms across multiple pathophysiological domains were identified as present more often in SARS-CoV-2–infected participants at 6 months or more after infection compared with uninfected participants. A preliminary rule for identifying PASC was derived based on a composite symptom score.) JAMA. 25.5.2023.

‘Millions of Lives Lost’ in Pandemic Mainly From Pharma-Government Nexus, Says Critical Care Expert. The Epoch Times. 24.5.2023.

Nouvelle baisse de l’espérance de vie au Québec en 2022. (La surmortalité liée à la pandémie de COVID-19 est en cause. L’espérance de vie a de nouveau baissé au Québec l’année dernière, et de façon notable, selon le bilan démographique publié ce mercredi par l’Institut de la statistique du Québec. En cause : la COVID-19.) Pivot. 24.5.2023.

Cognitive dysfunction of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 omicron variant in Shanghai, China. Translational Neurodegeneration. 24.5.2023.

COVID-19 vaccines may undergo major overhaul this fall. As Omicron persists, consensus grows for abandoning the ancestral coronavirus strain to improve immune responses. Science. 23.5.2023.

COVID-19 hospitalisations and all-cause mortality by risk group in Finland. PLOS One. 23.5.2023.

Kysely­tutkimus: Suomen korona­uutisoinnissa painottui vallan­pitäjien ääni. JSN:n puheenjohtaja Eero Hyvönen huomauttaa, että vallanpitäjien näkyvyys mediassa ei välttämättä tarkoita heidän myötäilyään. Helsingin Sanomat. 23.5.2023.

Editorials: Vaccine effectiveness against delta and omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2 (…omicron (78%) periods, along with 61% protection against admission to hospital. …the duration of protection appeared to wane after three months in the omicron period. Compared with the first 90 days, the odds of death increased by 30% during the period 91-150 days after three vaccine doses (adjusted odds ratio 1.31 (95% confidence interval 1.09-1.58)), and the odds of hospital admission increased by 16% (1.16 (1.07 to 1.25)).). BMJ. 23.5.2023.

Viable SARS-CoV-2 Omicron sub-variants isolated from autopsy tissues. Front Microbiol. 22.5.2023.

Näin sairastettu korona kasvattaa riskiä sairastua muihin sairauksiin.
Korona eli sairastettu SARS-CoV-2-infektio lähes kaksinkertaisti tutkimuksissa riskin sairastua muistisairauteen, ja riski oli huomattavasti korkeampi naisilla kuin miehillä. Iltalehti. 22.5.2023.

Lung aerosol particle emission increases with age at rest and during exercise (the elderly subjects emitted on average more than twice as many aerosol particles per minute and five times as much dry volume than those of subjects aged 20 to 39 y, whereas there was only a small difference between women and men.). PNAS. 22.5.2023.

No time for complacency on COVID-19 in Europe. Lancet. 22.5.2023.

Prepare for disease deadlier than COVID – WHO chief. SciDevNet. 22.5.2023.

Sairauspoissaolot kääntyivät kunta-alalla jyrkkään nousuun – syy ei yllätä. MTV Uutiset. 22.5.2023.

Kunta-alan sairauspoissaolot kääntyivät jyrkkään kasvuun.
Vuonna 2022 kuntatyöntekijät olivat keskimäärin 20,7 päivää poissa töistä oman sairauden takia. Kaikkien ammattiryhmien sairauspoissaolot ovat lisääntyneet. Todennäköinen syy on koronaviruksen aiheuttamat poissaolot. Työterveyslaitos. 22.5.2023.

May 21-31

Urgent action needed to tackle stalled progress on health-related Sustainable Development Goals. WHO. 19.5.2023.

Wuhan lab experienced a ‘serious biocontainment’ incident in 2019 and first COVID death in China was two months EARLIER than first thought: New Senate report shares more evidence on leak theory and Beijing’s cover-up. ‘Reports from the WIV spanning more than a three-year period yielded a picture of a struggling institution: underfunded, underregulated, and understaffed’
The report admits that it does not contain any one ”smoking gun’ – which matters most when assessing the origin question’  Mail Online. 18.5.2023.

New study shows masks and air cleaners were associated with stopping COVID-19 in two Swiss schools (“Although our study has several limitations, including the observational nature of our study and that detecting SARS-CoV-2 in the air or aerosols does not necessarily mean transmission, we found that mask mandates reduced transmission in classrooms, and both masks and air cleaners reduced aerosol concentrations.”). MedivalXpress. 18.5.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 transmission with and without mask wearing or air cleaners in schools in Switzerland: A modeling study of epidemiological, environmental, and molecular data (Molecular detection of airborne and human SARS-CoV-2 indicated sustained transmission in schools. Mask mandates were associated with greater reductions in aerosol concentrations than air cleaners and with lower transmission. ) . PLOS Medicine. 18.5.2023.

Pivotal points in the COVID-19 pandemic – 5 essential reads (1. A whole new vocabulary, 2. Comparisons to the 1918 flu ran rife, 3. How and when pandemics end, 4. The midway point, 5. How omicron altered the course of the pandemic). The Conversation. 17.5.2023.

Why is COVID life-threatening for some people? Genetics study offers clues. Immune genes could play a part in the risk of needing intensive care when infected with SARS-CoV-2. () nature news. 17.5.2023.

Heart Transplants From Active COVID Donors Linked With Higher Mortality.
— Outcomes from donors with recently resolved COVID similar to those without SARS-CoV-2, however. Medpage Today 17.5.2023.

Record numbers not working due to ill health. (More than two and a half million are not working due to health problems, the Office for National Statistics said. … Since the start of the Covid pandemic, there were “well over 400,000 more people outside of the labour market due to ill health,” Darren Morgan, director of economic statistics at the ONS, told the BBC’s Today Programme.) BBC News. 16.5.2023.

Efficacy of mRNA-1273 and Novavax ancestral or BA.1 spike booster vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 BA.5 infection in non-human primates. Science Immunology 16.5.2023.

VUMC researchers study long term neurological impacts of COVID. NewsChannel5. 15.5.2023.

Narcolepsy risk loci outline role of T cell autoimmunity and infectious triggers in narcolepsy. nature communications.15.5.2023.

Post–COVID Conditions Among Adult COVID-19 Survivors Aged 18–64 and ≥65 Years — United States, March 2020–November 2021. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2022;71:713–717. 14.5.2023. DOI:

Are repeat COVID infections dangerous? What the science says. Researchers disagree over how bad it is to be reinfected, and whether COVID-19 can cause lasting changes to the immune system. nature. 11.5.2023.

Parents Don’t Understand How Far Behind Their Kids Are in School. New York Times. 11.5.2023.

Covid-19 Patients Flung Out Hospital Windows As Public Emergency Ends. the ONION. 11.3.2023.

As Emergency Ends, a Look at Covid’s U.S. Death Toll. NYTimes. 11.5.2023.

May 11-20

Diabetes symptoms as deaths caused by the disease triple across the UK
Deaths related to diabetes have increased throughout the UK as check up appointments have been missed or delayed amid a crippling NHS backlog. Daily Record. 10.5,2023.

Novavax Announces Positive Flu/COVID-19 Vaccine Data. The combination shot showed a ‘robust’ immune response in the company’s phase two trial. USNews. 9.5.2023.

Long-term symptoms after SARS-CoV-2 infection in a cohort of hospital employees: duration and predictive factor (About half of the HEs suffered from long lasting symptoms over 90 days after almost entirely mild acute COVID-19.). BMC Infectious Diseases. 8.5.2023.

The plasma metabolome of long COVID-19 patients two years after infection. Scientific Reports. 05.03.2023.

COVID’s future: mini-waves rather than seasonal surges. Three years after the start of the pandemic, SARS-CoV-2 shows no signs of settling into a seasonal pattern of spread, like influenza has. nature news. 4.5.2023.

Lack of association between vaccination rates and excess mortality in Cyprus during the COVID-19 pandemic (No relationship was found between vaccination rates and all-cause mortality, demonstrating the excellent safety profile of COVID-19 vaccines.). Vaccine. 2.5.2023.

Intrinsic factors behind long-COVID: I. Prevalence of the extracellular vesicles (Is long-COVID caused by the continued presence of the virus or one/several of its components in the recovering individual body for long periods of time, which urges the body to respond in a way that leads to long-COVID development? Or are there some latent and limited reasons related to the recovering patients themselves? Or is it a sum of both?). J Cell Biochem. 1.5.2023.

Study of Novavax COVID vaccine estimates 100% efficacy against hospitalizations (A post hoc analysis of a phase 3 randomized, controlled trial estimates that two doses of the Novavax (NVX-CoV2373) COVID-19 vaccine were 100% effective against hospitalization by 95 days during a period dominated by the SARS-CoV-2 Alpha variant.) CIDRAP. 1.5.2023.

May 1-10

Mild Covid can lead to long-term impact on cardiovascular health, study claims. Scientists compared pre- and post-Covid infection levels of arterial stiffness, which can indicate cardiovascular health. Independenty Premium. 28.4.2023.

Female reproductive health impacts of Long COVID and associated illnesses including ME/CFS, POTS, and connective tissue disorders: a literature review (LC may be associated with disruptions to the menstrual cycle, gonadal function, ovarian insufficiency, premature menopause, and fertility problems. RH conditions connected to associated illnesses (e.g., ME/CFS, POTS, EDS) include dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, dyspareunia, endometriosis, infertility, vulvodynia, intermenstrual bleeding, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and bleeding, pelvic congestion syndrome, and adverse pregnancy complications, such as maternal mortality, preeclampsia, and premature birth.). Frontiers Rehab Sci. 28.4.2023.

Characterising subgroups of people with severe COVID anxiety by latent profile analysis (People living with severe COVID anxiety are a heterogenous group. This analysis adds to evidence that certain health behaviours and demographic factors are inextricably linked to poor mental health in people with COVID anxiety, and that targeting health behaviours with specific intervention might be beneficial.). medRxiv. 28.4.2023.

Novavax COVID-19 vaccine 80% effective among US teens (The vaccine effectiveness (VE) of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine was 79.5% among US adolescents before the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant emerged, but the monoclonal antibody combo tixagevimab and cilgavimab showed little benefit for nonhospitalized COVID patients, according to two randomized, controlled trials published today in JAMA Network Open.) CIDRAP 26.4.2023.

Doctors are more extroverted and neurotic than their patients, researchers find. BMJ. 24.4.2023.

Why long COVID could be a ticking time bomb for public health. Long COVID isn’t novel: other viruses in history have had similar “long” arcs — with devastating repercussions. Salon. 24.4.2023.

Explanation proposed for long-COVID symptoms in the CNS. Neurology Reviews. 24.4.2023.

Foibekartanossa on maskipakko – Näin sitä perustellaan vuosi yleisen maskisuosituksen poistumisen jälkeen. (ikäihmisten asuinkeskus Foibekartano pitää kiinni maskipakosta, vaikka yleinen maskisuositus poistui jo vuosi sitten huhtikuussa.) Iltalehti. 23.4.2023.

Kuolleisuus kasvoi historiallisesti Suomessa vuonna 2022, kuolleiden määrä korkein sitten sotavuosien. Turun Sanomat. 22.4.2023.

Flera covidpatienter blir inte friska – oron (Överläkare i Stockholm märker att vissa postcovidpatienter inte tillfrisknar – trots att det gått flera år. Det rapporterar Sveriges radio. Efter tre år hade man hoppats att många fler skulle vara långt mer återställda, säger överläkare Christer Lidman.). Expressen. 22.4.22023.–blir-inte-friska-oron-/

Elinajan­odotteiden lasku oli vuonna 2022 suurinta 50 vuoteen. Syntyvyys oli mittaushistorian matalin. ilta=sanomat. 21.4.2023.


April 21-30

Covid-Welle in China: Daten deuten auf gewaltige Über­sterblichkeit hin. Hochrechnungen gehen von bis zu 2,4 Millionen Covid-Toten in China aus. Was die Daten aber auch zeigen: Die chinesische Impfung schützt wohl besser als erwartet. Felix Straumann. 20.4.2023.

Widespread household transmission of SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 (Omicron) variant from Children, South Korea, 2022. Yonsei Med J. 20.4.2023.

Persistence of immune responses after heterologous and homologous third COVID-19 vaccine dose schedules in the UK: eight-month analyses of the COV-BOOST trial. (Heterologous third doses with viral vector vaccines [e.g., Novavax] following two doses of mRNA achieve more durable humoral responses compared with three doses of mRNA vaccines. Lower doses of mRNA vaccines could be considered for future booster campaigns.) J Infect. 19.4.2023.

Long COVID Is Being Erased—Again. What was once outright denial has morphed into a subtler dismissal. (). The Atlantic. 19.4.2023.

Increased sick leave over a long period after covid-19 infection. A survey from Statens Serum Institut showed that people who were infected with SARS-CoV-2 early on during the pandemic took substantially more sick leave over a long period of time compared to those who were not infected. Statens Serum Institut. 19.4.2023.

Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Bivalent Vaccine. Oxford Academic (The estimated vaccine effectiveness was 29% (95% confidence interval, 21%–37%), 20% (6%–31%), and 4% (−12% to 18%), during the BA.4/5-, BQ-, and XBB-dominant phases, respectively). 19.4.2023.

Ajantasaista tietoa aiheina Long COVID, ME/CFS ja niiden liitännäissairaudetKatsaus kliinisiin Long Covid -tutkimuksiin OSA 1. Toipuminen tauolla. 19.4.2023.

Cognitive impairment in young adults with post COVID-19 syndrome (Patients’ processing speed, attention, executive functions and various language modalities were examined online using a comprehensive task protocol designed for this research. Alteration in some of the tasks was observed in 85% of the participants, being the attention and executive functions tests the ones that show the highest percentage of patients with severe impairment. Positive correlations were observed between the age of the participants in almost all the tasks assessed, implying better performance and milder impairment with increasing age. In the comparisons of patients according to age, the oldest patients were found to maintain their cognitive functions relatively preserved, with only a mild impairment in attention and speed processing, while the youngest showed the most marked and heterogeneous cognitive impairment.). Scientific Reports. 19.4.2023.

Memory loss in patients with long COVID can be due to reduced hippocampal neurogenesis (Therefore, the reduced neurogenesis, which was shown in the COVID-19 group, could be due to microglial activation and the subsequent production of inflammatory cytokines, such as TNF-α, IL-6, and IL-1β, causing neuroinflammation and the resultant impaired neurogenesis. This eventually results in cognitive decline due to the destruction of spatial memory and learning. These implications on the hippocampus, especially the loss of hippocampal neurogenesis in the brains of COVID-19 patients, elucidate learning, memory, and executive impairments in COVID-19 patients compared with uninfected healthy controls). European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience. 18.4.2023.

Completeness and Spin of medRxiv Preprint and Associated Published Abstracts of COVID-19 Randomized Clinical Trials (Preprints are increasingly important in medical research communication. In rapidly evolving areas such as COVID-19, preprints, which by definition have not been peer reviewed, can influence practice and potentially cause harm. We examined publication timelines, completeness, and spin in the abstracts of all randomized clinical trials (RCTs) related to COVID-19 posted to medRxiv during the first 2 years of the pandemic and compared the latter 2 with their published counterparts.). JAMA. 18.4.2023.

Long COVID is hurting business (“I would like the government to do anything more than the bare minimum that they’re doing right now and I think ‘bare minimum’ is generous. I think we are witnessing the complete abandonment of the disability community at an alarming and inexcusable rate from all levels of government and elected leadership.”).  New Orleans City Business. 17.4.2023.

Saliva and Plasma Antibody Levels in Children and Adolescents After Primary Infection With Omicron Variants of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Germany (). JAMA Pediatrics. 17.4.2023.

Suomalaiset ovat luopuneet koronavarotoimista – kasvomaskeja ei käytä enää juuri kukaan.
Tuoreen kansalaiskyselyn mukaan suomalaiset ovat jo lähes kokonaan hylänneet maskit ja turvavälit. THL on viimeksi maaliskuussa päivittänyt ohjeitaan siitä, miten koronainfektioon pitää suhtautua. YLE- uutiset. 17.4.2023.

Effectiveness of Molnupiravir and Nirmatrelvir–Ritonavir in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19. A Target Trial Emulation Study. Annals of Internal Medicine. April 2023.

LloydsPharmacy has “paused” sales of a £15 nasal spray that claims to neutralise the coronavirus before it can make people ill, as concerns are raised about the “bold” nature of these claims.

Epidemiological Analysis of Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (VirX) Use in Students Exposed to
COVID-19 Infected Individuals (Of the 203 students who used VirX™, 190 tested negative for
SARS-CoV-2 on all test days, and 13 tested positive on at least one test day. Of the 422 students who did not use VirX™, 314 students tested negative on all test days and 108 tested positive on at least one test day. These results demonstrated a statistically significant difference at the p<0.0001 level in infection rate of 6.40% (13/203) in the VirX™ group versus 25.59% (108/422) in the group that did not use VirX™.). Respiratory Therapy (pp 40-42). Spring 2023.

SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection and Severity of the Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. MDPI. 14.4.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 and type 1 diabetes in children in Finland: an observational study (The children diagnosed during the COVID-19 pandemic had more often diabetic ketoacidosis (p<0·001), had a higher HbA1c (p<0·001), and tested more frequently positive for glutamic acid debarboxylase antibodies at diagnosis (p<0·001) than those diagnosed before the pandemic. There were no significant differences in the distribution of HLA genotypes between the two periods. Only five of those diagnosed during the pandemic (0·9%) of 583 tested positive for infection-induced SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.). Lancet Diabetes & Endochrinology. April 2023.

Suomalaiset ovat luopuneet koronavarotoimista – kasvomaskeja ei käytä enää juuri kukaan. Tuoreen kansalaiskyselyn mukaan suomalaiset ovat jo lähes kokonaan hylänneet maskit ja turvavälit. THL on viimeksi maaliskuussa päivittänyt ohjeitaan siitä, miten koronainfektioon pitää suhtautua. YLE Uutiset 14.4.2023.

High risk of autoimmune diseases after COVID-19 (Two studies that use large cohorts now highlight that SARS-CoV-2 infection is linked to a substantially increased risk of developing a diverse spectrum of new-onset autoimmune diseases.). Nature Reviews Rheumatology. 12.4.2023.

Editorial: Lack of Benefit of Renin-Angiotensin System Inhibitors in COVID-19 (Neither the ACTIV-4 trials nor REMAP-CAP lend any support to the hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 infection results in harmful unopposed angiotensin II activity that might be mitigated by RAS inhibition. The totality of evidence shows that ACE inhibitors and ARBs should not be initiated as a treatment for COVID-19, especially in patients who are critically ill. Conversely, the evidence from the randomized withdrawal trials suggests that existing treatment with an RAS inhibitor does not need to be stopped in non–critically ill patients with COVID-19 if prescribed for an important indication (eg, heart failure).). JAMA. 11.4.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 Infection of Human Neurons Is TMPRSS2 Independent, Requires Endosomal Cell Entry, and Can Be Blocked by Inhibitors of Host Phosphoinositol-5 Kinase.Virology. 11.4.2023.

Spheromers reveal robust T cell responses to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and attenuated peripheral CD8+ T cell responses post SARS-CoV-2 infection (T cells are a critical component of the response to SARS-CoV-2, but their kinetics after infection and vaccination are insufficiently understood. Using “spheromer” peptide-MHC multimer reagents, we analyzed healthy subjects receiving two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 vaccine. Vaccination resulted in robust spike-specific T cell responses for the dominant CD4+ (HLA-DRB1∗15:01/S191) and CD8+ (HLA-A∗02/S691) T cell epitopes. Antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses were asynchronous, with the peak CD4+ T cell responses occurring 1 week post the second vaccination (boost), whereas CD8+ T cells peaked 2 weeks later. These peripheral T cell responses were elevated compared with COVID-19 patients. We also found that previous SARS-CoV-2 infection resulted in decreased CD8+ T cell activation and expansion, suggesting that previous infection can influence the T cell response to vaccination.). Immunity. 11.4.2023.

April 11-20

Switzerland Stops Recommending COVID-19 Vaccination (). The Epoch Times. 8.4.2023.

Risk of Death in Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19 vs Seasonal Influenza in Fall-Winter 2022-2023 (The death rate at 30 days was 5.97% for COVID-19 and 3.75% for influenza, with an excess death rate of 2.23% (95% CI, 1.32%-3.13%). Compared with hospitalization for influenza, hospitalization for COVID-19 was associated with a higher risk of death (hazard ratio, 1.61 [95% CI, 1.29-2.02]). The risk of death decreased with the number of COVID-19 vaccinations (P = .009 for interaction between unvaccinated and vaccinated; P < .001 for interaction between unvaccinated and boosted)).  JAMA. 6.4.2023.

New study shows COVID-19 infections in 2 pregnant women caused brain damage in newborns. Contemporary Pediatrics. 6.4.2023.

Study sheds new light on the spread of COVID-19 in households (The research sheds new light on the spread of COVID-19 in households, where most transmission of SARS-CoV-2 occurs, and it is the first to link the presence of SARS-CoV-2 on people’s hands and frequently touched household surfaces to the risk of infection among contacts. The findings support the use of interventions at home when someone has an infection, in particular frequent handwashing, regular surface disinfection, and physical distancing as well as the use of masks to curb the spread of COVID-19.). News Medical. 6.4.2023.

Post-COVID less common after Omicron infection. (Because Omicron is more infectious than Delta, it caused more people to become ill overall. As a result, the total number of people with long-term symptoms after an Omicron infection may be higher, despite the milder course of illness.) RIVM. 6.4.2023.

Why the WHO took two years to say COVID is airborne. Early in the pandemic, the World Health Organization stated that SARS-CoV-2 was not transmitted through the air. That mistake and the prolonged process of correcting it sowed confusion and raises questions about what will happen in the next pandemic.nature. 6.4.2023.

WHO says COVID-19 health emergency is over as mortality rates reach all-time low. Medical News Today. 5.5.2023.

COVID-origins data from Wuhan market published: what scientists think. First peer-reviewed analysis of the Chinese swabs confirms animal DNA was present in samples that tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. nature news. 5.4.2023.

Breath analysis by ultra-sensitive broadband laser spectroscopy detects SARS-CoV-2 infection. J Breath Research 5.4.2023.

Physio-metabolic and clinical consequences of wearing face masks—Systematic review with meta-analysis and comprehensive evaluation. Frontiers in Public Health, 05 April 2023
Sec. Environmental health and Exposome. 5.4.2023.

COVID-19 Infection Accelerates the Progression of Dementia (“Increasing epidemiological evidence of the association of COVID-19 and AD is the heightened risk of AD with COVID-19, and of increased COVID-19 in patients with AD points to shared pathogenesis. Dubey et al further clarify this connection in demonstrating COVID-19 fundamentally alters the course of dementia no matter the cause,” remarked George Perry, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease). Neuroscience. 4.4.2023.

Wuhan market samples fail to shed further light on COVID origins. New analysis of genomic data from market swabs highlights their limitations. nature. 4.5.2023.

Danish study finds sharp rise in extended sick leave after COVID infection (Danish researchers today reported a threefold increase in extended sick leave, defined as lasting longer than 30 days, in people who had recovered from COVID, compared to workers who weren’t infected.). CIDRAP /UoMinnesota. 3.4.2023.

Miten Suomi voi voittaa koronan (Miksi tilannetta ei ole korjattu? hallitus, joka teki päätöksen purkaa suojatoimet ennenaikaisesti / oppositio, joka syytti hallitusta hidastelusta suojatoimien purkamisessa / johtavat terveysviranomaiset, jotka vakuuttivat, että suojatoimille ei ole enää tarvetta / useat median edustajat, jotka tietoisesti vähensivät tiedottamista koronasta ja alkoivat sen sijaan keskittyä ”koronapelon” hälventämiseen joko vähättelemällä tai vaikenemalla nopeasti kasvavista koronakuolemien määrästä ja sen aiheuttamista merkittävistä terveysriskeistä). Uusi Suomi. 1.4.2023.

April 1-10

Long COVID exercise trials proposed by NIH raise alarm. Advocates ask the US biomedical agency to rethink the design of its RECOVER initiative, citing possible harm and funding waste. nature news. 31.3.2023.

Increased neurovirulence of omicron BA.5 over BA.1 in human brain organoids and K18-hACE2 mice. Research Square. 31.3.2023.

CARDIOVASCULAR COMPLICATIONS OF COVID-19. •Cardiovascular complications are a common manifestation of acute and post-acute COVID-19 infection.
•Complications include cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, heart failure, and deep venous thrombosis.
•Pathophysiology remains poorly defined and complex.
•No single study has proven a distinct treatment for post COVID-19 associated cardiovascular disease; therefore, it is recommended to follow established guidelines for treating specific cardiovascular conditions.
•Cardiac rehabilitation program is advised for individuals who meet the established criteria for cardiac rehabilitation.  Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am. 31.3.2023.

Protect yourself and others. COVID-19 is in the community. To slow the spread and continue to protect yourself, your whānau, and your community, it is important to keep up the healthy habits we know. (Stay up to date with your vaccinations. Stay home if you are sick. Limit time in crowded places. Wear a face mask. Keep your distance from others when indoors. Improve ventilation. Cough or sneeze into your elbow. Keep your hands clean. Clean surfaces. Keep track of where you have been.) Unite against COVID-19. 31.3.2023.

Study identifies SARS-CoV-2 variants with antiviral resistance mutations (“We are optimistic that ongoing studies will develop additional compounds to avoid cross-resistance and help combat the current COVID-19 pandemic and future coronavirus outbreaks,”). CIDRAP / UoMinnesota. 30.3.2023.

Groundbreaking new nasal spray protects against all SARS-CoV-2 variants (TriSb92 was confirmed to offer effective protection against coronavirus infection by identifying a region in the spike protein of the coronavirus that is common to all current variants of the virus and inhibiting its functioning. The molecule is effective in preventing infection when administered nasally, even after a few hours of exposure, unlike face masks.). Brighter Side of News. 25.3.2023.

Intranasal trimeric sherpabody inhibits SARS-CoV-2 including recent immunoevasive Omicron subvariants (The potency and robust biochemical properties of TriSb92 together with its resistance against viral sequence evolution suggest that TriSb92 could be useful as a nasal spray for protecting susceptible individuals from SARS-CoV-2 infection.). nature communications. 24.3.2023.

Three years on, there is a new generation of lockdown sceptics – and they’re rewriting history. Guardian. 23.3.2023.

Covid-19 Surveillance Testing and Resident Outcomes in Nursing Homes (Greater surveillance testing of staff members at skilled nursing facilities was associated with clinically meaningful reductions in Covid-19 cases and deaths among residents, particularly before vaccine availability.). NEJM. 23.3.2023.

SARS‐CoV‐2 infection during pregnancy linked to higher risk of neurodevelopmental disorders in male infants (“The neurodevelopmental risk associated with maternal SARS-CoV-2 infection was disproportionately high in male infants, consistent with the known increased vulnerability of males in the face of prenatal adverse exposures”). Medical Xpress. 23.3.2023.

Sex-Specific Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Among Offspring of Mothers With SARS-CoV-2 Infection During Pregnancy (Question: Is in utero exposure to maternal SARS-CoV-2 infection associated with greater rates of neurodevelopmental disorder diagnoses in male or female offspring, compared with controls with no such exposure? Findings This cohort study of 18 355 infants delivered after February 2020 found that male but not female offspring born to mothers with a positive SARS-CoV-2 polymerase chain reaction test result during pregnancy were more likely to receive a neurodevelopmental diagnosis in the first 12 months after delivery, even after accounting for preterm delivery.). JAMA. 23.3.2023.

Assessing COVID-19 pandemic policies and behaviours and their economic and educational trade-offs across US states from Jan 1, 2020, to July 31, 2022: an observational analysis (COVID-19 magnified the polarisation and persistent social, economic, and racial inequities that already existed across US society, but the next pandemic threat need not do the same. US states that mitigated those structural inequalities, deployed science-based interventions such as vaccination and targeted vaccine mandates, and promoted their adoption across society were able to match the best-performing nations in minimising COVID-19 death rates. These findings could contribute to the design and targeting of clinical and policy interventions to facilitate better health outcomes in future crises.). Lancet. 23.3.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 restructures host chromatin architecture (In conclusion, we provide much needed additional evidence for the presence of replicating SARS-CoV-2 virions in bioaerosols . Our results highlight the possibility to recover replicative virus particles in air samples after freezing at -80°C in VTM and storage for several months. Our results are important as they provide rationale for retrospective evaluation of the presence of infectious SARS-CoV-2 in samples collected during the different waves since 2020). nature microbiology. 23.3.2023.

Koronavirus ei todennäköisesti aiheuta tyypin 1 diabetesta. Tutkijat selvittivät asiaa, koska ilmaantuvuus kasvoi koronapandemian aikana (Tavallista useampi lapsi ja nuori sairastui tyypin 1 diabetekseen Suomessa ja maailmalla koronapandemian ensimmäisten 18 kuukauden aikana. Tuoreen Suomea koskevan tutkimuksen mukaan syynä ei kuitenkaan ollut koronavirus vaan muuttuneet ympäristötekijät (Knip M ym. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 22.3.2023). Asiaa selvitti Helsingin yliopiston PEDIA-tutkimusryhmä.). Lääkärilehti. 22.3.2023.

Työikäisten aivoinfarktit lisääntyvät, ja yksi syy on liika istuminen – 37-vuotiaana sairastunut Krista Leppänen ei toipunut ennalleen. Alle 50-vuotiaiden aivoverenkierron häiriöt ovat lisääntyneet. Valtaosa kuntoutuu fyysisistä haitoista hyvin, mutta kognitiivisia vaikeuksia jää edelleen monelle. Alle puolet palaa töihin. YLE-Uutiset. 22.3.2023.

Detection of viable SARS-CoV-2 in retrospective analysis of aerosol samples collected from hospital rooms of patients with COVID-19 (). CMI Clinical Microbiology and Infection. 22.3.2023.

Diabetes Risk After COVID-19 Infection Still a Concern (…the rates of new-onset diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and benchmark diagnoses were higher in the 90 days after versus before a COVID-19 infection. Post-infection, the highest odds were seen for diabetes, hypertension, benchmark diagnoses, and hyperlipidemia.). Forum Extended Care Services. 21.3.2023.

Researchers say newly posted analysis supports natural origin for Covid-19 pandemic (Swabs collected from stalls and equipment at the Huanan Market in Wuhan, China, that tested positive for traces of the virus that causes Covid-19 also, in some cases, contained traces of DNA from animals known to be susceptible to infection, according to a new analysis by an international team of researchers.). CNN Health. 21.3.2023.

HUSin Long Covid -symposiumissa mielipiteet ohittivat tieteen (Symposiumissa ei esitetty Long Covidin hoitoon lainkaan sellaisia hoitomenetelmiä, jotka pohjautuvat kattavaan tutkimustietoon Long Covidin biologisista mekanismeista. Pääviestinä oli, että potilaita tulee ohjata ajattelemaan, että heidän oireensa johtuvat heidän omista haitallisista ajatus- ja käyttäytymismalleistaan. Näitä malleja muokkaamalla potilaat voivat luennoitsijoiden mukaan (A. Nathia lukuunottamatta) parantua täysin. Hoitoa käsittelevissä luennoissa luennoitsijoiden henkilökohtaiset mielipiteet ja asenteet ohittivat täysin tieteellisen konsensuksen ja aiheesta tehdyt tuhannet tutkimukset ja hoitosuositukset. ). Toipuminen tauolla. 21.3.2023.

March 21-31

Fast-tracking progress to End TB: high-level opportunities for investment and action (). Lancet. 20.3.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 infection weakens immune-cell response to vaccination. NIH-funded study suggests need to boost CD8+ T cell response after infection (The magnitude and quality of a key immune cell’s response to vaccination with two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine were considerably lower in people with prior SARS-CoV-2 infection compared to people without prior infection, a study has found. In addition, the level of this key immune cell that targets the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein was substantially lower in unvaccinated people with COVID-19 than in vaccinated people who had never been infected. ). NIH News Releases. 20.3.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 variant-related abnormalities detected by prenatal MRI: a prospective case–control study (…the first study showing reduced fetal lung volume in otherwise healthy pregnant women with SARS-CoV-2 infection. This reduction was dependent on the timepoint of infection, indicating that the most significant results occurred in the third trimester, thereby overlapping with the saccular stage of lung development dedicated to the expansion of (future) air spaces). Lancet. 20.3.2023.

W.H.O. Accuses China of Hiding Data That May Link Covid’s Origins to Animals
Genetic research from China suggests to some experts that the coronavirus may have sprung from a seafood market in Wuhan. Now the data are missing from a scientific database. NYTimes. 17.3.2023.

COVID-19-tautiin liittyvien kuolemien tilastointi. THL. 17.3.2023.

Addressing the Long-term Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Children and Families.
A Report From the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (“My mom lost her business…we were trying to maintain everything but the bills just kept piling up. Food prices went up, rent, everything went up.…We didn’t know if we were gonna get food the next day, if we were even going to have our place.…It got to the point where I wasn’t able to sleep properly anymore or eat properly anymore, and I did gain a lot of anxiety and depression.” / This is just one of many stories from children and youth who experienced the worst pandemic in US history. Although the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency is set to end on May 11, 2023, it is clear it has, and will continue to have, deleterious effects on the children and youth who experienced the pandemic during sensitive periods of their development.). JAMA Viewpoint. 16.3.2023.

Effects of SARS-CoV-2 on prenatal lung growth assessed by fetal MRI (). Lancet Respiratory Medicine. 16.3.2023.

Researchers Are Getting Closer to Learning How to Treat and Prevent Long COVID (The latest hopeful news relates to metformin, an accessible and affordable drug that’s been U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved to treat Type 2 diabetes since the 1990s. Metformin, which belongs to a class of drugs called biguanides, is taken as a liquid or pill and works by controlling the amount of sugar in the blood. It also decreases inflammation in the body.). TIME- 16.3.2023.

New T Cell Antibody Treatment Improves Outcomes For Covid Patients (). Forbes. 16.3.2023.

Mortality and life expectancy statistics. EUROSTAT. March 2023.

“Erittäin haitallinen potilaille”: Husin long covid -linja mitätöi potilaita, kriitikot sanovat – Yhdestä asiasta on yksimielisyys (Hus järjestää tällä viikolla pitkittyneestä koronasta, long covidista, koulutustilaisuuden, jonka näkökulma on saanut ristiriitaisen vastaanoton.  Näkökulma on biopsykososiaalinen. Sen mukaan sairaudella on biologinen perusta, mutta oireita ylläpitävät psykososiaaliset mekanismit. Esimerkiksi Suomen long covid -asiantuntijaryhmän puheenjohtaja, neurologian professori Risto O. Roine pitää valittua näkökulmaa erikoisena. Hänen mukaansa symposiumin puhujien ajatussuunnassa lähdetään siitä, että long covid -potilaiden oireita ylläpitää kielteinen ajattelu. Tälle näkökulmalle ei hänen mukaansa ole tieteellistä pohjaa.
– Tällainen lähestymistapa on potilaita syyllistävä. Sosiaalisessa mediassa symposiumin puhujalistaa ovat arvostelleet myös potilaat.). Helsingin Uutiset. 15.3.2023.

Insändare. ”Sveriges coronahantering är en skamfläck i vår historia” (Den tidigare statsepidemiologen på Folkhälsomyndigheten Anders Tegnell efter en presskonferens den 4 mars 2020. Siffror på överdödligheten kan inte dölja att den svenska pandemihanteringen var ett stort misslyckande, anser insändarskribenten.). Dagens Nyheter. 15.3.2023.

Efectos económicos de un posible deterioro duradero en la salud general de la población española (El último barómetro sanitario del Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) pone de manifiesto
que, en los últimos trimestres, se ha producido un aumento sustancial en la demanda de servicios
sanitarios en España. Así, por ejemplo, entre el promedio de 2018-2019 y noviembre de 2022, el
porcentaje de la población que había acudido al médico de cabecera, al especialista o a urgencias
en los doce últimos meses aumentó en 12,1 puntos porcentuales (pp), 21,5 pp y 14,8 pp,
respectivamente (véase cuadro 1). Estos incrementos han sido especialmente acusados entre los
grupos de población más joven.). Bancode España. 15.3.2023.

Silent Silenced Doctors (Jonathan Howard). The healthcare workers who died from COVID have been silenced (). Science-Based Medicine. 14.3.2023.

FDA authorizes Pfizer’s Covid omicron booster as fourth shot for kids under 5. CNBC. 14.3.2023.

Rekord-Krankenstand belastet die deutsche Wirtschaft (Grippe, Corona, Bronchitis: Der höchste Krankenstand seit der Wiedervereinigung durch Atemwegs- und Erkältungskrankheiten kommt die deutsche Wirtschaft einer Studie zufolge teuer zu stehen. Er dürfte im vergangenen Jahr rund 27 bis 42 Milliarden Euro gekostet haben, wie aus einer am Dienstag veröffentlichten Untersuchung des Kieler Instituts für Volkswirtschaft (IfW) hervorgeht. Das Bruttoinlandsprodukt (BIP) hätte damit statt um 1,8 Prozent zwischen 2,5 und 2,9 Prozent zulegen können. Demnach stieg der Krankenstand von gut 68 Stunden je Arbeitnehmer im Jahr 2021 sprunghaft auf gut 91 Stunden. “Seit der Wiedervereinigung ist dies der mit Abstand stärkste Anstieg des Krankenstands binnen eines Jahres und auch das höchste Krankheitsniveau”, hieß es dazu. Ursache waren in erster Linie Atemwegsinfekte und Erkältungskrankheiten.).  Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten. 14.3.2023.

Number of Britons off work due to long-term sickness hits record high – figures (The number of Britons off work due to long-term sickness has reached record levels the latest official figures show, ramping up pressure on the Chancellor ahead of his “back-to-work Budget” on Wednesday. Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that there were 2.52 million people off work due to long-term sickness in the three months to January – up 2.6% quarter-on-quarter and 7.9% year-on-year and the highest since record began in 1993.). Evening Standard. 14.3.2023.

Researchers model possible COVID-19 trajectories for 2023 (Notably, increasing mask usage was associated with substantial reductions in infections and mortality rates, whereas [social distancing] mandate reimposition mildly/moderately reduced future COVID-19 burden. Combining these two interventions led to an even more significant impact than individually. Above all, the analysis showed that simple interventions, including masking and social distancing mandates, could be critical tools against COVID-19.). News Medical. 14.3.2023.

More than 14,000 people in England and Wales died with Covid after catching the viru s in hospital (According to official NHS data in England and Wales, 14,047 Brits died in hospital after they caught the virus following admission, whilst at least 69,337 people caught the virus only after having been admitted.). Mirror. 13.3.2023.

Health system characteristics and COVID-19 performance in high-income countries (We find that the COVID-19 excess mortality and case fatality rates [in 43 OECD and selected non-member coutries] were systematically associated with healthcare system financing and organizational structures, as well as performance regarding other health outcomes besides COVID-19 health outcomes. NOTE! This is a study by Finnish authors. According to its results Finland fared among the very best. The data, however, ends in September 2021, 18 months before publication. In the beginning of those 18 months Finland quit all COVID restriction and most recommendations, restricted vaccinations, and, consequently both COVID and excess mortality in Finland raised to the 3 highest within the EU and within the OECD coutries. 89% of all COVID deaths in Finland have occurred since September 2021 when the data collection for this stúdy ended!). BMC Health Services Research. 13.3.2023.

Statement on ‘Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses’ review (Many commentators have claimed that a recently-updated Cochrane Review shows that ‘masks don’t work’, which is an inaccurate and misleading interpretation. / It would be accurate to say that the review examined whether interventions to promote mask wearing help to slow the spread of respiratory viruses, and that the results were inconclusive. Given the limitations in the primary evidence, the review is not able to address the question of whether mask-wearing itself reduces people’s risk of contracting or spreading respiratory viruses. / The review authors are clear on the limitations in the abstract: ‘The high risk of bias in the trials, variation in outcome measurement, and relatively low adherence with the interventions during the studies hampers drawing firm conclusions.’ Adherence in this context refers to the number of people who actually wore the provided masks when encouraged to do so as part of the intervention. For example, in the most heavily-weighted trial of interventions to promote community mask wearing, 42.3% of people in the intervention arm wore masks compared to 13.3% of those in the control arm. / The original Plain Language Summary for this review stated that ‘We are uncertain whether wearing masks or N95/P2 respirators helps to slow the spread of respiratory viruses based on the studies we assessed.’ This wording was open to misinterpretation, for which we apologize. While scientific evidence is never immune to misinterpretation, we take responsibility for not making the wording clearer from the outset. We are engaging with the review authors with the aim of updating the Plain Language Summary and abstract to make clear that the review looked at whether interventions to promote mask wearing help to slow the spread of respiratory viruses.). Cochrane. 11.3.2023.

Long COVID: 3 years in (The acute months of the COVID-19 pandemic motivated an unprecedented response from governments, international organisations, pharmaceutical companies, and civil society. Long COVID has not received anywhere near the same level of attention or resources: the result has been widespread harm to health, societies, and economies. 3 years in, more is needed to recognise, treat, and support patients with long COVID.). Lancet. 11.3.2023.

If We Knew Then What We Know Now About Covid, What Would We Have Done Differently?
In March 2020, the virus held many mysteries. Some early assumptions didn’t hold up, while other key findings wouldn’t come until much later. If we could do it all over again… Wall Street Journal. 11.3.2023.

March 11-20

Here’s Why the Science Is Clear That Masks Work. NYTimes.10.3.2023.

New report warns long COVID could be “mass disabling event”. It could have long-term impacts on Canada’s economy (…10-20% of people with COVID-19 develop long COVID or post-COVID condition (PCC), with symptoms including high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, chronic fatigue, brain fog, muscle pain, and blurred vision. “Some patients have not recovered two to three years after the initial infection and it is uncertain whether a proportion may ever fully recover,”). Insurance News. 10.3.2023.

Report says long COVID could impact economy and be ‘mass disabling event’ in Canada. A report released Thursday by Canada’s chief science adviser says she considers COVID-19 the “head” of the pandemic but long COVID its “tail” as the illness inflicts significant harm on individuals, their families and potentially the country’s economy. Toronto Star- 9.3.2023.

Läkare: Vi kan inte bota postcovid, men vi kan lindra (Resultaten från postcovidmottagning på Karolinska universitessjukhuset i Huddinge är dystra. De flesta som drabbats av postcovid blir inte helt äterställda. Varje dag strömmar nya remisser in från både Stockholm och resten av landet. Vi har ingen bot, men vi kan lindra och mildra symptom, säger Chister Lidman, som är överläkare pä postcovidsmottagning). Dagens Nyheter. 8.3.2023.

New study finds COVID-19 didn’t have a big impact on the mental health of most people (). The Globe and Mail. 8.3.2023.

Early childhood lower respiratory tract infection and premature adult death from respiratory disease in Great Britain: a national birth cohort study (In this prospective, life-spanning, nationally representative cohort study, LRTI during early childhood was associated with almost a two times increased risk of premature adult death from respiratory disease, and accounted for one-fifth of these deaths.). Lancet. 7.3.2023.

Previous COVID infection linked to lower brain oxygen levels, cognitive problems: study (In a new Canadian study, researchers found that not only did participants who previously had COVID-19 perform worse on two specific cognitive tasks, but brain imaging showed that during these tasks, there was a lack of oxygen reaching the sections of the brain that would normally be fully engaged.). CTV News. 7.3.2023.

Estimating vaccine-preventable COVID-19 deaths under counterfactual vaccination scenarios in the United States (Nationally, we found that had 100% of the population became fully vaccinated during the period examined, 318,979 deaths, or approximately 50% of actual COVID-19 deaths, might have been prevented; had 85% been so, 28% might have been prevented. Across states, we found substantial variation in the proportion of avoidable COVID-19 deaths that might have been avoided at the state level, from 25% in Massachusetts to 74% in Alaska. Our findings are sobering when considering the painful deaths, the survivors’ anguish, and the diversion of scarce and expensive healthcare resources that might have been averted had peak vaccination administration efforts been maintained.). Research Square. 6.3.2023.

Outpatient Treatment of COVID-19 and the Development of Long COVID Over 10 Months: A Multi-Center, Quadruple-Blind, Parallel Group Randomized Phase 3 Trial (A 42% relative decrease and 4.3% absolute decrease in the Long COVID incidence occurred in participants who received early outpatient COVID-19 treatment with metformin compared to exact-matching placebo. No effect with either ivermectin or fluvoxamine). Lancet. 6.3.2023.

YLIKUOLLEISUUS JA VAUVAKATO SUOMESSA VUONNA 2022. (Hyvä kvantitatiivinen analyysi, mutta johtopäätös rokotusten syyllisyydestä ei kestä aikasarja-analyysiä) Järjen Ääni ry. 5.3.2023.

The plasma metabolome of long COVID-19 patients two years after infection. Scientific Reports. 05.03.2023.

Tens of thousands of elderly people have died without getting the care they need, charity says (Age UK cited NHS Digital figures for England which show there were 28,890 support requests for people aged 65 and over in 2021/22 where the person died without any of those services being provided. The charity said that equates to more than 500 deaths a week – more than 70 a day). Sky News. 4.3.2023.

Cardiovascular Risks in Patients With Post–COVID-19 Condition (Entering year 4 of the COVID-19 pandemic, growing evidence calls for research, public health, and medical attention to PCC in addition to acute COVID-19 illness. DeVries and colleagues5 cast light on enduring cardiovascular risks with PCC, supporting enhanced monitoring of patients after SARS-CoV-2 infections to support early detection and intervention. More broadly, rigorous programs are needed to minimize future infections, which have consequences beyond acute COVID-19 illness, and to advance scientific and medical understanding of the pathophysiology of PCC, as well as its prevention and management.). JAMA Editorial. 3.3.2023.

Covid-19: Leaked messages reveal casual policy making—and love for Whitty (The messages show that England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, told Hancock on 14 April 2020 that there should be “testing of all [people] going into care homes” and “segregation whilst awaiting result.” This was a day before the government published its action plan on managing covid-19 in adult social care settings. Hancock initially said the advice “is obviously a good positive step and we must put it into the doc.” However, a message later that day to one of his special advisers said, “I do not think the community commitment adds anything and it muddies the waters.” Testing was made mandatory for people entering care homes from hospital but not for those coming from the community. Guidance stating that tests should be carried out for everyone entering care homes was not introduced until 14 August 2020. Hancock has previously claimed he put a “protective ring around care homes,” but between April and August thousands of people in care homes in England died from covid-19.).  BMJ News. 3.3.2023.

Young People Are More Likely to Die of Heart Attacks Post-COVID, Study Finds. But Why?  Cedars Sinai. 3.3.2023.

Heart attacks and strokes late after Covid. The body of evidence expands (…based upon nearly 154,000 patients with Covid (median age 60, 90% male) from the US Department of Veteran Affairs with 2 control groups each with over 5 million people. Importantly, these were events after 30 days from infection. There was a 1.7-fold risk of heart attack and 1.6-fold increased risk of stroke, among the other adverse outcomes, as shown below, for people with Covid versus controls.). Cround Truths. 3.3.2023.

One-Year Adverse Outcomes Among US Adults With Post–COVID-19 Condition vs Those Without COVID-19 in a Large Commercial Insurance Database (In this cohort study of 13 435 US adults with post–COVID-19 condition (PCC) and 26 870 matched adults without COVID-19, the adults with PCC experienced increased risks for a number of cardiovascular outcomes, such as ischemic stroke. During the 12-month follow-up period, 2.8% of the individuals with PCC vs 1.2% of the individuals without COVID-19 died, implying an excess death rate of 16.4 per 1000 individuals – note, 12 mo IFR = 1,6%.). JAMA Health Forum. 3.3.2023.

Bivalent booster effectiveness against severe COVID-19 outcomes in Finland, September 2022 – March 2023. (Among elderly aged 65–110 years, bivalent vaccination reduced the risk of hospitalisation and death due to COVID-19 in September–December 2022; the hazard ratios comparing exposed and unexposed ranged from 0.37 to 0.45 during the first 31–60 days since bivalent vaccination. However, in January–March 2023 the effect disappeared possibly indicating immune evasion of new SARS-CoV-2 variants, waning of vaccine effectiveness and increased presence of hybrid immunity. Among the chronically ill aged 18–64 years bivalent vaccination did not reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes) medRxiv. 2.3.2023.

Brainstem volume changes in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome and long COVID patients (In ME/CFS, we detected positive correlations between the pons and whole brainstem volumes with “pain” and negative correlations between the midbrain and whole brainstem volumes with “breathing difficulty.” In long COVID patients a strong negative relationship was detected between midbrain volume and “breathing difficulty.” Our study demonstrated an abnormal brainstem volume in both ME/CFS and long COVID consistent with the overlapping symptoms.). Frontiers in Neuroscience. 2.3.2023.

Long COVID Now Looks like a Neurological Disease, Helping Doctors to Focus Treatments
The causes of long COVID, which disables millions, may come together in the brain and nervous system. Scientific American. 1.3.2023.

THL arvioi: Koronarokotusten tehosteannoskierrokselle ei ole tarvetta keväällä – rokotusten suoja vakavaa tautia vastaan on väestössä hyvä. THL. 1.3.2023.

China reports human case of H5N1 bird flu. BNO News. 1.3.2023.

March 1-10

Of those with long COVID at 4 months, 84% of hospital COVID patients in Sweden still had symptoms at 2 years (Linkoping University researchers in Sweden interviewed COVID-19 patients about 37 symptoms 2 years after release from the hospital from Mar 1 to May 31, 2020. The group’s initial 2021 study found that 185 of 433 hospital patients (42.7%) had lingering symptoms and activity limitations 4 months after discharge. So 32% (139 of 433) of the original group had long COVID at 2-year follow-up.). CIDRAP. 27.2.2023.

US Energy Department assesses Covid-19 likely resulted from lab leak, furthering US intel divide over virus origin (Two sources said that the Department of Energy assessed in the intelligence report that it had “low confidence” the Covid-19 virus accidentally escaped from a lab in Wuhan.). CNN Politics. 27.2.2023.

Structural brain changes in patients with post-COVID fatigue: a prospective observational study. eClinicaMedicine. 27.2.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 ORF3c suppresses immune activation by inhibiting innate sensing (SARS-CoV-2 delta and kappa variants harbor premature stop codons in ORF3c demonstrating that this reading frame is not essential for efficient viral replication in vivo. In agreement with this, disruption of ORF3c did not significantly affect SARS-CoV-2 replication in CaCo-2 or CaLu-3 cells. In summary, we here identify ORF3c as an immune evasion factor that suppresses IFN-β induction, but is dispensable for efficient replication of SARS-CoV-2.). bioRxiv. 27.2.2023.

Multiomic characterisation of the long-term sequelae of SARS survivors: a clinical observational study (Fatigue was the most common symptom in SARS survivors 18 years after discharge, with osteoporosis and necrosis of the femoral head being the main sequelae. The respiratory function and hip function scores of the SARS survivors were significantly lower than those of the controls. Physical and social functioning at 18 years was improved compared to that after 12 years but still worse than the controls. Emotional and mental health were fully recovered. Lung lesions on CT scans remained consistent at 18 years, especially in the right upper lobe and left lower lobe lesions. Plasma multiomics analysis indicated an abnormal metabolism of amino acids and lipids, promoted host defense immune responses to bacteria and external stimuli, B-cell activation, and enhanced cytotoxicity of CD8+ T cells but impaired antigen presentation capacity of CD4+ T cells.). eClinicalMedicine. 27.2.2023.

Tutkimus: Yli puolella suomalaisista on sekä rokotuksen että sairastetun taudin tuottamia koronaviruksen vasta-aineita. THL. 27.2.2023.

Se kummallinen PEM/PESE-oire ja energiantuoton ongelmat. PEM/PESE-oire esiintyy kaikilla ME/CFS:aa sairastavilla, eikä ilman sitä voida asettaa ME/CFS-diagnoosia. Long COVIDia sairastavista PEM/PESE-oire esiintyy noin 50–70 prosentilla. 26.2.2023.

The gray swan: model-based assessment of the risk of sudden failure of hybrid immunity to SARS-CoV-2 (…large jumps in viral evolution may cause failure of population immunity resulting in sudden increases in mortality. As a rise in mortality will only become apparent in the weeks following a wave of disease, reactive public health strategies will not be able to provide meaningful risk mitigation. Learning to live with the virus could thus lead to large death tolls with very little warning. Our work points to the importance of proactive management strategies for the ongoing pandemic, and to the need for multifactorial approaches to COVID-19 disease control.). medRxiv. 26.2.2023.

Largest Study To Date Suggests Vaccine Lowers Post-COVID Heart Attack And Stroke Risk (Cases of major adverse cardiac events (MACEs) were observed in 12,733 patients who were unvaccinated, 160 patients who were partially vaccinated, and 1,055 patients who were fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated patients had a 59% decreased risk of experiencing MACEs following infection than those who were unvaccinated, according to a press release on the study (per Mount Sinai Health System). After infection, patients who were partially vaccinated also appeared to have a reduced risk of MACEs. / “[We] found that, particularly among those with comorbidities, such as previous MACE, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, liver disease, and obesity, there is an association with a lower risk of complications,”). msn. 25.2.2023.

Pathways to altered virulence of SARS-CoV-2 (… it is likely that viral evolution is subject to evolutionary drift, and it cannot be assumed that the virus will necessarily evolve to be lessvirulent,or that prior immunity will offer durable protection against severe disease. This has strong implications for public health strategies to confront the ongoing challenges presented by SARS-CoV-2and implies that there are significant risks to a strategy based on the assumption of waning virulence.).  Preprints. 24.2.2023.

Do You Have Coronaphobiaphobia? Ask Your Doctor if Notmybizumab is Right for You (Jonathan Howard). Science-Based Medicine. 24.2.2023.

COMMENTARY: Wear a respirator, not a cloth or surgical mask, to protect against respiratory viruses. CIDRAP UoMinnesota. 23.2.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 infection results in upregulation of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 and Neuroserpin in the lungs, and an increase in fibrinolysis inhibitors associated with disease severity. ejHaem. 23.2.2023.

Changes in SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence and population immunity in Finland, 2020–2022. medRxiv. 23.2.2023.

Direct and indirect mortality impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, March 1, 2020 to January 1, 2022. (…the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on excess mortality in the US up to January 2022. The authors separate direct impacts of the pandemic from indirect impacts (disruptions), finding that most excess deaths (84%) are due to direct impacts. Moreover, in individuals under 44 years of age, indirect effects predominate in mortality from external causes and all-cause mortality.). eLife. 22.2.2023.

The new scientific review on masks and Covid isn’t what you think.
A meta-analysis seeks to be the last word on the effectiveness of masks, but finding answers in science isn’t that easy. Vox. 22.2.2023.

More Than Half Of Long Covid Patients Suffer From Organ Damage Up To One Year After Covid Infection. Forbes. 22.2.2023.

Profs. Jason Abaluck and Mushfiq Mobarak Honored for Landmark Mask Study. Abaluck and Mobarak won the Top Ten Clinical Research Achievement Award from the Clinical Research Forum for their research on the impact of community masking in preventing COVID-19 [Jason Abaluck, and Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak are among the winners of the 2023 Top Ten Clinical Research Achievement Award for their study “Impact of community masking on COVID-19: A cluster-randomized trial in Bangladesh”]. Yale School of Management. 21.2.2023.

Inps, certificati di malattia da record nel 2022: +30% nel secondo semestre (Mediamente le giornate di malattia per certificato sono state 4,4 nel settore privato (contro le 5,4 del quarto trimestre 2021) e 4,2 nel settore pubblico (contro le 4,7 del 2021). Le giornate medie di malattia per ciascun lavoratore con almeno un giorno di malattia passano da 10 nel terzo trimestre 2021 a 9,5 nel terzo trimestre 2022 per il settore privato e da 10,7 a 10,1 per il settore pubblico. Per quanto riguarda invece il quarto trimestre, le giornate totali di malattia nel 2022 sono state circa 32,3 milioni nel settore privato e 10,2 milioni nel pubblico, con un incremento rispettivamente del 1% e del 7,4% rispetto all’analogo valore del 2021.). L’Economia. 21.2.2023. 21.2.2023.

February 21-28

Airborne transmission: a new paradigm with major implications for infection control and public health (In the longer term, the Government needs to lead with building codes in residential and commercial sectors that treat clean air provision with as much importance as earthquake safety.
The removal of non-pharmaceutical public health interventions (such as mask wearing
requirements in public spaces) makes the use of engineering controls to minimise exposure to contaminated air even more important. Improving indoor air quality will not only reduce COVID-related illness, but all morbidity related to poor air quality. With this in mind, it’s understandable that reliably maintaining high indoor air quality standards has been described as the new “sanitation). New Zealand Medical Journal. 17.2.2023.

A unique cytotoxic CD4+ T cells signature defines critical COVID-19. medRxiv. 17.2.2023.

Comparative Effectiveness of BNT162b2 and NVX-CoV2373 Vaccines in Korean Adults. (Estimated risk of severe infection was 0.001 events per 1000 persons (95% CI, 0 to 0.003) for the NVX-CoV2373 (Novavax) vaccine and 0.002 events per 1000 persons (95% CI, 0.001 to 0.006) for BNT162b2 (Pfizer Biontech) vaccine). medRxiv. 16.2.2023.

[Vital  Statistics Reporting] Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Expanded in February 2023 to Include Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Post-acute Sequelae of COVID-19. CDC. February 2023.

How Deadly Was China’s Covid Wave?Two months after China ended “zero Covid,” rough estimates suggest that between 1 and 1.5 million people died — far more than the official count. NYTimes. 15.2.2023.

Aerosol experts provide an account of the rejection of aerosol science by the WHO. Medical News. 15.2.2023.

Hospital Outcomes of Community-Acquired SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant Infection Compared With Influenza Infection in Switzerland (In this cohort study of 5212 patients hospitalized with the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant or influenza A or B in Switzerland, the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant was associated with an approximately 1.5-fold higher risk of in-hospital all-cause mortality up to day 30 compared with influenza.). JAMA. 15.2.2023.

Minimising school disruption under high incidence conditions due to the Omicron variant in France, Switzerland, Italy, in January 2022 (When incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infections is high, school protocols based on reactive screening lead to a substantial and unplanned demand for testing resources, while little infection prevention is achieved. With the same resources, proactive weekly screening considerably reduces the peak of infections, limiting schooldays lost. Reactive class closure leads to large disruption with successive closures.). Eurosurveillance. February. 2023.

Covid-19: WHO treaty hopes to overcome “catastrophic failures” of pandemic response. BMJ. 14.2.2023.

WHO abandons plans for crucial second phase of COVID-origins investigation. Sensitive studies in China were intended to pinpoint the source of the pandemic virus. Nature.14.2.2023.

Verified: COVID-19 Infection Increases Diabetes Risk. (Results Also Suggest the Diabetes Risk Persists Across COVID-19 Variants, and That Upfront Vaccination May Help to Reduce Risk of Post-Infection Diabetes). Cedaes Sinai. 14.2.2023.

Association of COVID-19 Vaccination With Risk for Incident Diabetes After COVID-19 Infection (The highest odds postinfection were for diabetes (2.35; 95% CI, 1.94-2.89; P < .001), followed by hypertension (1.54; 95% CI, 1.35-1.76; P < .001), benchmark diagnoses (1.42; 95% CI, 1.25-1.61; P < .001), and hyperlipidemia (1.22; 95% CI, 1.03-1.47; P = .03). ). JAMA. 14.2.2023.

Why we need a deeper understanding of the pathophysiology of long COVID (The most recent estimate of people living with post-COVID-19 condition (also known as long COVID) globally has surpassed 65 million1 and, without clear diagnostic or treatment options available, this number is steadily increasing. There are more than 200 reported symptoms associated with long COVID,1 affecting virtually every organ system.). Lancet Infectious Diseases. 14.2.2023.

The Effects of SARS-CoV-2 Infection on the Cognitive Functioning of Patients with Pre-Existing Dementia (The rapid progression of dementia, the addition of further impairments/deterioration of cognitive abilities, and the increase or new appearance of white matter lesion burden suggest that previously compromised brains have little defense to withstand a new insult (i.e., ‘second hit’ like infection/dysregulated immune response, and inflammation). ‘Brain fog’ is an ambiguous terminology without specific attribution to the spectrum of post-COVID-19 cognitive sequelae. We propose a new codename, i.e. ‘FADE-IN MEMORY’ (i.e., Fatigue, decreased Fluency, Attention deficit, Depression, Executive dysfunction, slowed INformation processing speed, and subcortical MEMORY impairment).). Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports. 14.2.2023.

Why we need a deeper understanding of the pathophysiology of long COVID. Lancet Infectious Diseases. 14.2.2023.

Long COVID Now Looks like a Neurological Disease, Helping Doctors to Focus Treatments. The causes of long COVID, which disables millions, may come together in the brain and nervous system [ “I now think of COVID as a neurological disease as much as I think of it as a pulmonary disease, and that’s definitely true in long COVID”]. Scientific American. 14.2.2923.

Ylilääkäri: ”Suomessa kuolee nyt koko ajan enemmän väkeä” – Tämä tiedetään suomalaisten koronakuolemista ja ylikuolleisuudesta.
Tilastotietojen mukaan vuosina 2021 ja 2022 Suomessa kuoli tuhansia ihmisiä enemmän kuin edeltävinä vuosina. Mitä suomalaisten koronakuolemista nyt tiedetään? Mediuutiset. 13.2.2023.

Booster Shots May Trigger Stroke Incidents, According to CDC and FDA
An Overview of Risk and Prevention. Epoch Health. 11.2.2023.

February 11-20

How do we measure expected and excess deaths? National Statistical
News and insight from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 10.2.2023.

Immmunisation Schedules. CDC. 10.2.2023.

Koronavirus COVID-19 tilanne Suomessa. Lähde THL. Tiedot päivitetty: tartunnat ja kuolemat 9.2.2023, sairaanhoito 7.2.2023. Jätevesi päivitetty 10.2.2023.

Long COVID manifests with T cell dysregulation, inflammation, and an uncoordinated adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2 (…proper crosstalk between the humoral and cellular arms of adaptive immunity has broken down in LC, and that this, perhaps in the context of persistent virus, leads to the immune dysregulation, inflammation, and clinical symptoms associated with this debilitating condition.). bioRxiv. 9.2.2023.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey technical article: Cumulative incidence of the percentage of people who have been infected with COVID-19 by variant and age, England: 9 February 2023. Analysis of the percentage of people in England who have tested positive for COVID-19 using the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey. This survey is being delivered in partnership with the University of Oxford, the University of Manchester, the UK Health Security Agency and the Wellcome Trust. ONS. 9.2.2023.

Tutkijalääkäri ei jaa Cochranen tuoreen maskikatsauksen päätelmiä: ”Taustatutkimuksissa on monia metodologisia haasteita”. ”Maskikeskustelu ei ole koskaan kovin neutraalia. Siinä sekoittuvat fysiikka, politiikka, oletukset ja näkemykset”, Lotta Oksanen toteaa. Mediuutiset. 9.2.2023.

‘No one really wants to talk about COVID anymore,’ the WHO’s pandemic lead laments. But the ‘worst case’ possibility of a new coronavirus exists (There exists a popular belief that Omicron is a weakened version of the original COVID. But its generally more mild presentation is likely due, at least in part, to widespread T-cell immunity in many areas of the world. While T cells can’t stop disease, they blunt its impact, often making it appear more mild than it might in a population with virtually no immunity—like China before the lifting of “zero COVID” measures. “Omicron can cause severe disease,” Agrawal said. “It is not nature’s vaccine. ). Fortune Well. 8.2.2023.

Young people are more likely to die of heart attacks post-COVID, study finds. But why? A recent study found that heart attacks in people ages 25 to 44 increased by 30% compared to the expected number over the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today. 8.2.2023.

Incidence and presentation of new-onset type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents from Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020 and 2021: Current data from the DPV Registry (An increase in the incidences of T1D and DKA, but not of autoantibody-negative diabetes was observed during both pandemic years. Further monitoring and efforts for DKA prevention at onset are necessary.). Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 8.2.2023.

Usvan peitossa. Aivosumu on yleinen koronan jälkioire, mutta monet kärsivät ajattelun tahmeudesta jo ennen pandemiaa. Mistä aivosumuksi kutsutussa olotilassa on kyse? [Long COVID, Cognitive, Brain fog]. HS. 8.2.2023.

Hidden harms of indoor air pollution — five steps to expose them
Dirty outdoor air might grab the headlines, but learning how pollutants inside buildings form, accumulate and affect our health is equally crucial. Nature. 8.2.2023.

STM vastaa oikeuskanslerin ratkaisuun tartuntatautiasetuksesta: ”Hieman yllätti, mutta tervetullutta pohdintaa”. Oikeuskanslerin mukaan STM:n on muutettava viipymättä tartuntatautiasetusta koronan osalta. Asiasta tehtiin kaksi kantelua. Mediuutiset. 7.2.2023.

Excess Mortality Among US Physicians During the COVID-19 Pandemic. [There were 43 (95% CI, 33-53) excess deaths per 100 000 person-years.] JAMA. 6.2.2023.

Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don’t. Conversation. 6.2.2023.

Neurological infection and complications of SARS-CoV-2: A review (Many recent reports suggested that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infections can also affect the central nervous system as well as peripheral nervous system that lead to the several neurological complications. The virus can break the blood brain barrier and enters the brain via haematological route or directly by the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptors present on endothelial cells of many cerebral tissues. The neurological complications are manifested by headache, dizziness, encephalopathy, encephalitis, cerebrovascular disease, anosmia, hypogeusia, muscle damage, etc. ). Medicine. 3.2.2023.

Autonomic dysfunction and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome in post-acute COVID-19 syndrome. (The post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 present major problems for many patients, their physicians and the health-care system. They are unrelated to the severity of the initial infection, are often highly symptomatic and can occur after vaccination. Many sequelae involve cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction, with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome in 30% of individuals. Prognosis is unknown, and treatment is still unsatisfactory). Nature reviews cardiology. 2.2.2023.

Prevalence of ongoing symptoms following coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in the UK: 2 February 2023. Estimates of the prevalence of self-reported long COVID and associated activity limitation, using UK Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey data. Experimental Statistics. ONS. 2.2.2023.

February 1-10


Prevalence of Positive COVID-19 Test Results Collected by Digital Self-report in the US and Germany. JAMA. 31.1.2023. /fullarticle/2800848?

A pan-sarbecovirus vaccine based on RBD of SARS-CoV-2 original strain elicits potent neutralizing antibodies against XBB in non-human primates (Taken collectively, our data support that the “nonchangeable against changeable” strategy is feasible for the development of pan-sarbecovirus vaccines against sarbecoviruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants, BQ.1.1 and XBB. Considering that boost immunization plays an important role in producing bnAb responses, we suggest that the adjuvant in the first-generation subunit COVID-19 vaccines be replaced with CF501 and using it for boost immunization, which may significantly enhance the immune responses against SARS-CoV-2 and its current and future variants.). PNAS. 30.1.2023.

COVID-19 is a leading cause of death in children and young people in the US. Univ of Oxford. 30.1.2023.

Assessment of COVID-19 as the Underlying Cause of Death Among Children and Young People Aged 0 to 19 Years in the US. JAMA. 30.1.2023.

These benefits will disappear when Biden ends the Covid national and public health emergencies in May. CNN Politics. 31.1.2023.

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Assessment of COVID-19 as the Underlying Cause of Death Among Children and Young People Aged 0 to 19 Years in the US. [aged 0 to 19 years in the US, COVID-19 ranked eighth among all causes of deaths, fifth in disease-related causes of deaths (excluding unintentional injuries, assault, and suicide), and first in deaths caused by infectious or respiratory diseases. COVID-19 deaths constituted 2% of all causes of death] JAMA. 30.1.2023.

Research to spread light on long COVID uncertainties. Long COVID is a growing social problem in Sweden and the rest of the world. We still know very little about why some are affected, and how it can be cured. “We really need more research and an investment in this,” says Anne-Marie Fors Connolly, docent of microbiology at Umeå University and physician who studies the long-term effects of COVID-19.Umeå University. 30.1.2023.

Absence from work at record high as Americans feel strain from Covid (1.5 million Americans missed work because of sickness in December. Each month, more than a million people have called out sick for the past three years. In June 2022, about 7% of adult Americans had long Covid, which can affect productivity and ability to work, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The last time the absentee number dipped below a million Americans was in November 2019. Last year, the trend accelerated rather than returning to normal. In 2022, workers had the most sickness-related absences of the pandemic, and the highest number since record-keeping began in 1976. In 2022, the average was 1.58 million per month, for a total of 19 million absences for the year. The largest spike was in January 2022, when 3.6 million people were absent due to illness, about triple the pre-pandemic number for that month.). Guardian. 29.1.2023.

Miksi kuolleisuus lähti nousuun syksyllä 2021? Koronablogi [sisältää erityisesti linkkejä THL:n ja median harhaanjohtavaan tiedottamiseen]. 28.1.2023.

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analysis. medRxiv. 26.1.2023.

COVID Virus Ventures Beyond the Lungs, Often Lodging in the Brain (The conclusion is chilling: “ … SARS-CoV-2 is capable of infecting and replicating within … many … tissues, including brain.”). DNA Science. 26.1.2023.

Incident autoimmune diseases in association with a SARS-CoV-2 infection: A matched cohort study. medRxiv. 26.1.2023.

Household Transmission of Influenza A Viruses in 2021-2022 [ a significantly increased risk of household transmission of influenza A(H3N2) in 2021-2022 compared with prior seasons]. JAMA. 26.1.2023.

Covid-19 Infection During Pregnancy Can Damage The Placenta And The Fetus (A new study published in The Lancet Europe has found that SARS-CoV-2 infections during pregnancy are associated with placental lesions from vascular malperfusion, which can result in increased rates of fetal growth restriction, pre-labor membrane rupture, and miscarriage. Vascular damage was also observed in the organs of the fetuses via fetal MRIs.) Forbes. 25.1.2023.

Antibody escape, the risk of serotype formation, and rapid immune waning: modeling the implications of SARS-CoV-2 immune evasion (In the long-term, invading variants that induce weak cross-immunity against pre-existing strains may co-circulate with those pre-existing strains. This would result in the formation of serotypes that increase disease burden, complicate SARS-CoV-2 control and raise the potential for increases in viral virulence. Less durable immunity does not drive positive selection as a trait, but such strains may transmit at high levels if they establish. Overall, our results draw attention to the importance of inter-strain cross-immunity as a driver of transmission trends and the importance of early immune evasion data to predict the trajectory of the pandemic.). medRxiv. 25.1.2023.

Is science really getting less disruptive — and does it matter if it is?
A study suggesting papers and patents that change the course of science are becoming less dominant is prompting soul-searching — and lively debate about why, and what to do about it.. nature. 25.1.2023.

Långtidssjukskrivningar i Sverige kostade samhället 71 miljarder kronor under förra året, enligt en ny rapport från Skandia. Rapporten visar dessutom att andelen sjukskrivningar till följd av psykisk ohälsa har ökat efter pandemin; under förra året uppgick kostnaden till 32,6 miljarder kronor. 2022 uppskattas andelen sjukskrivningar på grund av psykisk ohälsa ha varit 46 procent, jämfört med 45 procent 2021 och 41 procent 2020. År 2015 berodde 30 procent av långtidssjukskrivningarna på psykisk ohälsa.. Sak och Liv. 25.1.2023.

Suomalaisten kuolemissa uusi synkkä ennätys – tästä yli­kuolleisuus johtuu. Koronavuosien aikana suomalaisia on kuollut historiallisen paljon. Pelkkä kuolleiden määrä ei kuitenkaan kerro koko totuutta paljon puhutusta ylikuolleisuudesta. Ilta=sanomat. 21.1.2023.

January 21-31

SARS-CoV-2 variant-related abnormalities detected by prenatal MRI: a prospective case–control study (Of the 38 included cases after SARS-CoV-2 infection, 20/38 (52.6%) were infected with pre-Omicron variants and 18/38 (47.4%) with Omicron. Prenatal MRIs were performed on an average of 83 days (±42.9, median 80) days after the first positive PCR test. Both pre-Omicron (P = .008) and Omicron (P = .016) groups showed abnormalities in form of a globular placenta compared to control cases. In addition, placentas in the pre-Omicron group were significantly thickened (6.35, 95% CI .02–12.65, P = .048), and showed significantly more frequent lobules (P = .046), and hemorrhages (P = .002). Fetal growth restriction (FGR) was observed in 25% (n = 5/20, P = .017) in the pre-Omicron group.). Lancet Regional Health Europe. 20.1.2023.

Rokote Laboratories Finland Oy kehittää nenään annettavaa koronarokotetta tiettävästi ainoana Euroopassa – antotavalla taudin torjumisessa merkittäviä hyötyjä (Koronavirus aloittaa infektion tyypillisesti ylähengitysteissä eli nenänielun limakalvoilla. Nenään annosteltavan rokotteen tarkoituksena on muodostaa vahva immuunipuolustus näille limakalvoille, jolloin viruksen lisääntyminen estetään ja infektio estyy. Jos ihminen ei infektoidu, hän ei myöskään levitä virusta,). University of Eastermn Finland. 20.1.2023.

Omicron Mutation Linked to Neurological Complication in Kids. healthnews.20.1.2023.

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Persistent SARS-CoV-2 infection in patients seemingly recovered from COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 infection can persist significantly longer than suggested by PCR-negative tests on nasopharyngeal swabs or bronchoalveolar lavage fluids. Whether the persisting infected cells have a pathogenic role in explaining the sequelae of infection in long COVID remains an outstanding question, which deserves further investigation.). Journal od Pathology. 18.1.2023.

Is the post-COVID-19 syndrome a severe impairment of acetylcholine-orchestrated neuromodulation that responds to nicotine administration? (Treating several individuals suffering from post-COVID-19 syndrome with a nicotine patch application, we witnessed improvements ranging from immediate and substantial to complete remission in a matter of days.) Bioelectronic Medicine. 18.1.2023.

Protective effectiveness of previous SARS-CoV-2 infection and hybrid immunity against the omicron variant and severe disease: a systematic review and meta-regression. Lancet Infectious Diseases. 18.1.2023.

How your first brush with COVID warps your immunity. The immune system responds more strongly to the strain of a virus that it first met, weakening response to other strains. Can this ‘imprinting’ be overcome? Nature. 18.1.2023.

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Excess mortality dropped to 6.7% in November 2022. EuroStat. 17.1.2023.

Two-year follow-up of brain structural changes in patients who recovered from COVID-19: A prospective study (Brain, Cognitive). Psychiatry Research. Jan 2023.

Why health-care services are in chaos everywhere. Now is an especially bad time to suffer a heart attack. Economist. 15.1.2023.

Unwanted Indoor Air Quality Effects from Using Ultraviolet C Lamps for Disinfection. Environ Sci Technol. 13.1.2023.

Long COVID: major findings, mechanisms and recommendations (Long COVID is a multisystemic illness encompassing ME/CFS, dysautonomia, impacts on multiple organ systems, and vascular and clotting abnormalities. It has already debilitated millions of individuals worldwide, and that number is continuing to grow. On the basis of more than 2 years of research on long COVID and decades of research on conditions such as ME/CFS, a significant proportion of individuals with long COVID may have lifelong disabilities if no action is taken.). nature reviews microbiology. 13.1.2023.

Maternal mRNA covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy and delta or omicron infection or hospital admission in infants: test negative design study [maternal vaccination prottected the child for up to 6 mo.]. 12.1.2023. BMJ.

Long covid outcomes at one year after mild SARS-CoV-2 infection: nationwide cohort study (This nationwide study suggests that patients with mild covid-19 are at risk for a small number of health outcomes, most of which are resolved within a year from diagnosis.). BMJ. 11.1.2023.

In sickness and in “health”: Canada’s labour market (For some sectors, the added paid sick leave is putting significant extra pressure on wage costs. This is particularly the case for some in-person industries such as mining, oil and gas, utilities, and education where wage costs are about 1.5% higher due to paid time off for employees absent all week due to illness or family matters. However, it can also impact some industries where telework is prominent, such as public administration, which has seen its wage bill increase by as much as 1% for the same reason). CIBC Economic Insights. 11.1.2023.

January 11-20

Group aiming to sabotage Whitmer’s Covid policies funded by dark money.
Non-profit affiliated with utility DTE Energy funded effort to repeal Michigan governor’s emergency order powers. The Guardian. 10.1.2023.

China now publishes more high-quality science than any other nation – should the US be worried? Conversation.10.1.2023.

The safer you feel, the less safely you might behave – but research suggests ways to counteract this tendency. Conversation. 10.1.2023.

WHO expert: China’s COVID-19 surge could lead to deadly mutation
Dr. Dorit Nitzan: “We have to be ready and alert.” Jerusalem Post. 10.1.2022.

Risk of autoimmune diseases in patients with COVID-19: A retrospective cohort study. eClinicalMedicine. 10.1.2023.

Rokottaa vaiko eikö rokottaa – siinä pulma. Lasse Lehtosen kolumni. Uusi Suomi. 8.1.2023.

How serious is the threat of new Covid-19 variants? A surge in cases after China lifted restrictions has sparked concerns that a dangerous new strain could emerge. FT. 5.1.2023.

SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection is Preceded by Unique Biomarkers and Related to Initial Infection Timing and Severity: an N3C RECOVER EHR-Based Cohort Study. medRxiv. 5.1.2023.

COVID-19 inhibits spermatogenesis in the testes by inducing cellular senescence. Frontiers in Genetics. 5.1.2023.

‘Disruptive’ science has declined — and no one knows why. The proportion of publications that send a field in a new direction has plummeted over the past half-century. Nature. 4.1.2023.

Virukset tarttuvat lentokoneessa. Maskia kannattaa käyttää koko lentomatkan ajan, kentällä ja koneessa. HS. 2.1.2023.

Koronarokotukset vuonna 2023. Lausunto ja näyttöpohja. Työpaperi 11/2023. THL.

January 1-10

Covid-19: What is XXB.1.5 variant, accounts for over 40% cases in US?. Mint. 31.12.2022.

Laskelmat Suomen ”huikeasta” yli­kuolleisuudesta eivät kestä tarkastelua. Kun väestö vanhenee kiihtyvää vauhtia, myös kuolemia tulee väistämättä enemmän. Tätä ei monissa kansainvälisissä vertailuissa huomioida, kirjoittaa HS:n tiedetoimittaja Annikka Mutanen. HS. 31.12.2022.

Hoitajamitoitus ratkeaa ulkomaalaisella työvoimalla, sanoo Mehiläisen toimitusjohtaja: Suomeen olisi tuhansia tulijoita. Terveysyritys Mehiläinen aikoo tuoda Suomeen ensi vuonna tuhat ulkomaista hoiva-avustajaa. Halukkaita olisi moninkertaisesti, mutta julkinen sektori ei ole halunnut palkata heitä. Suomen Kuvalehti. 30.12.2022.

Intranasal inhibitor broadly blocks SARS-CoV-2 including recent highly immunoevasive Omicron subvariants. bioRxiv. 29.12.2022.

Suomalaisia kuolee ennätysmääriä, mutta kiinnostaako ketään? Juha Itkonen, Taloustaito. 29.12.2022.

Kiinaa uhkaa valtava terveyskatastrofi. Syyllinen Kiinan koronalinjan epäonnistumiseen on maan kommunistinen puolue, mutta syyllisyyttään se ei tule koskaan tunnustamaan. Helsingin Sanomat. 28.12.2022.

Pääkirjoitus: Tuhansia suomalaisia on kuollut liikaa – riippumaton selvitys tarvitaan. Riippumaton selvitys ylikuolleisuudesta tarvitaan, vaikka se voikin olla poliittisesti kiusallista, kirjoittaa Juha Ristamäki. Iltalehti 27.12.2022.

Mid- and Long-Term Atrio-Ventricular Functional Changes in Children after Recovery from COVID-19. J Clinical Medicine. 26.12.2022.

China estimates 250mn people have caught Covid in 20 days
Figures presented at closed-door meeting are in stark contrast to low official case count. Financial Times. 25.12.2022.

Tutkijat osoittivat simppelin, mutta tehokkaan tavan välttyä sairaalalta koronatartunnassa – Suomalaiskeuhkolääkäri komppaa. Nenän huuhteleminen pian koronatartunnan jälkeen laski sairaalaan päätymisen todennäköisyyttä merkittävästi, tutkijat huomasivat.Mediuutiset. 23.12.2022.

On the role of different age groups in propagating Omicron epidemics in France. [children transmit COVID] medRxiv. 23.12.2022.

UK cements 10-year-partnership with Moderna in major boost for vaccines and research. Moderna to invest in mRNA research and development (R&D) in the UK, and build a state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing centre with the ability to produce up to 250 million vaccines a year. Gov.UK Press release. 22.12.2022.

What is going on with our immune cells after COVID-19 infection? Dr. Jeff Gilchrist. 22.12.2022.

Immune systems seriously weakened by COVID,Evolving research says COVID leaves many people at heightened risk for other infections. The Record. 20.12.2022.

Persistent post–COVID-19 smell loss is associated with immune cell infiltration and altered gene expression in olfactory epithelium. Science Transl Med. 21.12.2022.

December 21-31

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The missing workers who are never coming back.  U.S. labor force
Quarterly, Q4 2019 to Q3 2022. AXIOS. 16.12.2022. [3.2 million]

CLINICAL SUMMARY. Long COVID: average prevalence of 45%, with highest rate in Europe. A global meta-analysis of 194 studies finds a pooled prevalence of long COVID averaging 45% across hospitalised and nonhospitalised patients.
The pooled prevalence is highest in Europe, standing at 62.7%.
The most common self-reported symptoms are fatigue, breathlessness (dyspnoea), impaired sleep, and pain/discomfort. Univadis. 15.12.2022.

Perspective: A Covid-19 Milestone Attained — A Correlate of Protection for Vaccines. NEJM. 15.12.2022.

SARS-CoV-2 infection and persistence in the human body and brain at autopsy (…we detected persistent SARS-CoV-2 RNA in multiple anatomic sites, including throughout the brain, as late as 230 days following symptom onset in one case. Despite extensive distribution of SARS-CoV-2 RNA throughout the body, we observed little evidence of inflammation or direct viral cytopathology outside the respiratory tract. Our data indicate that in some patients SARS-CoV-2 can cause systemic infection and persist in the body for months.). nature. 14.2.2022.

SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). NHS. 14.12.2023.

Timo Vesikarin blogi. Koronatilanne on vakaa (mutta huono). NRN. NN.12.2022.

Taysin päivystys Acutan tilanne on kriittinen. Potilaita ei saada eteenpäin täynnä oleville erikoissairaanhoidon vuodeosastoille, jotka taas eivät saa potilaita eteenpäin perussairaanhoidon vuodeosastoille. Lääkärilehti. 14.12.2022.

As viral infections skyrocket, masks are still a tried-and-true way to help keep yourself and others safe. Conversation. 14.12.2022.

The WHO estimates of excess mortality associated with the COVID-19 pandemic [Karlinsky]. nature. 14.12.2022.

People who skipped their COVID vaccine are at higher risk of traffic accidents, according to a new study. Fortune Well. 13.12.2022.

Independent Expert Panel on effective ways of investing in health publishes opinion on the impact of the post-COVID-19 condition (long COVID) on health systems. 13.12.2022.

Estimates of excess mortality for the five Nordic countries during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020-2021 [Coclusions: We document substantial heterogeneity and uncertainty in estimates of excess mortality. All estimates should be taken with caution in their interpretation as they miss detailed account of demographics, such as changes in the age group populations over the study period.]. Int J Epidemiol. 13.12.2022.

6% of Irish adults have self-reported symptoms of long Covid for over three months. Irish Examiner. 12.12.2022.

Helsinki avasi uudelleen koronaosaston Laakson sairaalaan. Kaksi koronaosastoa on palautettu normaalikäyttöön ja Herttoniemen varasairaala pysyy kiinni. Koronapotilaiden hoidossa käytetty Herttoniemen varasairaala sulki ovensa toukokuussa.Helsingin Sanomat 13.12.2022.

Covid Depression Is Real. Here’s What You Need to Know. The risk of developing symptoms of depression remains high up to a year after you’ve recovered. NYTimes. 11.12.2022.

Americans urged to wear face masks indoors as ‘tripledemic’ hits millions
Americans across the country have been asked to wear face masks in some indoor settings over fears of a ‘tripledemic.’ Low immunity and a lack of resources is believed to be behind the problems. Mirror. 11.12.2022.

Ylikuolleisuus ja soten perverssit kannustimet. Lasse Lehtosen blogi. 11.12.2022.

December 11-20

Pitkäkestoinen koronavirustauti on merkittävä kansanterveysongelma. Pienikin prosenttiosuus koronaviruksen sairastaneista tai väestöstä tarkoittaa vähintään kymmeniätuhansia suomalaisia (Pirta Hotulainen). Helsingin Sanomat. 9.12.2022.

Regeringen håller pressträff om covid-19. Expressen. 9.12.2022.

Something in the Air. Germicidal UV: a tradeoff between disinfection and indoor smog. The answer will vary for different times and locations, and here we illustrate how to think about it. Jose-Luis Jimenez. 9.12.2022.

Korona voi heikentää suojaa muita tauteja vastaan. Immuunijärjestelmä on infektion jälkeen heikentyneessä tilassa 3–6 kuukautta. Verkkouutiset 8.12.2022.

Getting China’s old people vaccinated has been slow work. It needs to speed up, fast. Economist. 8.12.2022.

The number of new disability benefit claimants has doubled in a year.
The number of working-age people newly awarded disability benefits doubled between July 2021 and July 2022. This report investigates that increase. [UK] IFS. 7.12.022.

Children at risk of strep A in England could be given preventive antibiotics. ‘Rare’ blanket measure may be used at primary schools after at least nine UK deaths from bacterial infection. Guardian. 6.12.2022.

Models predict massive wave of disease and death if China lifts ‘zero COVID’ policy. Country’s severe approach to pandemic is inflaming the populace, but lifting it carries huge risks. Science 6.12.2022.

FXR inhibition may protect from SARS-CoV-2 infection by reducing ACE2.. nature. 5.12.2022.

Risk of Type 1 Diabetes in Children is Not Increased after SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Nationwide Prospective Study in Denmark. medRxiv. 5.12.2022.

Neurologi Risto O. Roine on long covid -asiantuntija: ”Positiivista on se, että hoidolla ja kuntoutuksella potilas lähes aina edistyy”. Seura. 4.12.2022.

Modeling the Impact of Nonpharmaceutical Interventions on COVID-19 Transmission in K-12 Schools (We find that masks and reducing contacts can greatly reduce new infections among students. Weekly screening tests also have a positive impact on disease mitigation. While self-quarantining symptomatic infections and school closures are effective measures for decreasing semester-end infections, they increase absenteeism. The model assesses different nonpharmaceutical interventions applied to K-12 schools during the pandemic and estimates their impact on COVID-19 under varying assumptions. The results are presented using parameter estimates associated with the Omicron variant, but the model is general and can be applied to different parameters. In addition, although we specify our targeted population group as K-12 schools, the conceptual model can be easily extended to implement other population groups (e.g., nursing homes or prisons) if we have a good quantitative understanding of their social contact patterns.). SMDM. 3.12.2022.

The Tragedy of Avoidable Covid Deaths. Comprehensive new data show just how many Americans died after vaccines became widely available — mostly in less-vaccinated states. Bloomberg. 3.12.2022.

Heart attack deaths spike around winter holidays, expert group warns
Reducing holiday stress and taking care of your body year-round can help lower your risk. Today. 2.12.2022.

Single-cell multiomics revealed the dynamics of antigen presentation, immune response and T cell activation in the COVID-19 positive and recovered individuals. Frontiers in immunology. 2.12.2022.

Model Evaluation of Secondary Chemistry due to Disinfection of Indoor Air with Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps. Environ Sci Technol. 2.12,2022.

Kasvosuojista uutta tietoa – laaja meta-analyysi valmistui
Tutkimusaineistossa mukana lähes 400 000 henkilöä eri puolilta maailmaa.. Lääkärilehti. 2.12.2022.

Experimental Vaccines Offer Long-term Protection Against Severe COVID (“With COVID-19, young infants are one of the most vulnerable pediatric populations. This fall, we are seeing a sharp rise in hospitalizations due to respiratory virus disease in infants as the result of a confluence of SARS-CoV-2, flu, and RSV circulation,” “We should take every opportunity to provide safe and effective vaccine immunity to our youngest patients, including considering COVID-19 vaccination earlier than the currently recommended 6 months of age.” “This study emphasizes the need to get human infants immunized against SARS-CoV-2 as much as possible, as the benefits are clear and long-lasting”). Weill Cornell Medicine. 1.12.2022.

Data-driven identification of post-acute SARS-CoV-2 infection subphenotypes. nature medicine. 1.12.2022.

A new RCT of masks for Covid-19 is making heads spin. Critical appraisal is tough, particularly if you’ve already made up your mind Munro Report. 1.12.2022. [Hanna M. Ollila, Markku Partinen, Jukka Koskela, John Borghi, Riikka Savolainen, Anna Rotkirch, Liisa T. Laine] Face masks to prevent transmission of respiratory infections: Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials on face mask use [support the use of face masks particularly in a community setting and for adults]. PLOS ONE. 1.12.2022.

Kukaan ei noudata STM:n rokotelinjausta. Tällä hetkellä myös ne rokotteet, joita yksityiset toimijat voisivat pistää, ovat kuntien takana.Lääkärilehti. 1.12.2022.

Long Covid may be ‘the next public health disaster’ — with a $3.7 trillion economic impact rivaling the Great Recession. CNBC. 1.12.2022.


December 1-10

Study of Excipients in Delayed Skin Reactions to mRNA Vaccines: Positive Delayed Intradermal Reactions to Polyethylene Glycol Provide New Insights for COVID-19 Arm (Immediate and delayed reactions to intradermal testing (IDT) are frequently detected in patients with delayed large local reactions (DLLR). The observation of positive delayed intradermal reactions to polyethylene glycol (PEG) disclosed only in patients with DLLR reinforces a possible role of PEG in the development of these reactions. Skin testing of other excipients is of little importance in clinical practice.). Vaccines. 30.11.2022.,in%20clinical%20practice

COVID hospitalization rates in babies as bad as for seniors amid Omicron wave, study shows. Yahoo News. 30.11.2022.

Taloustieteen professori Antti Ripatti: Pitkittyneen koronan kustannukset nousevat miljardeihin euroihin. ”En ymmärrä miksi rokottamisen kustannuksista tehdään iso ongelma, kun me voisimme keskittyä epidemian laantumiseen”, Ripatti toteaa. Mediuutiset. 30.11.2022.

Disruption in seasonality, patient characteristics and disparities of respiratory syncytial virus infection among young children in the US during and before the COVID-19 pandemic: 2010-2022. medRxiv. 29.11.2022.

Medical Masks Versus N95 Respirators for Preventing COVID-19 Among Health Care Workers, Annals of Internal Medicine. 29.11.2022.

Endemicity Is Not a Victory: The Unmitigated Downside Risks of Widespread SARS-CoV-2 Transmission (Our findings suggest large increases in virulence for SARS-CoV-2 would result in minimal loss of transmissibility, implying that the IFR may vary freely under neutral evolutionary drift. We use an SEIRS model framework to examine the effect of hypothetical changes in the IFR on steady-state death tolls under COVID-19 endemicity. Our modeling suggests that endemic SARS-CoV-2 implies vast transmission resulting in yearly US COVID-19 death tolls numbering in the hundreds of thousands under many plausible scenarios, with even modest increases in the IFR leading to unsustainable mortality burdens. Our findings highlight the importance of enacting a concerted strategy and continued development of biomedical interventions to suppress SARS-CoV-2 transmission and slow its evolution.). MDPI Covid. 28.11.2022.

Keski-ikää lähestyvien naisten kuolemat lisääntyneet – koronatapaukset eivät selitä kuolleisuusluvuissa havaittua kasvua. Tiukat koronarajoitukset suojasivat aluksi ikäihmisiä, mutta omikron- ja delta-muunnokset levisivät nopeasti maskeista ja käsidesistä huolimatta. Viime vuoden loppupuolella alkanut ylikuolleisuus näkyy yli 75-vuotiaissa, muttei nuoremmissa ikäluokissa joitain poikkeuksia lukuun ottamatta. Selitykset saadaan vasta, kun kuolinsyytilastot valmistuvat, mutta THL:n tutkimusprofessori Mika Gessler kertoo ennakkoarvioita. Turun Sanomat. 27.11.2022.

Lasse Lehtoselta täystyrmäys Mika Salmisen puheille: ”Suomessa on ollut tänä vuonna merkittävää yli­kuolleisuutta, ja toden­näköisin syy sille on korona”
THL:n Mika Salminen kyseenalaisti koronakuolintilastojen luotettavuuden keskustan seminaarissa. ilta=sanomat. 27.11.2022.

THL:n Mika Salminen: Tilastot antavat väärän kuvan korona­kuolleisuudesta
THL:n hyvinvointivaikuttajat-osaston johtajan Mika Salmisen mukaan Suomen koronakuolleisuus on tosiasiassa EU:n keskitasolla. Suomen koronalukujen oikeellisuus on herättänyt keskustelua aikaisemminkin. ilta=sanomat.27.11.2022.

Pas de purificateur d’air pour un prof, malgré un billet du médecin
En pleine pandémie, un enseignant immunosupprimé doit se débattre pour enseigner en classe. Le Journal de Quebec. 27.11.2022.

Increasing ventilation reduces SARS-CoV-2 airborne transmission in schools: a retrospective cohort study in Italy’s Marche region. Frontiers Public Health. 25.11.2022.

Toinenkin korona kuormittaa merkittävästi terveydenhuoltoa
Amerikkalaistutkimuksen mukaan toinen infektio on usein lievempi, silti komplikaatioita on enemmän niillä, jotka ovat sairastaneet koronan kahdesti verrattuna kerran sairastaneisiin.. Lääkäriulehti. 25.11.2022.

Lifting Universal Masking in Schools — Covid-19 Incidence among Students and Staff. NEJM. 24.11.2022.

WHO’s departing chief scientist regrets errors in debate over whether SARS-CoV-2 spreads through air. Soumya Swaminathan says the agency should have acknowledged aerosol transmission “much earlier” but is proud of work on vaccine equity. Science. 23.11.2022.

A multinational Delphi consensus to end the COVID-19 public health threat. narure. 22.11.2022.

THL:n kaksoisrooli vaan jatkuu. Timo Vesikariin blogi. NRN. 22.11.2022.

Intranasal COVID-19 Vaccine Disappointing in First-in-Human Trial. JAMA 22.11.2022.

COVID-19 Is Linked to Detectable Brain Changes, Study Shows. TIME . 21.11.2022.

Excess mortality in England. Office for Health Improvement and Disparities. 21.10.2022 (latest].

MRI Reveals Significant Brain Abnormalities Post-COVID. Summary: Neuroimaging study reveals significant brain changes in areas associated with language comprehension, cognition, and circadian rhythm control six months after COVID-19 infection. NeurologyNeuroscience·. 21.11.2022.

November 21-30

Relation between PM2.5 pollution and Covid-19 mortality in Western Europe for the 2020–2022 period. Sci Tot Environ. 20.11.2022.

Enhanced replication of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.2 in human forebrain and midbrain organoids. nature. 20.11.2022.

Adapt or die: how the pandemic made the shift from EBM to EBM+ more urgent. BMJ Evidence Based Medicine [EBM]. 19.11.2022.

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Association of National Football League Fan Attendance With County-Level COVID-19 Incidence in the 2020-2021 Season, JAMA. 18.11.2022.

Alle ned til 18 år får tilbud om booster-vaksine. Ved å tilby vaksine til flere kan noe av smitten stanses i vinter, skriver helsedepartementet. VG Nyheter. 18.11.2022.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK. Gov.UK.17.11.2022 [latest update]

Improved Neutralization of Omicron BA.4/5, BA.4.6, BA.2.75.2, BQ.1.1, and XBB.1 with Bivalent BA.4/5 Vaccine. bioRxiv. 17.11.2022.

COVID-19 Mortality by wave. Analysis of COVID-19 Mortality by wave, with a focus on deaths occurring during the Omicron wave. Australian Bureau of Statistics. 16.11.2022.

Fact Check-No evidence 40% of COVID-19 deaths in Finland were fabricated. Reuters. 16.11.2022.

Koronapandemia ja kollegiaalisuus. Covid-19-pandemia on asettanut yhteiskunnat ja lääkärit monella tavalla aiemmasta poikkeaviin tilanteisiin. Pandemiaa osattiin odottaa, mutta siihen ei ehkä kuitenkaan ollut varauduttu kovin hyvin, ainakaan henkisesti. Pandemiasta on vielä paljon opittavaa. Toivottavasti tätä työtä jaksetaan nöyränä kaikissa organisaatioissa tehdä. Lääkäriliitto. 15.11.2022.

Risk for newly diagnosed diabetes after COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Medicine. 15.11.2022.

Moderna says new booster increases protection from omicron subvariants
The latest results from the bivalent booster are encouraging even as uptake remains low. Washington Post. 14.11.2022.

Korona leviää edelleen vanhusten osastoilla: “Jostain se pääsisi livahtamaan, vaikka he olisivat lukkojen takana”, sanoo johtajalääkäri
Koronaepidemiat kuormittavat vanhustenosastoja edelleen, ja osa tartunnan saaneista kuolee. Asiantuntijat korostavat, että vanhuksen viimeiset voimat voisi viedä yhtä lailla influenssa-, noro- tai rinovirus.. Yle Uutiset. 12.11.2022.

Association between vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19 infection and mortality. Scientifric Reports, 12.11.2022.

Health, socioeconomic and genetic predictors of COVID-19 vaccination uptake: a nationwide machine-learning study. medRxiv. 11.11.2022.

Koronarokotteista syntyi nuiva sopu. Koronarokotteita ruvetaan jakamaan nykyistä laajemmalle joukolle. Se on järkevää, vaikka lisärokotteista ei välttämättä ole kovin suurta hyötyä. Helsingin Sanomat. 11.11.2022.


November 11-20

Getting COVID-19 Multiple Times Is Risky for Your Health. Time. 10.11.2022.

Half a million more people are out of the labour force because of long-term sickness. Between June and August 2022, around 2.5 million people reported long-term sickness as the main reason for economic inactivity, up from around 2 million in 2019. ONS. 10.11.2022.

Paxlovid-koronaviruslääke. Tällä sivulla voit arvioida, kuulutko Paxlovid-lääkehoidon piiriin ja miten sinun tulee menetellä saadaksesi lääkkeen. HUS.

Repeat COVID is riskier than first infection, study finds. Reuters. 10.11.2022.

Modeling COVID-19 Mortality Across 44 Countries: Face Covering May Reduce Deaths (FFP2, N95, mask, surgical). AJPM. 10.11.2022.


Acute and postacute sequelae associated with SARS-CoV-2 reinfection. (In sum, in this study of 5,819,264 individuals, we provide evidence that reinfection contributes to additional health risks beyond those incurred in the first infection including all-cause mortality, hospitalization and sequelae in a broad array of organ systems. The risks were evident in the acute and postacute phases of reinfection. The evidence suggests that for people who already had a first infection, prevention of a second infection may protect from additional health risks. Prevention of infection and reinfection with SARS-CoV-2 should continue to be the goal of public health policy.) Natutre Medicine [ Long COVID ]. 10.11.2022.

Myocarditis after BNT162b2 Vaccination in Israeli Adolescents. NEJM. 10.11.2022.

Outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection. Research Square. 9.11.2022.

Long-lasting Symptoms After an Acute COVID-19 Infection and Factors Associated With Their Resolution. JAMA. 9.11.2022.

Korona näyttää suuntaavan kausi-infektioksi, mutta tämä vuosi on vilauttanut uusia uhkia. Apulaisprofessori Tarja Sironen painottaa tutkimuksen ja seurannan merkitystä varautumisessa uhkiin, joista apinarokko ja päästäisten paramyksovirus ovat jo käväisseet kilauttamassa hälytyskelloa. Yle Uutiset. 8.11.2022.

Siperian sulavasta ikiroudasta herää ”zombieviruksia” – Voivat olla vakava uhka myös ihmisille.  Viime vuosina on löytynyt suuri määrä jättiviruksia, jotka voivat aiheuttaa tuntemattomia sairauksia. Mecdiuutiset. 8.11.2022.

What If COVID Reinfections Wear Down Our Immunity? Dr. Anthony Leonardi is a lightning rod for debate. If he’s right, this pandemic poses a greater threat than widely assumed. The TYEE. 7.11.2022.

Kommentti: THL, nyt sala­liitto­höpinät sikseen ja perusteellisia vastauksia esiin. Autoa pitää ajaa niin, ettei edes anna poliisille mahdollisuutta antaa sakkoja. Samalla periaatteella pitäisi THL:nkin toimia, kirjoittaa Petri Seppä (Kiurun selvityspyyntö). ilta=sanomat. 7.11.2022.

Suomessa riskiryhmille suunnatun koronalääkkeen käyttö on osoittautunut monimutkaiseksi – uusia lääkkeitä odotetaan
Rajatuille riskiryhmille tarkoitetun koronälääke Paxlovidin käyttö on osoittautunut monimutkaiseksi. Esimerkiksi HUSin alueella lääkettä on jaettu arviolta 400 potilaalle. YLE-Uutiset 6.11.2022.

Effects of Different Mask Policies in 2020: A Comparative Analysis. medRxiv. 5.11.2022.

COVID-19 Mortality Working Group: Another month of high excess mortality in July 2022 (Australia). Actuaries Digital. 4.11.2022.

Antibody-Activated Endothelial Cells Increase the Risk of Blood Clots with Covid-19. Forbes. 4.11.2022.

Excess all-cause mortality in the USA and Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 and 2021.  Scientific Reports. 3.11.2022.

‘Immunity debt’ is a misguided and dangerous concept. There is no evidence that an individual is worse off for having avoided earlier infection. Financial Times. 3.11.2022.

SARS-ANI VIS. A Global Open Access Dataset of Reported SARS-CoV-2 Events in Animals. Complexity Science Hub, Vienna. 3.11.2022.

Israeli long COVID study: 1 in 3 people fail to regain regular health months later. Spotlighting the ‘immense and evolving’ impact of COVID on human health, large study by health fund points to prevalence of symptoms including memory disturbances and muscle pain. The Times of Israel. 3.11.2022.

Terveydenhuollon ammattilaisilta hurja epäilys: Haluaako THL sairastuttaa suomalaiset koronaan? IS:n tietojen mukaan moni asiantuntija epäilee, että THL:ssä hybridi-immuniteettitutkimus ja rokotussuositus ovat sekoittuneet keskenään ja että hybridi-immuniteettitutkimus sanelee tahdin, kun rokotussuosituksia ei laajenneta muun maailman tavoin.ilta=sanomat. 3.11.2022.

If You’ve Had Covid, Watch Out for Stroke Symptoms. Several studies now show an elevated risk of heart problems during and after an infection with SARS-CoV-2. Bloomberg. 3.11.2022.

Jari Litmasen terveys romahti – ”Vajosin täysin pohjalle”. Jalkapallolegenda Jari Litmanen on kärsinyt pitkittyneen koronan oireista yli kaksi vuotta. Rakkain harrastuskin jäi. Ilta=sanomat. 2.11.2022.

COVID-19 and diabetes — where are we now?  Nature Metabolism. 1.11.2022.

Kodeissa ja sairaalassa tehty tutkimus osoittaa: ilmahygieniasta huolehtiminen kannattaa koronatartuntojen ehkäisemiseksi. HUSin, Helsingin yliopiston, Ilmatieteen laitoksen ja Työterveyslaitoksen monitieteellisissä tutkimuksissa on selvitetty SARS-CoV-2 koronaviruksen esiintymistä koti- ja sairaalaympäristössä. HUS. 4.11.2022.

Paxlovid® (nirmatrelviiri ja ritonaviiri) erityisryhmien koronavirusinfektion varhaisessa hoidossa.
Paxlovid®-lääkitys on tehokas mahdollisimman varhain COVID-19-oireiden alun jälkeen aloitettuna ja potilaille, joilla on merkittävä vaikean koronavirustaudin riski. Pirkanmaan hyvinvointialue. 2.11.2022.

November 1-10

Long-COVID in patients with a history of mild or asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection: a Nationwide Cohort Study. Taylor & Francis Online. 31.10.2022.

Long Covid is affecting women more than men, national survey finds. CNBC. 31.10.2022.

Flu season in the US hasn’t been this bad this early in more than a decade. Now is the time to get a flu shot. CNN Health. 28.10.2022.

Influenza vaccine: morning administering improves outcomes in older adults, women. Univadis. 28.10.2022.

Head of Turkish Medical Association is arrested after calling for investigation of army. BMJ. 27.10.2022.

HS:n grafiikat kertovat tiedot korona­virus­tilanteesta. HS:n grafiikat kertovat tiedot tartunnoista, sairaalahoidossa olevista ja kuolleista niin Suomessa kuin maailmalla. Helsingin Sanomat 27.10.2022 (päivittyvä).

Suomessa saattaa olla jo yli 100 000 pitkäkestoiseen koronaan sairastunutta, tässä ovat yleisimmät oireet: Pitkäkestoiseen covid-19-tautiin sairastuu enemmän ihmisiä kuin siitä toipuu. Siitä huolimatta diagnoosin saaminen on yhä liian vaikeata. Vaikka suurin osa paranee taudista ajan mittaan, moni joutuu palaamaan työelämään vajaakykyisenä, pieni osa menettää työkykynsä kokonaan.Aamulehti. 27.10.2022.

Lingering cardiac involvement in previously well people after mild COVID-19. nature medicine. 26.9.2022.

China begins administering. PBS. 26.10 2022.

THL ei ole toistaiseksi kääntymässä Lapin linjoille. Nohynek: mRNA-rokotteet estävät tartuntoja vain kohtuullisesti ja lyhyen aikaa, mutta vakavan taudin riski on eri asia. 26.10.2022. Lääkärilehti.

Living with long Covid. (LC) Over 2,000 Guardian readers told us about their long Covid fight. Here are their stories.
Protestors march outside the White House this September to call attention to those suffering from myalgic encephalomyelitis and long Covid.
Protestors march outside the White House this September to call attention to those suffering from myalgic encephalomyelitis and long Covid.  The chronic condition has an array of physical and neurological symptoms, but most remain misunderstood. Guardian. 25.10.2022.

Näin sairaanhoitopiirit kommentoivat työntekijöiden neljänsiä koronarokotuksia – HUSin Järvinen nostaa esille itsemääräämisoikeuden
Muut sairaanhoitopiirit pitävät THL:n suosituksia sopivana, mutta työntekijöiden joukosta on tullut toiveita lisärokotuksista. YLE Uutiset- 25.10.2022.

COVID-19 Surges Linked to Spike in Heart Attacks. Cedars Sinai 24.10.2022.

SARS-CoV-2 indoor environment contamination with epidemiological and experimental investigations. Indoor AIr. 24.10.2022.

COVID-19 Surges Linked to Spike in Heart Attacks. Cedars Sinai. 24.10.2022.

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Antibody responses to Omicron BA.4/BA.5 bivalent mRNA vaccine booster shot. bioRxiv. 24.10.2022.

Tutkimus: [Remdessivir] Lääkkeestä ei ollut apua korona­potilaiden toipumiseen. Joka kuudes koronaviruspotilas oli toipunut huonosti vuoden kuluttua sairaalahoidoista. Remdesiviirilääkityksestä ei ollut apua toipumiseen. Helsingin Sanomat. 24.10.2022.

SARS-CoV-2 indoor environment contamination with epidemiological and experimental investigations (home, hospital, Finland. Indoor Air 24.10.2022.

10 myyttiä koronasta: Kuukauden tilannekatsaus. (Matti Heino). Linkedin. 22.10.2022.

Pääkirjoitus. Kiurun paluu sytytti taas koronariidat. Koronariitojen uskottiin jo olevan takana, mutta sitten Krista Kiuru (sd) palasi sosiaali- ja terveysministeriöön. Helsingin Sanomat. 22.10.2022.

Effectiveness of Monovalent mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19–Associated Hospitalization Among Immunocompetent Adults During BA.1/BA.2 and BA.4/BA.5 Predominant Periods of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant in the United States — IVY Network, 18 States, December 26, 2021–August 31, 2022. CDC MMWR. 21,10,2022,

Dangerous new COVID-19 variants threaten massive fall-winter surge, World Socialist Web Site. 21.10.2022.

Effect of Ivermectin vs Placebo on Time to Sustained Recovery in Outpatients With Mild to Moderate COVID-19. A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA. 21.10.2022.

October 21-30

Saliva antibody-fingerprint of reactivated latent viruses after mild/asymptomatic COVID-19 is unique in patients with myalgic-encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (Our results denote an altered and chronically aroused anti-viral profile against latent viruses in ME/CFS. SARS-CoV-2 infection even in its mild/asymptomatic form is a potent trigger for reactivation of latent herpesviruses (EBV, HHV6) and endogenous retroviruses (HERV-K), as detected by antibody fingerprints locally in the oral mucosa (saliva samples).). Frontiers Immunology. 20.10.2023.

Brain cortical alterations in COVID-19 patients with neurological symptoms. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 20.10.2022.

Rokotekiista repii nyt Suomea – THL ja ylilääkärit täysin eri mieltä koronan hoidosta. Neljänsien rokotusten jakaminen aiheuttaa nyt kiistaa THL:n ja ylilääkäreiden välillä. Osa lääkäreistä pitää rokotelinjaa liian tiukkana, THL taas perustelee päätöstä rokotusten vähäisillä hyödyillä.. ilta=sanomat. 20.10 2022.

Tapio Sadeojan kolumni: Kiuru vastaan THL. THL:n perivihollinen, Krista Kiuru, palasi perhe- ja peruspalveluministeriksi mielenkiintoiseen aikaan, kirjoittaa Tapio Sadeoja.ilta=sanomat. 19.10.2022.

”En ymmärrä tätä pihtausta” – Krista Kiurulta Ylellä tiukka jyrähdys koronan hoidosta. Ministeri Kiuru soimii THL:ää nykyisistä koronalinjauksista. (Kiuru ihmetteli myös, miksei kesällä Suomeen tullutta Paxlovid-koronalääkettä käytetä nykyistä laajemmin. Lääkettä on annettu 750 henkilölle, vaikka varastossa olisi 15 000 kappaletta. En ymmärrä tätä pihtausta, Kiuru jyrähti.). ilta=sanomat. 19.10.2022.

Paxlovid –lääkkeen määrääminen ja luovuttaminen koronaa (COVID-19) sairastavalle avohoitopotilaille VSSHP:ssa. Ohje ammattilaiselle. Varsinais-Suomen SHP. 18.10.2022.

Estimate: 10.5 Million Children Lost a Parent, Caregiver to COVID-19. JAMA Network. 18.10.2022.

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SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and increased mýocarditis mortality risk: A poipulation based comparative study in Japan. medRxiv.18.10.2022. extension://elhekieabhbkpmcefcoobjddigjcaadp/

If you had COVID, several of your organs could be aging 3-4 years faster, study shows, “You can start thinking about getting COVID as almost as an accelerant to aging,” Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly said. Eyewitness News. 18.10.2022.

Fauci urges US to resume long Covid research funding efforts.
Top disease expert warns against prematurely declaring victory over pandemic in interview with the Guardian (LC) Guardian. 17.10.2022.

Dr Anthony Fauci: long Covid is an ‘insidious’ public health emergency
Dr Anthony Fauci: ‘We’ve hit a wall when it comes to further resources for Covid, including long Covid.’ Composite: Exclusive: America’s top disease expert speaks to the Guardian about the dangers of long Covid and urges US Congress to avoid complacency (LC) Guardian. 17.10.2022.

Can long Covid research unlock other great medical mysteries of our time?
Attention and funding for research into mononucleosis, HIV, Lyme, Ebola, Sars and other infections have historically been limited – but long Covid changed that. (LC) Guardian. 17.10.2022.

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IL: Ministeri Krista Kiurun mukaan koronalääkkeiden käyttöä pitäisi lisätä
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Poliisi otti kiinni koronakieltäjäkoplan johtajan: Ryhmä yritti syöstä Saksan sisällissodan tilaan tuhoamalla sähkövoimaloita, suunnitteli myös ministerin kaappaamista. MTV Uutiset. 13.10.2022.

Kooste koronarokotteiden haittavaikutusilmoituksista. FIMEA Päivitetty 13.10.2022, seuraava päivitys joulukuussa 2022.

WHO:n pääjohtajalta kovaa puhetta long covidista: ”Kymmenien miljoonien elämä tuhoutunut”. Maailman terveysjärjestö vaatii valtioita aloittamaan kiireelliset toimet ”erittäin vakavan” kriisin kukistamiseksi. ilta=sanomat.12.10.2022.

WHO chief urges immediate action to tackle ‘devastating’ long Covid.
Exclusive: Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus calls for ‘sustained’ efforts to help people still experiencing ‘prolonged suffering’ (LC) . Guardian. 12.10.2022.

Flunssavirukset leviävät ensisijaisesti ilman välityksellä. Nykyisen tiedon valossa käsien ja pintojen rooli kaikkien flunssavirusten tartunnan välittäjinä on vähäinen. Helsingin Sanomat. 11.10.2022.

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Will there be a COVID winter wave? What scientists say
Emerging variants and waning immunity are likely to push infection rates higher in the Northern Hemisphere as influenza also makes a comeback. na<ture. 3.10.2022.

Study Reveals Main Target of COVID-19 in Brain and Describes Effects of Virus on Nervous System.
Summary: SARS_CoV_2, the virus responsible for COVID-19 infects and replicates in astrocytes, reducing neural viability.  Neuroscience News. 1.10.2022.

October 1-10

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Why you might be more likely to get long Covid if you ‘power through’ when you get virus
‘Treating Covid like a cold and thinking in 48 hours you’re ‘good to go’ is wrong. If it was me, I just wouldn’t dare.’ iNews 29.9.2022.

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WHO julkaisi uudet suositukset long covidin hoitoon – Risto O. Roine: ”Ohjeistus ei tue koronan jälkitilojen käsittelyä toiminnallisena häiriönä”. WHO ei ota kantaa siihen, miten laajoja tutkimuksia potilaat tarvitsevat. Mediiuutiset 26.9.2022.

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SARS-CoV-2 infection and subsequent risk of type 1 diabetes in 1.2 million children. (We identified a total of 424,354 children with SARS-CoV-2 infection (of 1,202,174 children included at study start) and 990 incident cases of type 1 diabetes. The adjusted HR for type 1 diabetes at least 31 days after SARS-CoV-2 infection was 1.63 (95% CI 1.08, 2.47) in a test-negative design and 1.57 (95% CI 1.06, 2.33) in the full-cohort) EASD 2022 Stockholm. 23.9.2022.

Association of SARS-CoV-2 Infection With New-Onset Type 1 Diabetes Among Pediatric Patients From 2020 to 2021. (At 1, 3, and 6 months after infection, risk of diagnosis of T1D was greater among those infected with SARS-CoV-2 compared with those with non–COVID-19 respiratory infection (1 month: HR, 1.96 [95%CI, 1.26-3.06]; 3 months: HR, 2.10 [95% CI, 1.48-3.00]; 6 months: HR, 1.83 [95% CI, 1.36-2.44]) and in subgroups of patients aged 0 to 9 years, a group unlikely to develop type 2 diabetes, and 10 to 18 years). JAMA. 23.9.2022.

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Yhä melkoinen mysteeri. Pitkän koronan syntymekanismia ei vieläkään tunneta. Siihen ei ole myöskään parantavaa hoitoa. Suomessa tutkimusta ja hoitoa ovat hidastaneet rahapula ja sairauden vähättely. Suomen Kuvalehti. 22.9.2022.

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Dreaded Side Effect Rears Its Ugly Head in Latest COVID Variant.
Scientists agree that we’re not doing enough to address a “silent” COVID crisis that seems to be spiraling out of control. Daily Beast. 18.9.2022.

Pääkirjoitus: Toiminnallisen häiriön leima haittaa long covidin ja ME-taudin hoitoa. Pitkäkestoinen korona muistuttaa oirekuvaltaan hyvin paljon ME/CFS-tautia. ME/CFS-potilaat ovat kertoneet vuosien ajan vähättelystä ja epäasiallisesta kohtelusta terveydenhuollossa. Toivottavasti tämä ei toistu long covid -potilaiden kohdalla, kirjoittaa Mediuutisten toimituspäällikkö Erpo Pakkala. Mediuutiset. 16.9.2022.

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Viruses may be ‘watching’ you – some microbes lie in wait until their hosts unknowingly give them the signal to start multiplying and kill them. Conversation 15.9.2022.

HS:n grafiikat kertovat tiedot korona­virus­tilanteesta. HS:n grafiikat kertovat tiedot tartunnoista, sairaalahoidossa olevista ja kuolleista niin Suomessa kuin maailmalla. Helsingin Sanomat. 15.9.2022.

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One of Long COVID’s Worst Symptoms Is Also Its Most Misunderstood
Brain fog isn’t like a hangover or depression. It’s a disorder of executive function that makes basic cognitive tasks absurdly hard. Atlantic 12.9.2022.

September 11-20

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Yhdysvaltalaistutkijat ovat löytäneet uuden vasta-aineen, joka voi nujertaa kaikki koronaviruksen muunnokset. Jos löydös päätyy rokotteeksi, se olisi tutkijoiden mukaan oikea rokotteiden Graalin malja. MTV Uutiset. 8.9.2022.

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Koronaa ei kannata sairastaa uudestaan. Uusintainfektiot lisäävät niin kuoleman kuin sairaalahoitoon joutumisen riskiä pitkään akuutin taudin jälkeen, kertoo vertaisarvioimaton amerikkalaistutkimus.. Lääkärilehti. 5.9.2022.

The Swedish Deception – Report. Internal emails from FOI’s question the integrity of the Swedish strategy (It’s difficult to know the extent to which one country influenced another, perhaps some found the confirmation bias they were looking for in those with similar strategy ideas. We do know that representatives of other countries, for example Sweden’s Anders Tegnell lobbied other countries to adopt his strategy throughout the pandemic, even meeting with the UK Government later in 2020. Tegnell had come under criticism early on after emails showed the epidemiologist in charge of Sweden’s strategy appearing to ask whether a higher death rate among older people might be acceptable if it led to faster herd immunity. Tegnell insists the Swedish objective was not to achieve herd immunity but rather to slow the spread of covid enough for health services to cope, however its emerged through freedom of information requests that Tegnell had deleted some of his official emails leaving gaps in the evidence trail. Lobbing for mass infection: While Swedish authorities claim they weren’t actively pursuing herd immunity, it doesn’t appear that way when looking at some of Tegnell and his colleagues lobbying in other countries during 2020). Counter Disinformation Project. 5.9.2022.

Koronatilanteessa yllätyskäänne – ylilääkäri (Asko Järvinen): ”Tässä on ollut tuomiopäivän julistajia”. Koronatapausten määrä on syksyllä kääntynyt laskuun, vaikka toisin kesällä pelättiin. Iltalehti 5.9.2022.

Ministeriö valmistelee lakiesitystä potilaiden hengen turvaamiseksi – ministeri Aki Lindén toivoo nopeaa sopua hoitajien työkiistaan
Tehyn puheenjohtaja Millariikka Rytkönen sanoi osanneensa odottaa lain valmistelua. Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö valmistelee nyt pikavauhdilla lakiesitystä potilasturvallisuuden varmistamiseksi työtaistelutoimien varalta. Yle Uutiset 2.9.2022.

Long COVID Blood Test Receives European Approval. A diagnostic test for long COVID is set for distribution this month after receiving European approval. Medscape UK. 02.09.2022.

September 1-10

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Heikki Hiilamon kolumni: Korona-aika lietsoi professorikunnassa erikoisen ilmiön – tieteentekijät mestaroivat alalla, jota eivät tunne
Suutari pysyköön lestissään, kehottaa vanha sananlasku. Samaa voisi suositella professorikunnalle. Korona-aika opetti, että kun tieteentekijä ryhtyy kansalaisaktiiviksi, lopputulos ei ole tiedettä. Yle Uutiset. 31.8.2022.

Heterogeneity in vaccinal immunity to SARS-CoV-2 can be addressed by a personalized booster strategy (…viral evolution can be expected to impact the effectiveness of vaccinal protection against severe disease, particularly for individuals with a shorter duration of immune response. One possible solution to immune heterogeneity may be more frequent boosting for individuals with a weaker immune response. A model-based approach to targeted boosting that involves the use of the ECLIA RBD assay to identify individuals whose immune response is insufficient for protection against severe disease. Vaccinal protection against severe disease is not assured and provides a path forward to reducing the risk to immunologically vulnerable individuals.). medRxiv. 30.8.2022.

Graafi näyttää: Näin selkeää yli­kuolleisuutta korona on Suomessa tänä vuonna aiheuttanut – muutos alkoi viime syksynä. Koronavirusepidemia on aiheuttanut ylikuolleisuutta Suomessa vuoden alusta alkaen. Ilta=Sanomat. 29.8.2022.

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Saksa varautuu pahenevaan koronatilanteeseen – palauttaa maskipakon
Saksa palauttaa maskipakon pitkän matkan matkustamiseen, sairaala- ja hoitokotivierailuihin lokakuusta alkaen. Maa valmistuu näin syksyllä ja talvella pahenevaan koronatilanteeseen. Maskipakon lisäksi hallitus kaavailee koronatestipakkoa henkilöille, jotka työskentelevät sairaaloissa ja hoitokodeissa. Tällä hetkellä N-95-tyyppiset kasvomaskit ovat pakollisia lentokoneissa ja julkisissa liikenteissä. Maskipakkoa on tarkoitus jatkaa huhtikuuhun 2023 saakka. Yle Uutiset 24.8.2022.

Could tiny blood clots cause long COVID’s puzzling symptoms?
Scientists debate evidence for a micro-clot hypothesis that has some people pursuing potentially risky treatments. nature. 24.8.2022.

Milloin liki vuosi sitten rokotettu lääkäri saa boosterin? THL vetoaa pitkäkestoiseen suojaan vakavaa koronatautia vastaan ja hybridi-immuniteettiin. Lääkärilehti. 24.8.2022.

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Työsuojelun yhteistoiminta ja riskien arvioinnin päivitys on edelleen tärkeää.
Koulujen alettua myös erilaiset tartuntataudit ovat levinneet. OAJ muistuttaa, että korona edellyttää edelleen muun muassa riskien arviointia päiväkodeissa, kouluissa ja oppilaitoksissa. OAJ. 23.8.2022.

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A diverse menu of vaccine options leaves people searching for the best route to protection. Nature. 19.8.2022.

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Asiantuntija (Markku Broas) ihmettelee THL:n koronapuheita: ”Suomi ei yksin voi julistaa pandemiaa päättyneeksi”. THL ilmoitti koronaviruksen siirtyneen endeemiseen vaiheeseen. Maailman terveysjärjestön mielestä pandemia jatkuu yhä. Suomen Kuvalehti. 19.8.2022.

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Scientists Discover “Weak Spot” Across All Major Covid Variants: Study
The weakness can be targeted by neutralising antibodies, potentially paving the way for treatments that would be universally effective across Covid variants, researchers said. NDTV. 19.8.2022.

Health expert warns of spike in monkeypox cases amid shortage of vaccines
Four UK Chief Medical Officers agreed vaccine deployment should be prioritised where there are localised outbreaks. Wales Online 18.8.2022.

ANYWHERE BUT HERE. China now insists the pandemic didn’t start within its borders. Its scientists are publishing a flurry of papers pointing the finger elsewhere. Science. 18.8.2022.

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How much virus does a person with COVID exhale? New research has answers. One ‘superspreader’ with Omicron shed 1,000 times as much viral RNA as those with Alpha or Delta. Nature. 17.8.2022.

Neurological and psychiatric risk trajectories after SARS-CoV-2 infection: an analysis of 2-year retrospective cohort studies including 1 284 437 patients (Risks of the common psychiatric disorders returned to baseline after 1–2 months (mood disorders at 43 days, anxiety disorders at 58 days) and subsequently reached an equal overall incidence to the matched comparison group (mood disorders at 457 days, anxiety disorders at 417 days). By contrast, risks of cognitive deficit (known as brain fog), dementia, psychotic disorders, and epilepsy or seizures were still increased at the end of the 2-year follow-up period. Post-COVID-19 risk trajectories differed in children compared with adults: in the 6 months after SARS-CoV-2 infection, children were not at an increased risk of mood (HR 1·02 [95% CI 0·94–1·10) or anxiety (1·00 [0·94–1·06]) disorders, but did have an increased risk of cognitive deficit, insomnia, intracranial haemorrhage, ischaemic stroke, nerve, nerve root, and plexus disorders, psychotic disorders, and epilepsy or seizures (HRs ranging from 1·20 [1·09–1·33] to 2·16 [1·46–3·19]). Unlike adults, cognitive deficit in children had a finite risk horizon (75 days) and a finite time to equal incidence (491 days). A sizeable proportion of older adults who received a neurological or psychiatric diagnosis, in either cohort, subsequently died, especially those diagnosed with dementia or epilepsy or seizures. Risk profiles were similar just before versus just after the emergence of the alpha variant (n=47 675 in each cohort). Just after (vs just before) the emergence of the delta variant (n=44 835 in each cohort), increased risks of ischaemic stroke, epilepsy or seizures, cognitive deficit, insomnia, and anxiety disorders were observed, compounded by an increased death rate. With omicron (n=39 845 in each cohort), there was a lower death rate than just before emergence of the variant, but the risks of neurological and psychiatric outcomes remained similar.). Lancet Psychiatry. 17.8.2022.

Public health taxonomy for social listening on monkeypox conversations
For use in infodemic monitoring and insights generation. WHO Technical Document. 17.8.2022.

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Tuore tutkimus antoi huolestuttavia tuloksia koronan uusintatartunnoista – Apulaisylilääkäri: Pandemia ei ole ohi- Yhdysvaltalaistutkimus on vielä vertaisarvioimaton. Sen vahvuutena on kuitenkin suuri aineisto, Husin apulaisylilääkäri sanoo. Mediuutiset. 16.8.2022.

Tutkimus osoitti ensimmäistä kertaa, että yhteys matalan sosioekonomisen aseman ja koronasairastavuuden välillä rajoittui ainoastaan maahanmuuttajataustaiseen väestöön. Helsingin Uutiset. 16.8.2022.

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Vanhempia kiellettiin tapaamasta vastasyntynyttä vauvaansa Mikkelissä – koronakanteluita tehty jo yli 3000. Eduskunnan oikeusasiamiehelle ja valtioneuvoston oikeuskanslerille on tehty yhteensä yli 3 000 koronaan tavalla tai toisella liittyvää kantelua. Iltalehti kysyi apulaisoikeusasiamies Pasi Pölöseltä ja oikeuskansleri Tuomas Pöystiltä, mitä kantelut ovat koskeneet ja kuinka virallinen Suomi on selvinnyt pandemiasta. Iltalehti.14.8.2022.

Non-pharmaceutical Interventions and Social Distancing as Intersubjective Care and Collective Protection. Asian Bioethics Review. 13.8.2022.

Pandemia ei ole ohi, maskit käyttöön, apulaisylilääkäri kehottaa – uusi koronatartunta voi olla edellistä vaikeampi, uusi tutkimus kertoo
Tuore yhdysvaltalaistutkimus antaa syytä vältellä uutta koronatartuntaa edelleenkin. Iltalehti. 13.8.2022.

Seinäjoen keskussairaala on ollut niin täynnä, että naistentautien osastolle on sijoitettu miehiä – koronapotilaita hoidetaan ympäri sairaalaa.
Keskussairaala on ollut täynnä lähes koko kesän. Heikentyneestä koronatilanteesta huolimatta pandemiaosastoa ei aiota avata.YLE Uutiset. 12.8.2022.

Ei vähänkään oireisena kouluun, käsiä pestään armotta – katso tästä vinkit koronaturvalliseen koulunalkuun. Koulut avaavat ovensa ympäri Suomea tämän ja ensi viikon aikana. Maskit ja karanteenit ovat pitkälti eilispäivää, mutta jotkin koronavuosien käytännöt pysyvät. YLE Uutiset. 12.8.2022.

It can feel safer to block out contradictory information that challenges a belief. Cognitive biases and brain biology help explain why facts don’t change minds. The Conversation. 11.8.2022.

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August 11-20

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Itävaltaa järkyttää korona­rokotuksia kannattaneen lääkärin peruuttamaton ratkaisu kuukausien viha­kampanjan jälkeen
Koronatoimien puolesta kampanjoineen Lisa-Maria Kellermayrin kuolema sai tuhannet osoittamaan mieltään Itävallassa. Liittopresidentti Alexander Van der Bellen tuomitsi jyrkästi vihan lietsomisen lääkäriä kohtaan. Ilta=sanomat. 4.8.2022.

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Samhällsnytta före individens rättigheter i Sveriges coronastrategi.
Syftet med den svenska coronastrategin har varit att skydda institutioner snarare än individer. Det menar Per Bauhn, professor i praktisk filosofi vid Linnéuniversitetet. Han har utvärderat Sveriges hantering av pandemin i ett bidrag till en internationell samlingsvolym om etik och pandemihantering. Linnéuniversitetet. 3.8.2022.

Das sieht der Entwurf für Corona-Maßnahmen ab dem Herbst vor
Der vorgeschlagene Katalog könnte ab Oktober bis April nächsten Jahres gelten. Dieser sieht verpflichtende Basismaßnahmen vor und Möglichkeiten für die Länder. Der Tagesspiegel. 3.8.2022.

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New trial shows nasal spray reduces infection of covid-causing virus by 62%. A new clinical trial led by Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health researchers has shown that the pHOXWELL nasal spray can reduce infection with SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes Covid-19 – by 62%. [Study published iun J Clinical Virology] Queen Mary University of London. 1.8.2022.

August 1-10

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Onko korona nyt pysyvästi keskuudessamme? THL:n Salminen: “Sen kanssa joudutaan elämään ainakin allekirjoittaneen loppuiän”. Koronavirus on tullut keskuuteemme jäädäkseen. THL:n Mika Salminen totesi keskiviikkona pandemian muuttuneen koronaendemiaksi. Mitä endeemisellä taudilla oikein tarkoitetaan? MTV-Uutiset 28.7.2022.

Raju pettymys! Koronan jälkioireet päättävät Maria Huntingtonin kauden
Seitsenottelija oli jo valittu Münchenin EM-kisoihin. Ilta=Sanomat. 28.7.2022.

Jari Litmanen kertoo Iltalehdelle, että hänen terveytensä romahti puoleksitoista vuodeksi: ”Elämäni oli pitkään selviytymis­taistelua”. Jari Litmanen sairastui koronavirustautiin heti ensimmäisessä aallossa. Vasta nyt hän tuntee Iltalehden mukaan olevansa voimissaan. Litmanen kertoo nukkuneensa pahimmillaan päivittäin kahdet päiväunet. Helsingin Sanomat. 28.7.2022.

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Jopa 10 000 henkeä on voinut selvitä rokotusten ansiosta tänä vuonna, arvioi Mika Salminen ja sanoo, että pandemiasta on siirrytty endemiaan. THL on kerännyt yli 4400 kuolintodistusta, joissa koronavirusinfektio on kirjattu kuolinsyyksi tai kuolemaan vaikuttaneeksi tekijäksi. Yle-uutiset. 27.7.2022.

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Wuhanin villieläintori oli koronapandemian alkujuuri, sanovat kaksi uutta tutkimusta. Torilla myytiin muun muassa eläviä punakettuja, mäyriä ja supikoiria. Helsingin Sanomat. 27.7.2022.

Tapio Sade­ojan kolumni: On vain yksi totuus ja se on THL:n totuus. Miksi THL on vähätellyt neljänsien rokotuksien merkitystä, kysyy Tapio Sadeoja. Ilta=Sanomat. 27.7.2022.

Onko apinarokko sittenkään vain seksitauti? Esitimme tämän ja kahdeksan muuta kysymystä virologille. Helsingin yliopiston virologian professori Olli Vapalahti muistuttaa, että apinarokko voi tarttua läheisessä kontaktissa myös pisaratartuntana. Pienille lapsille tauti on erityisen vaarallinen. YLE Uutiset. 26.7.2022.

The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan was the early epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic (Pekar et al. found that genomic diversity before February 2020 comprised two distinct viral lineages, A and B, which were the result of at least two separate cross-species transmission events into humans (see the Perspective by Jiang and Wang). The precise events surrounding virus spillover will always be clouded, but all of the circumstantial evidence so far points to more than one zoonotic event occurring in Huanan market in Wuhan, China, likely during November–December 2019.). Science. 26.7.2022.

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Professorin mukaan Suomi on herännyt jälkijunassa pitkittyneen koronataudin riskeihin: “Britanniassa on noin sata hoitoon erikoistunutta klinikkaa”. Arviot pitkittyneen koronataudin esiintyvyydestä vaihtelevat. Kansallista tutkimusta aiheesta ei vielä ole saatavilla. YLE Uutiset. 26.7.2022.

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THL:n Salminen kehottaa päättäjiä harkitsemaan terveydenhuollon resurssien lisäämistä – “Koronaan ei voida ikuisesti suhtautua toisin kuin muihin tauteihin”. Mika Salminen toivoo, että terveydenhuollon kapasiteettia vahvistettaisiin, jottei yhteiskuntaa tarvitsisi niin herkästi sulkea terveydenhuollon kantokyvyn turvaamisen nimissä. Salminen vertaa koronaa RS-virukseen, joka on toistuva riesa lapsille ja vanhuksille.Mika Salminen toivoo, että terveydenhuollon kapasiteettia vahvistettaisiin, jottei yhteiskuntaa tarvitsisi niin herkästi sulkea terveydenhuollon kantokyvyn turvaamisen nimissä. Salminen vertaa koronaa RS-virukseen, joka on toistuva riesa lapsille ja vanhuksille. Keskipohjanmaa. 25.7.2022.

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Government must act now to ensure pupils’ learning is not disrupted in ​September. Ministers must use ​the summer break to prepare for Covid surge. Unison. 22.7.2022.

THL:n Mika Salminen listaa viisi syytä, miksi on hyvä, etteivät poliitikot tai mielipide­vaikuttajat päätä rokotuksista. Salminen kirjoittaa THL:n blogikirjoituksessaan pitävänsä Suomen nykyistä järjestelmää onnistuneena. Heksingin Sanomat. 22.7.2022.

Rokotusohjelma ei voi perustua mielipiteisiin. THL Blogi. 22.7.2022.

Euroopassa on käynnissä uusi koronavirusaalto – EU:n tartuntatautiviraston mukaan nousu jatkuu vielä viikkoja.  Euroopan tartuntatautivirasto seuraa tarkasti uutta Intiasta löytynyttä varianttia. Virasto arvioi, että päivitettyjä koronavirusrokotteita saadaan loppusyksystä. YLE Uutiset 22.7.2022.

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July 21-31

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MTV: Sauli Niinistö arvioi, että Suomessa vallitsee koronatietoisuuden puute: ”Se vaatii niitä maskeja ja vähän harkintaa”. Sauli Niinistö vetoaa nyt suomalaisiin ja korostaa, että etenkin riskiryhmäläisten tartuttamista on vältettävä. Kauppalehti. 16.7.2022.

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Omikron jyllää Kiinassa mittavista sulkutoimista huolimatta.
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Kansanedustaja sai tarpeekseen: THL pitäisi uudistaa kokonaan.
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SARS-CoV-2 accelerated clearance using a novel nitric oxide nasal spray (NONS) treatment: A randomized trial (Overall, mean SARS-CoV-2 RNA concentrations (6·96 log10 copies/mL in the NONS group and 7·16 log10 copies/mL in the placebo group) were comparable at baseline. Primary endpoint mean treatment difference SARS-CoV-2 RNA change from baseline to the end of treatment (EOT) was -0·52 copies/mL (SE 0·202, 95% CI -0·92 to -0·12; p = 0·010) with NONS compared to placebo. Secondary endpoint assessments demonstrated a greater proportion of patients receiving NONS (82·8%) cleared SARS-CoV-2 (RT-PCR negative) by EOT compared to placebo (66·7%, p = 0·046), with no virus RNA detected a median of four days earlier compared to placebo (three vs seven days; p = 0·044).). Lancet Regional Health Southeast Asia. 12.7.2023.

Long covid patients travel abroad for expensive and experimental “blood washing”. Feature BMJ. 12.7.2022.

COVID-19’s impact on the brain: Immune response may cause damage. Previous research links COVID-19 infection to brain issues, such as “brain fog” and neurological issues.
In a very small cadaver study, researchers from the National Institutes of Health found that antibodies created by the body in response to COVID-19 infection can cause damage to blood vessels in the brain, causing neurological symptoms.
Scientists believe the discovery of antibody-driven immune complexes on endothelial cells in the brain suggests immune-modulating therapies may help long COVID patients.  Medical News Today. 12.7.2022.

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Kymsote keskeyttää toistaiseksi 12–69-vuotiaiden riskiryhmään kuuluvien 4. koronarokotukset. KymSoten koronainfo. 12.7.2022.

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Undercounted Covid-19 cases leave US with a blind spot as BA.5 variant becomes dominant. CNN Health. 11.7.2022.

EU kehottaa jäsenvaltioita antamaan välittömästi neljännen koronarokotteen yli 60-vuotiaille – Suomi aikoo antaa piikit vasta syyskuussa. THL ei ole vielä ehtinyt perehtyä uuden EU-suosituksen taustoihin. Helsingin Sanomat. 11.7.2022.

July 11-20

Rapid improvement in severe long COVID following perispinal etanercept. Curr Med Res Opin 10.7.2022.

Huippututkijat: paremmalla ilmanvaihdolla olisi mahdollista torjua hengitysteitse leviäviä epidemioita. Tutkijoiden tekemien laskelmien perusteella tehostetulla ja oikein suunnatulla sisäilmanvaihdolla riski saada hengitysteitse leviävä tauti, kuten Covid-19, laskisi 20 prosentista 5 prosenttiin. YLE-Uutiset. 10.7.2022.

Rokotettavien määrä – Kuinka monta ihmistä pitää rokottaa, jotta yksi koronan vuoksi tapahtunut erikoissairaalahoitojakso estyisi? Työpaperi 32/2022. THL

Huolestuttava uusi tutkimus koronasta: Jokainen uusi tartunta voikin olla edellistä kohtalokkaampi. Terveydenhuollossa on syytä varautua lähivuosina hoitamaan koronan aiheuttamia pitkäaikaishaittoja, kuten sydäntauteja ja veritulppia, varoittaa Husin diagnostiikkajohtaja Lasse Lehtonen. Ilta=Sanomat. 9.7.2022.

SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant Sub-Lineages BA.4 and BA.5: Evidence and Risk Assessment. [Evidence shows that SARS-CoV-2 reinfection adds risk of all-cause mortality, hospitalization and adverse health outcomes during acute and post-acute SARS-CoV-2 reinfection, and that the risk and burden may increase in a graded manner according to the number of infections. The evidence that SARS-CoV-2 can cause immune dysregulation is increasing. Reducing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and reinfection could reduce overall burden of death and disease in Ontario during the pandemic and longer-term.] Public Health Ontario. 8.7.2022.

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Rokotuskeskus rauhoittelee keskustelua koronadisinformaation jakamisesta: Lääkärit katsovat yksittäisiä potilaita, THL koko väestöä. Asiantuntijat ovat eri mieltä koronarokotusten antamisesta. THL on laajentamassa neljännen rokotteen antamista loppukesästä. Infektiolääkärit haluavat, että rokotukset aloitettaisiin heti.YLE Uutiset. 8.7.2022.

Covid’s chronic effects loom increasingly large. Despite fewer severe cases, the sheer volume of infections means hundreds of thousands are unwell for the long term. Financial Times. 8.7.2022.

The Economy Could Have a Long Case of Long Covid. Lingering symptoms for millions of people may place a prolonged drag on economic activity and pose problems for life insurers and healthcare providers. WSJ. 8.7.2022.

Australian medical authorities order Zero-COVID activist Dr David Berger to undertake “education” program or be deregistered. World Socialist Web Site. 8.7.2022.

AHPPC statement on COVID-19 winter update and ongoing health protection measures to support our community. The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic situation, drawing upon international and local evidence. Australian Government, Dept of Health and Aged Care. 8.7.2022.

Opinion The worst virus variant just arrived. The pandemic is not over. Washington Post. 7.7.2022.

Pääkirjoitus: Korona ”loppui” kun Kiuru lähti. Heti kun koronaministeri Kiuru lähti sairauslomalle, loppui hallituksessa koronan pelko, mutta kevät ja kesä ovat näyttäneet, ettei korona ole kadonnut mihinkään, kirjoittaa Iltalehden toimittaja Kreeta Karvala. Iltalehti 7.7.2022.

Tuomas Aivelo: Koronaviruksen uusinta aaltoa ei tarvitse odotella, se on jo alkanut. Omikronin BA.5-alamuunnos on levinnyt Euroopassa nopeasti, mutta on vaikea ennustaa, kuinka korkeaksi sen aiheuttama tartunta-aalto Suomessa nousee. Iltalehti 7.7.2022.

The Truth About COVID Reinfections, Now That There Are New Variants
A viral article paints a picture where we’re constantly sick. Here’s what’s actually going on. (Slate trashes TYEE). Slate. 7.7.2022.

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Long covid -asian­tuntija­ryhmä: Työkyvyttömyysaallon sijaan edessä tuottavuuden lasku
Neurologian professori Risto O. Roine arvioi, että Suomessa pitkittyneen koronataudin tapauksia voi olla jopa kymmenen kertaa virallisia lukuja enemmän. Helsingin Sanomat. 6.7.2022.

Korona, joka ei katoa. Edes lieväoireisen koronatartunnan jälkeen ei voi huokaista helpotuksesta, koska miljoonille ihmisille taudista on jäänyt lamauttavia oireita kuukausiksi ja vuosiksi, sanoo Akiko Iwasaki, yksi maailman johtavista koronatutkijoista. HS Vision haastattelussa hän kertoo näkemyksensä siitä, mitä tällä hetkellä tiedetään koronaviruksen aiheuttamista pitkäaikaisista oireista. Helsingin Sanomat. 6.7.2022.

Covid-19 reinfections may increase the likelihood of new health problems. CNN Health. 5.7.2022.

Now That BA.5 Is Dominant, Stopping It Will Be Difficult. TIME. 5.7.2022.

Get Ready for the Forever Plague. Public health officials’ COVID complacency has opened the door to new illnesses and devastating long-term damage (Canada). The TYEE 4.7.2022.

Medici famiglia: mai visti tanti casi di covid. Intervenire subito o si rischia la tempesta perfetta. All’Aifa l’appello a modificare il protocollo per la somministrazione degli antivirali, alla politica di investire decisamente sulle quarte dosi. L’intervista di Gerardo D’Amico a Silvestro Scotti. RAI News. 4.7.2022. Medici famiglia: mai visti tanti casi di covid. Intervenire subito o si rischia la tempesta perfetta (

Covid: 84.700 positivi, 63 morti. 118, aumentano i casi di polmonite
Tasso di positività al 26%. Responsabile servizio Emergenza: per le polmoniti responsabile la più recente delle sottovarianti di Omicron, BA.5. ANSA  Cronaca. 3.7.2022.

Infektio­ylilääkäri kritisoi kovin sanoin THL:n linjauksia: ”Vakavien tautien vähentämiseen on olemassa keino”. Markku Broas toivoo, että rokotteista ja koronan aiheuttamista kuolemista keskusteltaisiin enemmän. Ilta=Sanomat. 2.7.2022.

Kansanedustaja vaatii selvitystä koronakuolleisuudesta – ”Miksi ihmisten ei anneta suojautua tältä hankalalta taudilta?” Pia Kauma epäilee, onko valmistautuminen syksyn korona-aaltoon riittävää. Hän nostaa esiin myös neljännet koronarokotteet. Uusi Suomi. 2.7.2022.

Aki Lindén tivaa THL:ltä vastausta rokote­kysymykseen: ”Mitä erityis­perusteita Suomessa on?” Ministeri Aki Lindén on vaatinut jo kolme kuukautta, että neljänsiä koronarokotteita annettaisiin nykyistä enemmän. Koronatartuntojen ja sairaalassa olevien määrä on Suomessa jälleen nousussa. Ilta=Sanomat. 2.7.2022.

Comparisons of all-cause mortality between European countries and regions: 28 December 2019 to week ending 1 July 2022
Comparisons of all-cause excess mortality on a weekly basis since the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Measures include relative age-standardised mortality rates and relative cumulative age-standardised mortality rates. ONS. 1.7.2022.

Opinion: Monkeypox—not doing enough is not an option. bmj. 1.7.2022.

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Novavax is part of the FDA’s COVID-19 booster debate, but its vaccine still hasn’t been authorized. The experimental shot played a front-and-center role during this week’s debate about how best to update the COVID-19 vaccines to better protect against omicron. MarketWatch. 1.7.2022.

July 1-10

An Agent-Based Model to Support Infection Control Strategies at School (The significance of risk reduction through the policies assessed here is of potential relevance for public health authorities and school administrators both at a local and national level. Implementation of standard preventive measures such as mask-wearing and environmental ventilation should be considered necessary in phases of low viral circulation. Active preventive measures such as screening campaigns can be seen as additional measures to be implemented to reduce the viral transmission in the school environment during high viral circulation period to avoid massive school closures.). Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation. 30.6.2022.

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First reported case of a person getting COVID from a cat. Scientists in Thailand have established that a tabby passed SARS-CoV-2 to a veterinary surgeon — although such cases of cat-to-human transmission are probably rare. nature. 29.6.2022.

Bad news for Paxlovid? Coronavirus can find multiple ways to evade COVID-19 drug. Lab studies identify resistance mutations in SARS-CoV-2’s protease, and some circulating variants have them. Science. 29.6.2022.

U.S. FDA advisers recommend change to COVID vaccine composition for fall. Reuters. 29.6.2022.

BioNTech, Pfizer to start testing universal vaccine for coronaviruses. [Germany’s BioNTech, Pfizer’s partner in COVID-19 vaccines, said the two companies would start tests on humans of next-generation shots that protect against a wide variety of coronaviruses in the second half of the year. Their experimental work on shots that go beyond the current approach include T-cell-enhancing shots, designed to primarily protect against severe disease if the virus becomes more dangerous, and pan-coronavirus shots that protect against the broader family of viruses and its mutations.] Reuters. 29.6.2022.

Ensimmäinen tablettimuotoinen koronalääke saapunut Suomeen − tarkoitettu vain vakavan taudin riskiryhmään kuuluville. Tarkat kriteerit on täytettävä ja kotitesti varmistettava laboratoriossa. Mediuutiset. 29.6.2022.

Tapio Sadeojan kolumni: Tuhansia kuollut koronaan Suomessa? Kaikki harhaa vaan on. 4 832 kuollut koronaan. Juhannukseen mennessä tilastoihin ehtineenä, kirjoittaa Tapio Sadeoja. Ilta=Sanomat. 29.6.2022.

How long does SARS-CoV-2 stay in the body? BMJ. 28.6.2022.

Up to one in six people with COVID-19 report long COVID symptoms.
One in six (17%) middle-aged people who report being infected by SARS-CoV-2 also report long COVID symptoms, while this falls to one in 13 (7.8%) among younger adults who reported having Covid-19, according to a new study led by King’s and UCL.Kings College London News Centre. 28.6.2022.

New Study: COVID-19 May Cause or Accelerate Neurological Diseases. BioSpace. 28.6.2022.

Over half of people with Long Covid for two years are declared unfit to work. 28.6.2022.

Australia must plan now for a significant burden of disease and disability due to Long COVID 

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COVID-19 could put us at a greater risk of neurodegenerative diseases and stroke. Analysis of nearly one million Danish health records has found patients who tested positive for COVID-19 were subsequently more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and stroke. Science Focus. 25.6.2022.


What doctors wish patients knew about wearing N95 masks. AMA. 24.6.2022.

Laaja tutkimus: koronarokotteet estivät lähes 20 miljoonaa kuolemaa vuoden aikana. Tutkijoiden mukaan noin 600 000 kuolemaa lisää olisi voitu estää, jos Maailman terveysjärjestön WHO:n tavoite rokottaa 40 prosenttia kaikkien maiden väestöstä viime vuoden loppuun mennessä olisi toteutunut. Helsingin Sanomat. 24.6.2022.

COVID-19 positive patients at higher risk of developing neurodegenerative disorders, new study shows. Medical Press. 24.6.2022.

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Global Life Expectancy Falls for First Time Since 1950s Due to Covid. Global life expectancy has fallen for the first time since the 1950s following the Covid-19 pandemic, according to new analysis. The analysis, published by the ONE Campaign, has found that global life expectancy has fallen 1.64 years between 2019 and 2021. Bloomberg. 23.6.2022.

STM: Laajamittaiselle koronan testaus- ja jäljitystoiminnalle ei ole enää tarvetta. Strategian tavoitteena on jatkossa ehkäistä riskiryhmäläisten koronatartuntoja, ohjata vaikeaoireiset potilaat hoidon piiriin ja turvata terveydenhuollon kantokyky. Ilta=Sanomat. 23.6.2022.

THL muuttaa rokotussuosituksiaan todennäköisesti syksyllä. Osa varastossa olevista rokotteista saattaa olla silloin jo vanhentunut. Suomenmaa. 23.6.2022.

Long-COVID in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analyses. Scientific Reports, 23.6.2022.

China’s first mRNA vaccine is close — will that solve its COVID woes?
Researchers say a highly effective jab will help to avoid hospitals getting overwhelmed, but probably won’t end the country’s ‘zero COVID’ policy. Nature. 22.6.2022.

PAXLOVID-LÄÄKEHOIDON KOHDENTAMINEN COVID-19-INFEKTION HOIDOSSA Paxlovid-lääkitys on tehokas mahdollisimman varhain covid-19-oireiden alun jälkeen aloitettuna ja potilaille, joilla on merkittävä vaikean koronavirustaudin riski. Lääkityksen kohdentaminen on ohjeistettu näillä periaatteilla. Ennen hoitoa diagnoosi on varmistettava terveydenhuollossa tehtävällä PCR-testillä. Hoito tulee aloittaa 5 vrk:n kuluessa oireiden alkamisesta. STM. 22.6.2022.

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There’s more & more evidence accumulating that COVID-19 causes a chronic illness in many, and that this correlates with virus persistence in tissues. We should really start thinking about this as an illness where virus persists chronically in a significant proportion of people. [Dr. Deepti Gurdasani]. The Reader. 21.6.2022.

June 21-30

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“We Have to Get Out of This Phase”: Ashish Jha on the Future of the Pandemic. President Biden’s COVID czar talks about his public-health philosophy, his Twitter threads, his unlikely path to the White House, and where we go from here. New Yorker. 18.6.2022.

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The covid waves continue to come. Omicron continues to drive waves of covid infections, writes Christina Pagel, but let’s not give up trying to control transmission. bmj. 17.6.2022.

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Reactogenicity, immunogenicity and breakthrough infections following heterologous or fractional second dose COVID-19 vaccination in adolescents (Com-COV3): A randomised controlled trial (Neutralising antibodies against Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 were higher after NVXCoV2373 than a two-dose 30µg BNT162b2 schedule. The lowest rate of SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections occurred in participants who received NVXCoV2373 as their second dose.) J Infect. 16.6.2023.


Nature Index Annual Tables 2022: China’s research spending pays off
Experts say the country’s strong scientific performance is likely to be sustained in the coming years. nature. 16.6.2022.

Ko­ro­na­joh­ta­ja­na tun­ne­tuk­si tullut Mika Sal­mi­nen vaihtaa teh­tä­vää. Kaleva. 16.6.2022.

Koronakriisin hoitoa johtanut Mika Salminen siirtyy uusiin tehtäviin – ”Ei pitäisi kohahduttaa”. Salminen ei usko, että muutos kohahduttaa suomalaisia. ”Minähän olen tässä ollut vain kasvot, jotta THL:n asiantuntijat saavat tehdä rauhassa työtään koronan torjumiseksi.””Nyt puhutaan siitä, että koronaan pitäisi varautua syksyä varten, se on väärä ajattelutapa. Meidän pitää sopeutua siihen, että korona on täällä. Nyt on sopiva aika jättää akuutti vaihe taakse. Koronaa hoidetaan siinä missä muitakin tarttuvia tauteja.”. Helsingin Sanomat. 16.6.2022.

CLUES TO LONG COVID. Scientists strive to unravel what is driving disabling symptoms. Science. 16.6.2022.

Long covid -diagnoosien määrä räjähti Suomessa – Rokotukset eivät pelastaneetkaan pitkittyneeltä koronalta. Helsingin Uutoiset 16.6.2022.

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Ylilääkäreiden kannanotto Kainuun hyvinvointialueen organisaatiomuutoksiin: henkilöstöä on kuultu, mutta ei kuunneltu – “tapa on Kainuun soten kannalta vakavasti haitallinen”. Kainuun Sanomat. 15.6.2022.

Astodrimer sodium antiviral nasal spray for reducing respiratory infections is safe and well tolerated in a randomized controlled trial (Viraleze nasal spray against COVID and other virus infections). Scientific Reports. June 2022. DOI:10.1038/s41598-022-14601-3

Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs. Highlights: •mRNA vaccines promote sustained synthesis of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. •The spike protein is neurotoxic, and it impairs DNA repair mechanisms. •Suppression of type I interferon responses results in impaired innate immunity. •The mRNA vaccines potentially cause increased risk to infectious diseases and cancer. •Codon optimization results in G-rich mRNA that has unpredictable complex effects. Food and ChemicAL Toxicology. nn.6.2022. Selective visuoconstructional impairment following mild COVID-19 with inflammatory and neuroimaging correlation findings. Molecular Psychiatry. 14.6.2022.

Selective visuoconstructional impairment following mild COVID-19 with inflammatory and neuroimaging correlation findings. Molecular Psychiatry. 14.6.2022.

Omicron infection is a poor booster of COVID-19 immunity. People infected with the Omicron variant show poor immune boosting against future SARS-CoV-2 infection. Imperial College, London. 14.6.2022.

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People who caught Covid in first wave get ‘no immune boost’ from Omicron. Study of triple vaccinated people also says Omicron infection does little to reduce chance of catching variant again. Guardian. 14.6.2022.

Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Following Influenza Vaccination: A Claims-Based Cohort Study Using Propensity Score Matching. Journal orf Alzheimer’s Disease. 13.6.2022.

Japan Has Fewest Covid-19 Deaths Per Capita in OECD, New Data Show
Widespread mask-wearing and relatively little obesity in East Asia are cited for low mortality rate, but lessons remain elusive. WSJ. 13.6.2022.

Neurotoxic amyloidogenic peptides in the proteome of SARS-COV2: potential implications for neuro symptoms in COVID-19. nature communications. 13.6.2022.

Relax, This Isn’t the Future of Japanese Tourism. It’s easy to be frustrated with Japan’s slow reopening, but the country needs to learn to let down its guard first.  Bloomberg. 13.6.2022.

Covid is making flu and other common viruses act in unfamiliar ways. Washington Post. 13.6.2022.

Yle: Husin johtaja­yli­lääkäri varoittaa kesän korona­kuolemista – ”Kehitys voi olla varsin huolestuttava”. Markku Mäkijärvi pitää kesäkuukausia tartuntojen kannalta riskialttiina, koska ihmiset liikkuvat ja lomailevat paljon. Ilta=Sanomat. 13.6.2022.

Mild respiratory COVID can cause multi-lineage neural cell and myelin dysregulation. •Respiratory COVID induces CSF cytokine elevation and microglial reactivity •CCL11 activates hippocampal microglia and impairs neurogenesis •Respiratory COVID causes persistent loss of oligodendrocytes and myelinated axons •Respiratory influenza causes similar but less persistent cellular dysregulation. cell. 12.6.2022. DOI:

June 11-20

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Study Finds Previous Covid-19 Infection Doesn’t Protect Children From Omicron. Forbes. 9.6.2022.

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Hallitus laatii pelisääntöjä syksyn korona-aallon varalle – Koronapassilla ei enää voisi kiertää rajoituksia, jos niihin turvaudutaan. Hallitus kerää lausuntoja tartuntatautilakiin ehdotetuista muutoksista. Mediuutiset 8.6.2022.

New York Times: Leviääkö apinarokko ilmassa? Yhdysvaltain tautikeskus suosittelee maskia apinarokkopotilaalle ja hänen perheenjäsenilleen, aerosolitartunnoista puhutaan kuitenkin varoen. Lääkärilehti. 8.6.2022.

Osa long covid -potilaista täyttää ME/CFS:n diagnostiset kriteerit – Molempien hoidossa ja kuntoutuksessa korostuu yksilöllisyys ja moniammatillinen yhteistyö. Covid-19-pandemia tulee todennäköisesti lisäämään merkittävästi ME/CFS-potilaiden määrää, kirjoittavat Hanna Markkula, Tuuli Latvala ja Eveliina Leinonen. Mediuutiset. 7.6.2022.

BA.5-variantin osuus yli kolminkertaistunut viikossa Husin alueella
Rokotusten ja aiemmin sairastetun koronan tuomaa suojaa kiertävä variantti yleistyy nopeasti. Lääkärilehti. 7.6.2022.

Nirmatrelvir Resistant SARS-CoV-2 Variants with High Fitness in Vitro. bioRxiv. 7.6.2022.

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Covid-19: Doctor who sold hydroxychloroquine as “magic bullet” treatment is jailed. bmj. 6.6.2022.

Suomessa on varastossa yli 3 miljoonaa koronarokotetta – ylilääkäri kommentoi. Suomen suuret koronarokotevarastot ovat monen tekijän summa. Iltalehti. 6.6.2022.

What Our COVID-19 Response Can Teach Us About Dealing With Monkeypox. TIME. 6.6.2022.

Short-term Mortality Fluctuations. HMD Short-Term Human Mortality Database. 6.6.2022.  HMD Finland Total population

How Swedish authorities worked to export “herd immunity” to other countries. The following is a submission to the Global Workers’ Inquest into the COVID-19 Pandemic from anti-COVID activists Keith Begg and Virpi Flyg on the efforts of the Swedish government to export its “herd immunity” strategy of mass infection to countries throughout the world. Begg is a communications specialist from Ireland who holds both Irish and Swedish citizenship, and the founder of Media Watchdogs of Sweden. Flyg is a writer, translator, and social media influencer from Finland. World Socioalist Web Site. 5.6.2022.

Suomalaistutkijat alkavat etsiä kiivaasti long covidin alatyyppejä – diagnoosien määrä on jopa nelinkertaistunut lyhyessä ajassa
Helsingin yliopistollisen sairaalan johtaman tutkimushankkeen tavoitteena on selvittää koronavirusinfektion jälkeisten pitkäaikaisten oireiden eli long covidin taustalla olevia mekanismeja.YLE Uutiset. 4.6.2022.

Long COVID-19 in children: an Italian cohort study. (Our study demonstrates that Long COVID-19 is a reality in pediatric age and could involve even patients with mild or no acute symptoms. The results stress the importance of monitoring primary care pediatric patients after acute COVID-19 infection and the relevance of vaccination programs in pediatric population, also in order to avoid the consequences of Long COVID-19 syndrome.). Italian Journal of Pediatrics. 3.6.2022.

Can long Covid lead to death? A new analysis suggests it could
The CDC is beginning to look at death certificates that indicate more than 100 people who died had long Covid. Politico. 3.6.2022.

Omicron subvariant drives spike in cases and deaths in Portugal
Europe faces prospect of further Covid measures later in the year as share of Omicron BA.5 cases rise in Portugal and Germany. Guardian. 3.6.2022.

Covid Is Way More Lethal to Kids Than The Flu (In the US, nearly six times more kids and teens died from Covid in one year than did from the flu, according to a new analysis of pediatric mortality data.). Bloomberg. 3.6.2022.

Lasse Lehtoselta kritiikkiä THL:n rokotussuosituksista: ”Hifistelyä” – näkee myös asiakastyytyväisyyden vaarantuvan. Helsingin ja Uudenmaan sairaanhoitopiirin diagnostiikkajohtaja ja terveysoikeuden professori Lasse Lehtonen antaa kritiikkiä THL:n tänään päivittämästä rokotussuosituksesta. Demokraatti. 2.6.2022.

Yli 80-vuotiaiden ylikuolleisuudella ei selvää yhteyttä tehosterokotusten myöhäiseen aloitukseen. FaktaBaari. 2.6.2022.

Why did Covid disappear from our collective consciousness so quickly?
Brigid Delaney. Guardian. 2.6.2022.

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Why does viral RNA sometimes persist after recovery from acute infections? PLOS Biology. 1.6.2022.

People still afraid of catching COVID-19 are costing the U.S. economy billions of dollars.  Head Topics US. 1.6.2022.

COVID death tolls: scientists acknowledge errors in WHO estimates
Researchers with the World Health Organization explain mistakes in high-profile mortality estimates for Germany and Sweden.. nature. 1.6.2022.

Hyvästi, Koronavilkku! Sovellus lopetti toimintansa – Sen kautta tehtiin 64 000 tartuntailmoitusta. Mediuutiset. 1.6.2022.

Great Barrington julkilausuma eli miten fossiilisten polttoaineiden teollisuuden lobbarit kaappasivat keskustelun koronatorjunnasta. GBD Blog. June 2022.

June 1-10

During the Omicron Wave, Death Rates Soared for Older People
Last year, people 65 and older died from Covid at lower rates than in previous waves. But with Omicron and waning immunity, death rates rose again. New York Times. 31.5.2022.

Mask wearing in community settings reduces SARS-CoV-2 transmission (We resolve conflicting results regarding mask wearing against COVID-19. Most previous work focused on mask mandates; we study the effect of mask wearing directly. We find that population mask wearing notably reduced SARS-CoV-2 transmission (mean mask-wearing levels corresponding to a 19% decrease in R). We use the largest wearing survey (n = 20 million) and obtain our estimates from regions across six continents. We account for nonpharmaceutical interventions and time spent in public, and quantify our uncertainty.). PNAS. 31.5.2022.

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Aktuell veckorapport om influensa: Denna rapport publicerades den 26 maj 2023 och redovisar influensaläget vecka 19–20 (8–21 maj). Uppdaterad 27 juli 2023 med korrigering av datakälla för Region Norrbottens vaccinationstäckning. Folkhälsomyndigheten. 26.5.2023.

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Evusheld long-acting antibody combination retains neutralising activity against Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5, according to new study from University of Oxford. AstraZeneca. 25.5.2022.

Long COVID after breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infection. Nature Medicine. 25.5.2022.

Long COVID risk falls only slightly after vaccination, huge study shows
Results suggest that vaccines offer less protection against lingering symptoms than expected. Nature. 25.5.2022.

Kuolleisuus on kasvanut, mutta THL ei tingi neljänsien koronarokotteiden ikärajasta – “En uskonut silmiäni”, sanoo Maijaliisa Aho, 72
Moni ikäihminen odottaa muutoksia rokotusten ikärajoihin. Asiantuntijat ovat erimielisiä, eikä Kansallisen rokotusasiantuntijaryhmän päätöskään ollut yksimielinen.YLE Uutiset. 25.5.2022.

Suomen ensimmäinen apinarokkotartunta hyvin todennäköinen. HUSissa on todettu aikuisella miespotilaalla orthopox-ryhmään kuuluvan viruksen aiheuttama tartunta. Apina- ja isorokkovirukset ovat orthopoxviruksia. Lopullinen varmistus apinarokkotartunnasta saadaan, kun näytteen sekvensointi valmistuu loppuviikolla. STT Info (HUS).  25.5.2022.

Risk of blood clots in lung doubled for COVID survivors: US study. MedicalXpress. 25.5.2022.

Researchers Find a Pathway to Prevent COVID Infection. Medscape. 25.5.2022.

Post–COVID Conditions Among Adult COVID-19 Survivors Aged 18–64 and ≥65 Years (As more persons are exposed to and infected by SARS-CoV-2, reports of patients who experience persistent symptoms or organ dysfunction after acute COVID-19 and develop post-COVID conditions have increased.COVID-19 survivors have twice the risk for developing pulmonary embolism or respiratory conditions; one in five COVID-19 survivors aged 18–64 years and one in four survivors aged ≥65 years experienced at least one incident condition that might be attributable to previous COVID-19.). CDC MMRW. 24.5.2022.

Why the Air at the Gym May Be More Likely to Spread Covid. A new study found exercisers expel a shocking number of tiny aerosol particles when they are working hard. New York Times. 24.5.2022.

Post-COVID C+onditions Among Adult COVID-19 Survivors Aged 18-64 and >65 Years – United States, March 2020-November 2021. CDC MMWR. 24.5.2022.

Aerosol particle emission increases exponentially above moderate exercise intensity resulting in superemission during maximal exercise. 23.5.2022. PNAS.

As Monkeypox Cases Rise, Nations Are Urged to Examine Vaccine Stores
The United States has stockpiled millions of doses of two smallpox vaccines, also effective against monkeypox. But the outbreaks so far are clustered in other countries. New York Times. 23.5.2022.

COVID-19 symptoms and duration of direct antigen test positivity at a community testing and surveillance site, January 2021-2022. medRxiv. 23.5.2022.

How Rapid Reinfection Has Changed the Covid Fight. New variants can infect people who had Covid-19 as recently as a few months ago. The Mew Republic. 23.5.2022.

Where is the next SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern?. Lancet. 21.5.2022.

Widening of inequalities in COVID- 19 years of life lost from 2020 to 2021: a Scottish Burden of Disease Study. JECH. 21.5.2022.

May 21-31

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Excess Mortality in Massachusetts During the Delta and Omicron Waves of COVID-19. JAMA. 20.5.2022.

Child hepatitis cases up to almost 200, say public health officials. ‘It’s important that parents know the likelihood of their child developing hepatitis is extremely low’ says UKHSA.  Independent. 20.5.2022.

Monkeypox in Australia: what is it and how can we prevent the spread? The Conversation. 20.5.2022.

So, Have You Heard About Monkeypox? A new viral outbreak is testing whether the world has learned anything from COVID. Atlantic.  20.5.2022.

SARSCoV2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England Technical briefing 42. UK Health Security Agency. 20.5.2022. extension://elhekieabhbkpmcefcoobjddigjcaadp/

Families Live in Fear as Long-Haul Covid Afflicts More Children
A hospital in Ohio creates a new clinic to treat those patients. Bloomberg. 19.5.2022.

Want to prevent pandemics? Stop spillovers. Decision-makers discussing landmark agreements on health and biodiversity must include four actions to reduce the risk of animals and people exchanging viruses. Nature. 19.5.2022.

Ensimmäinen polio­tapaus 30 vuoteen on vahvistettu Mosambikissa – Virus hävitettiin Afrikasta jo kertaalleen. Maailman terveysjärjestön (WHO) Afrikan-aluejohtaja Matshidiso Moeti totesi uuden löydöksen olevan ”erittäin huolestuttava”. Helsingin Sanomat. 19.5.2022.

Korona aiheuttaa edelleen runsaasti poissaoloja työpaikoilta – korvaushakemuksia on niin paljon jonossa, että Kela palkkaa 50 uutta käsittelijää. S-ryhmässä alkuvuosi oli haastava omikronin viedessä työntekijöitä sairauslomille. Pandemian aikana koronapoissaolot ovat pakottaneet jopa sulkemaan yksittäisiä S-ryhmän liikkeitä tai lyhentämään aukioloa. YLE Uutiset. 19.5.2022.

STM: Hoivakodeissa on vielä keväällä edessä korona­kuolemia – Uusi tartunta-aalto syksyllä tai talvella toden­näköinen. Suomessa koronakuolemien ja tartuntojen määrä on kuitenkin laskenut maaliskuun korkeista luvuista. Helsingin Sanomat. 19.5.2022.

Apinarokko on isorokon varjo. (Aivelo) Tiede. 19.5.2022.

Neutralization Escape by the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variants BA.2.12.1 and BA.4/BA.5 medRxiv. 19.5.2022.

Kannattaako koronarokotusta enää ottaa? Tähän ihmisryhmään kuuluvien ei ole vielä syytä mennä kolmannelle piikille, kertoo THL:n Hanna Nohynek. Helsingin Uutiset. 18.5.2022.

Erkenntnisse zu Covid-Infektionen: Warum manche Menschen kein Corona hatten. Während der Omikron-Welle haben sich Millionen Menschen mit Sars-CoV-2 infiziert. Manche hatten aber bisher noch nie ein positives Testergebnis. Woran kann das liegen? BaZ Wissen. 18.5.2022.

The pandemic’s true health cost: how much of our lives has COVID stolen? Researchers are trying to calculate how many years have been lost to disability and death. (DALY) Nature. 18.5.2022.

Monkeypox – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. WHO. 18.5.2022.

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Onko kesä peruttu? Tehoavatko rokotteet? Viisi kysymystä ja vastausta Suomeen rantautuneesta uudesta omikronvariantista
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Avohilmo: Perusterveydenhuollon avohoidon ICD-10 – käyntisyyt. THL jatkuvasti päivittyvä?

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Sairaanhoitopiiri suosittaa neljänsiä koronarokotteita nyt myös yli 70-vuotiaille kotihoidon tai omaishoidon piirissä oleville – Tampere aloittaa heti
Jo aiemmin neljänsiä rokotuksia on suositeltu yli 80-vuotiaille. YLE Uutiset. 12.5.2022.

“Koronakuolleisuuden voimakas kasvu jäänyt pimentoon”, sanoo HUSin Lasse Lehtonen – Suomi saattaa tätä menoa kiilata Ruotsin ohi
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May 11-20

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Suun kautta otettavia koronalääkkeitä ei toiveista huolimatta ole saatu Suomeen – neuvottelut junnaavat tai lisänäyttöä vaaditaan
Tuore tutkimustulos kertoo, että koronalääkkeistä remdesiviiri vähentää varmasti kuolleisuutta varhain aloitettuna. Suomalaisprofessori toivoo, että lääkkeitä käyttöönotettaessa niiltä vaadittaisiin laajempaa tutkimusnäyttöä. YLE-Uutiset. 10.5.2022.

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Feature: How Hong Kong’s vaccination missteps led to the world’s highest covid-19 death rate. Omicron has taken Hong Kong from having one of the lowest covid-19 death rates in the world to having the highest daily death rate per capita. A key reason for this is the island’s handling of vaccination. BMJ. 9.5.2022.

The route back to 2% inflation − speech by Michael Saunders (impact of COVID & Long COVID on workforce) 9.5.2022.

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Long COVID: As much as 75% of hospital patients still not ‘fully recovered’. -Researchers followed around 2,000 people who were hospitalized due to a COVID-19-related illness. Of the participants, only 1 in 4 reported feeling fully recovered a year after they were released from the hospital.
Some factors the researchers believe contributed to a poorer outcome include obesity and requiring the use of a ventilator during their hospital stay. MedicalNewsToday. 3.5.2022.

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May 1-10

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Longest known COVID-19 infection – 505 days – described by UK researchers
One of the first occult COVID infections is also described (…evidence that new Covid variants may arise in immunocompromised individuals and present details of one of the first occult Covid infections (cases where the patient was thought to have cleared the virus, with negative testing to show that, but is subsequently found to have had an ongoing infection).). EurekAlert. 21.4.2022.

An mRNA vaccine with a twist—it copies itself—protects against COVID-19. Company’s limited data release backs promise of new, lower dose vaccine designed to be easier to distribute and cheaper. Science. 21.4.2022.

Everything You Need to Know About the Hepatitis Outbreak Among Children. Is the number of cases in Israel unusually high, what are the symptoms of the disease and is it linked to the coronavirus? Haaretz explains. Haaretz. 21.4.2022.

Israel Examining 12 Cases of Kids’ Hepatitis After WHO Warning
After 84 cases of hepatitis in children were discovered in the U.K. without a known cause, Israel begins monitoring similar cases in hopes of finding an explanation for the recent surge. Haaretz. 21.4.2022.

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Kaksi kokenutta lääkäriä vaatii neljänsiä rokotteita entistä nuoremmille – viidessä kuukaudessa koronakuolemia on ollut Suomessa yli 2300. HUSin Eeva Ruotsalainen ja Länsi-Pohjan Markku Broas vaativat neljänsien rokotteiden ikärajan laskemista pikaisella aikataululla. Näin on tehty myös useissa muissa maissa. YLE Uutiset. 21.4.2022.

April 21-30

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Ruotsin valtion­epidemiologi Anders Tegnell ei saanutkaan töitä WHO:sta. Rokotteiden saannin turvaamiseen liittyvän työpaikan oli tarkoitus sijaita WHO:n päämajassa Sveitsin Genevessä. Helsinngin Sanomat. 20.4.2022.

Maskeista luovutaan Helsingin seudun joukko­liikenteessä – Finnair tarkastelee maski­vaatimustaan lähi­aikoina. Helsingin seudun liikenne luopuu yleisestä maskisuosituksesta. Helsingin Sanomat. 20.4.2022.

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UK to have slowest growth of G7 nations in 2023, says IMF. PM’s claims that Britain has strongest rebound in group undermined by fund’s latest economic forecast (COVID pandemic).  Financial Times. 19.4.2022.

THL:n Mika Salminen tokaisi Ylellä työterveydestä ”suosittu mutta typerä”– ja palautetta vyöryy. Mika Salmisen mielestä terveydenhuoltojärjestelmän pitäisi olla kaikille sama riippumatta siitä, käykö ihminen töissä. Mediuutiset. 19.4.2022.

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Modelling COVID-19 in school settings to evaluate prevention and control protocols (In the context of schools as well, reactive protocols are not able to make significant impacts because waiting for symptomatic cases to be detected corresponds to a lack of anticipation of the spread dynamics. Moreover, at high incidence, reactive testing imposes a large number of tests but in an unanticipated way, thus causing shortages and delays [19]. Iterative screening protocols instead detect both presymptomatic and asymptomatic cases, can be planned efficiently and would constitute moreover an epidemic surveillance tool that allows detecting the beginning of a new wave in a timely fashion.).  Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain Medicine, April 2022.

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NHS chiefs call for return of masks and limits on indoor mixing. The NHS Confederation wants a return to mask use. Health chiefs want the government to reconsider its ‘living with Covid plan’ and are urging a return to mask use, accusing No10 of abandoning “any interest in Covid whatsoever.” LBC. 11.4.2022.

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Aivot ottavat koronasta osumaa. Korona ei vanhenna aivoja kymmentä vuotta, vaan kohutussa brittitutkimuksessa havaittiin sen aiheuttavan volyymikatoa aivojen etualaosassa etenkin iäkkäillä. Lääkärilehti. 11.4.2022.

Japan’s Low-Key Covid Campaign Has Lessons for China
The strident efforts in the People’s Republic are in stark contrast to the restrained but more sustainable efforts by its old rival to the east. Bloomberg. 11.4.2022.

April 11-20

Tutkimukset osoittavat, että vähintään 30 prosenttia Suomen väestöstä on saanut koronatartunnan – THL:n Salminen: Osuus voi olla vielä tätäkin isompi. Tutkimukset perustuvat satunnaisotantaan, jossa on tarkasteltu verinäytteistä löydettyjä vasta-aineita. Löydetyt määrät ovat paljon virallisia tartuntalukuja suuremmat, ja tämäkin arvio on vain minimimäärä. YLE Uutiset. 10.4.2022.

Erikoislääkäri Maria Juusela pohtii, pitäisikö meillä olla itsenäinen koronapandemian seurantalaskuri? Juusela myös ihmettelee, missä viipyvät päätökset ikäihmisten 4. rokotteista ja kolmas rokotekierros 12–17-vuotiaille? MediUutiset. 10.4.2022.

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”Tästä tulee tauti muiden joukossa” – Koronaepidemiassa ei ole näkynyt laantumisen merkkejä, mutta asiantuntijat toivovat, että kevään epidemia­huippu olisi jo saavutettu. ”Todennäköisesti neljänsiin rokotuksiin tullaan menemään myöskin nuoremmissa ikäryhmissä, mutta ajoitus ja ajankohta täytyy määrittää tarkan seurantatiedon perusteella”, sanoi Taneli Puumalainen sosiaali- ja terveysministeriöstä. Helsingin Sanomat. 7.4.2022.

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COVID-19 Linked to Increased Risk of Blood Clots Even Months Later: What to Know. A new study finds that people who had COVID-19 are at increased risk for blood disorders months after their illness.
This may be due to inflammation from the illness.
Getting vaccinated can help protect people from developing blood clots or bleeding disorders after COVID-19. HealthLine. 6.4.2022.

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Koronapotilaita on kuollut kolmessa kuukaudessa enemmän kuin koko viime vuonna – THL:n Salmisen mukaan keinot suunnan kääntämiseksi ovat vähissä. Lähes kaikki koronavirukseen kuolevat suomalaiset ovat jo valmiiksi sairaita, kertoo johtava asiantuntija Sirkka Goebeler THL:sta. (ei oikein keinoja ole, Mika Salminen THL:stä toteaa, että koronakuolemien määrä alkaa laskea viimeistään kun tapausmäärät lähtevät laskuun). Helsingin Sanomat. 4.4.2022.

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Analyysi: Korona yhdisti tiedemaailman, Venäjän hyökkäys rikkoi sen jälleen – tieteellä ei ole varaa uuteen kylmään sotaan. Venäjän hallitus on kieltänyt tutkijoitaan osallistumasta kansainvälisiin konferensseihin ja länsimaiset tiedeyhteisöt boikotoivat venäläisiä. Sota on monella alalla katkaissut tutkimuksen, joka luotti yhtenäiseen maailmaan, kirjoittaa toimittaja Johannes Blom. YLE-Uutiset. 1.4.2022.

Projecting COVID-19 Mortality as States Relax Nonpharmacologic Interventions [no path to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic that avoided difficult trade-offs between prolonged NPIs and increased COVID-19 mortality]. JAMA. 1.4.2022.

April 1 – 10

Coronavirus Hong Kong: ‘Omicron strain causes 7 times more deaths among hospitalised children than influenza’. Study from University of Hong Kong also found 15 per cent of children hospitalised with Omicron BA.2 had developed neurological complications
But research team says recorded 0.35 per cent fatality rate likely an ‘overestimate’, as many children with mild symptoms stay at home instead of going to hospital. South China Morning Post. 31.3.2022.

Diabetes risk rises after COVID, massive study finds
Even mild SARS-CoV-2 infections can amplify a person’s chance of developing diabetes, especially for those already susceptible to the disease. Nature. 31.3.2022.

How Japan survived covid-19. BMJ. 31.3.2022.

Koronakuolemia voitaisiin estää antamalla neljäs annos nopeasti myös alle 80-vuotiaille, sanovat HUSin asiantuntijat. Tehosteannokset olisivat tarpeen erityisesti 70-79-vuotiaiden ikäryhmälle. YLE_Uutiset. 31.3.2022.

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Cholera, Key facts:
Most of those infected will have no or mild symptoms and can be successfully treated with oral rehydration solution.
A global strategy on cholera control, Ending Cholera: a global roadmap to 2030, with a target to reduce cholera deaths by 90% was launched in 2017.
Researchers have estimated that each year there are 1.3 to 4.0 million cases of cholera, and 21 000 to 143 000 deaths worldwide due to cholera (1)
Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal disease that can kill within hours if left untreated.
Provision of safe water and sanitation is critical to prevent and control the transmission of cholera and other waterborne diseases.
Severe cases will need rapid treatment with intravenous fluids and antibiotics.
Oral cholera vaccines should be used in conjunction with improvements in water and sanitation to control cholera outbreaks and for prevention in areas known to be high risk for cholera. WHO. 30.3.2022.

Older adults can get second coronavirus booster to strengthen waning protection. Washington Post. 29.3.2022.

F.D.A. Allows Second Coronavirus Boosters for Everyone 50 and Older
People in the age group can get the additional shot at least four months after their first booster. Those 12 and older with certain immune deficiencies are also eligible. New York Times. 29.3.2022.

White House Reverts to Air Hygiene in latest efforts to thwart coronavirus. It is pushingh strategies, such as better wir filters in schools and businesses, to help thwart the virus. Washingtonm Post. 29.3.2022.

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Fourth Vaccine Reduces Risk of Dying From COVID by 78 Percent, Israeli Study Finds. As omicron’s BA.2 variant is fueling a spike in COVID-19 infections, the latest large-scale study by an Israeli HMO suggests that a fourth dose reduces both the risk of infection and severe illness. Haaretz. 26.3.2022.

What to know about flying during the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical News Today. 28.3.2022.

Fourth Vaccine Reduces Risk of Dying From COVID by 78 Percent, Israeli Study Finds. As omicron’s BA.2 variant is fueling a spike in COVID-19 infections, the latest large-scale study by an Israeli HMO suggests that a fourth dose reduces both the risk of infection and severe illness. Haaretz. 26.3.2022.

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March 21-31

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Patients who got the antiparasitic drug didn’t fare better than those who received a placebo. Wall Street Journal. 18.3.2022.

Omicron survives longer on some surfaces, studies find. That may help explain why it’s more contagious, but it’s no reason to panic. CNN Health. 18.3.2022.

Infektiolääkäri kirjoitti kriittisen kirjan koronan hoidosta – Rajoitukset aiheuttaneet vakavia terveysongelmia ja taloudellisia tappioita.
Uutuuskirja koronapandemiasta Suomessa: Taudin torjuntakeinot aiheuttaneet vakavia terveydellisiä ja taloudellisia haittoja. Kirjan mukaan paljossa on onnistuttu, mutta pelon lietsominen ja ylimitoitetut rajoitukset ajoittaisine täyssulkuineen ovat aiheuttaneet vakavia terveysongelmia ja taloudellisia tappioita. Mediuutiset. 17.3.2022.

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March 1 – 10 

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Kahdessa kansainvälisessä ja yhdessä kiinalaisessa tutkimuksessa on saatu vahvaa näyttöä siitä, että SARS-CoV-2 tarttui torilla myydyistä eläimistä. Hypoteesi laboratoriosta viruksen syntypaikkana hiipuu. YLE Uutiset 28.2.2022.

Wuhan market was epicentre of pandemic’s start, studies suggest
Report authors say that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 jumped to people from animals sold at the market on two occasions in late 2019 — but some scientists want more definitive evidence. Nature. 27.2.2022.

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Hus: Kasvo­maski­suositus jatkunee vielä kuukausia. Husin Markku Mäkijärven mukaan suojautuminen koronavirustartuntoja vastaan vain korostuu, kun rajoituksia puretaan ja ihmisten kohtaamiset lisääntyvät. Helsingin Sanomat. 25.2.2022.

NIH launches new initiative to study “Long COVID”. The NIH Director. 23.2.2022.

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Vil at koronasyke barn skal gå på skolen. Barn som kan smitte andre med korona kan være på skolen dersom allmenntilstanden er god. Regjeringen har gjort denne lettelsen i tiltak av hensyn til barn og unge. NRK. 18.2.2022.

Uusi koronatrendi: Lapsipotilaiden määrä sairaaloissa kasvaa Ruotsissa ja Norjassa – tutkimuksen mukaan lapset herkempiä omikronille kuin deltalle
Yhdysvaltalaistutkimuksen mukaan omikroniin sairastuneet lapset joutuivat sairaalahoitoon nelinkertaisesti deltamuunnokseen verrattuna. YLE -Uutiset. 18.2.2022.

Uusi koronatrendi: Lapsipotilaiden määrä sairaaloissa kasvaa Ruotsissa ja Norjassa – tutkimuksen mukaan lapset herkempiä omikronille kuin deltalle
Yhdysvaltalaistutkimuksen mukaan omikroniin sairastuneet lapset joutuivat sairaalahoitoon nelinkertaisesti deltamuunnokseen verrattuna. YLE Uutiset. 18.2.2022.

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Grafiikat näyttävät selkeän käänteen epidemian vaarallisuudessa tammi­kuussa – katso oman ikä­ryhmäsi tiedot. Vaikka tartuntojen ilmaantuvuus moninkertaistui tammikuussa, kuolemien ilmaantuvuus jopa laski joissain ryhmissä, selviää THL:n uusista tiedoista. Helsingin Sanomat. 17.2.2022.

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Pandemics disable people — the history lesson that policymakers ignore
Influenza, polio and more have shown that infections can change lives even decades later. Why the complacency over possible long-term effects of COVID-19?. Nature. 16.2.2022.

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Desinfioivaa UV-valaistusta voidaan käyttää myös ihmisten läsnä ollessa. Covid-19-pandemia on vauhdittanut UV-valoon perustuvan desinfiointiteknologian kehitystä ja käyttöönottoa. Mediuutiset. 11.2.2022.

Huolestuttava tieto: Koronan uskotaan lisänneen huomattavasti lasten 1. tyypin diabetesta Suomessa – “Mitään vastaavaa ei ole nähty”. MTV Uutiset. 11.2.2022.

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THL: Koronastrategiaan muutos – Neljäs annos ensisijaisesti vain riskiryhmille. Neljäs rokoteannos ei toisi merkittävää lisähyötyä koko väestölle. Suoja vakavalta taudilta säilyy hyvänä kolmannen annoksen jälkeen myös omikrontartunnoissa. Sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon henkilöstön rokotukset ovat yhä lääketieteellisesti perusteltuja. Mediuutiset. 11.2.2022.

February 11 – 20

In unvaccinated pregnant women, Covid can cause deadly harm to babies. Though rare, Covid during pregnancy can increase a woman’s risk of stillbirth (“We have never seen this level of destruction from an infectious illness before. It rendered the placenta unfit to carry out its duties,” said Dr. David Schwartz, a perinatal pathologist in private practice in Atlanta, who led the study. “These fetuses and newborns died from asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen.”). NBC News. 10.2.2023.

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Heart-disease risk soars after COVID — even with a mild case
Massive study shows a long-term, substantial rise in risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke, after a SARS-CoV-2 infection. Nature. 10.2.2022.

Risk of persistent and new clinical sequelae among adults aged 65 years and older during the post-acute phase of SARS-CoV-2 infection: retrospective cohort study. BMJ. 9.2.2022.

Long COVID Might be Taking Toll on Health Care Workforce (Long COVID appears to be worsening the labor shortage in the United States, and the health care industry—which has lost 20% of workers over the pandemic—could be particularly hard hit.). Infection Control Today. 9.2.2022.

Omicron Has Been Found in Deer—That Should Worry Us. TIME. 9.2.2022.

Analyysi: Nämä 10 ristiriitaa ovat hiertäneet THL:n ja STM:n välejä
Kreeta Karvala. THL ja STM ovat olleet eri linjoilla useista keskeisistä koronatoimista yli kaksi vuotta jatkuneen koronakriisin aikana, kirjoittaa Iltalehden Kreeta Karvala. Iltalehti 8.2.2022.

Perspective SARS-CoV-2 infections in children: Understanding diverse outcomes. Immunity (Cell). 8.2.2022.

Tyypin 1 diabetes on lisääntynyt korona-aikana Helsingissäkin. Syy on epäselvä ja vaatii lisätutkimuksia, mutta koronapandemiaan on ajallinen yhteys. Lääkärilehti. 8.2.2022.

Estimating the effect of non-pharmaceutical interventions to mitigate COVID-19 spread in Saudi Arabia (The IBM-KSA results scenarios showed the high effectiveness of mask-wearing, physical distancing, and contact tracing in controlling the spread of the disease. Without NPIs, the KSA could have reported 4,824,065 (95% CI: 3,673,775–6,335,423) cases by June 2021. The IBM-KSA showed that mandatory mask-wearing and physical distancing saved 39,452 lives (95% CI: 26,641–44,494). In-person education without personal protection during teaching would have resulted in a high surge of COVID-19 cases. Compared to scenarios with no personal protection, enforcing mask-wearing and physical distancing in schools reduced cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by 25% and 50%, when adherence to these NPIs was set to 50% and 70%, respectively. The IBM-KSA also showed that a quarantine imposed on international travelers reduced the probability of outbreaks in the country.). BMC Medicive. 7.2.2022.

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Päivittyvä seuranta: Sairaanhoitopiirit tyrmäävät koululaisten säännöllisen kotitestauksen | Australia avaa rajansa helmikuun lopulla | Turkin presidentillä koronatartunta
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Tutkimus: Koronavirus voi tarttua yhdestä pisarasta. Tutkijoiden mukaan kokeiden perusteella tehtiin rohkaisevia havaintoja. Iltalehti. 3.2.2022. [ep’äeettinen tutkimus]

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Fungal Diseases and COVID-19 (The most commonly reported fungal infections in patients with COVID-19 include aspergillosis, invasive candidiasis, and mucormycosis (sometimes called by the misnomer ”black fungusexternal icon.” Fungal infections resistant to antifungal treatment have also been described in patients with severe COVID-19). CDC. 2.3.2023.

Miksi rajoituksia puretaan, vaikka korona­kuolemia kirjataan yhä kymmeniä viikossa? – ”Ei voida ajatella, että kukaan ei saa Suomessa koskaan kuolla mihinkään”, sanoo THL:n Salminen. Yhä pienempi osa koronatartunnan saaneista kuolee tautiin. Aamulehti. 2.2.2022.

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Moni uskoo, että Suomessa on tiukemmat koronarajoitukset kuin muualla – tarkistimme faktat, ja asia on lähes päinvastoin. Tämä juttu kertoo, miten Suomen tämänhetkiset rajoitukset vertautuvat Tanskaan, Saksaan, Englantiin ja Italiaan. Tällä hetkellä yhteiskuntaa avataan osassa Euroopan maita Suomea rivakammin. YLE-Uutiset. 1.2.2022.

Koronakuolemien määrä kasvaa nopeasti – kysyimme, miksi THL laskee lukuihin muitakin kuin selkeitä koronataudin aiheuttamia kuolemia. Koronaan liittyvien kuolemien määrä ylittää pian 2 000:n rajapyykin. Suurin kuolleisuus on iäkkäillä rokottamattomilla. THL kirjaa koronakuolemiksi kuolemat, jotka ovat tapahtuneet 30 vuorokauden aikana tartunnasta. YLE-Uutiset. 1.2.2022.

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February 1 – 10

It’s a delusion to think mass spread of Omicron will end the pandemic.Globe and Mail. 31.1.2022.

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron VOC subvariants BA.1 and BA.2: Evidence from Danish Households. medRxiv. 30.1.2022.

Russia Sees Record Population Decline As Excess Deaths Hit 1M. Russia experienced its largest population decline in 2021 since the end of the Soviet Union. Moscow Times. 29.1.2022.

37,000 People Already Received 4th Vaccination in Hungary. Hungary today. 28.1.2022.

Covid-19: Antibody “signature” could predict risk of long covid. BMJ. 28.1.2022.

The COVID Project: Coronavirus in Kids Tracking and Education Project. 28.1.2022.

Nämä keinot ovat vanhentuneet koronan torjunnassa, professori sanoo – tässä pätevät
Moni lotraa edelleen käsidesin kanssa, vaikka oleellisempaa omikronin leviämisen ehkäisemisessä olisi maskin käyttäminen oikein. Iltalehti. 28.1.2022.

Coronaviruset hänger ofta kvar i inomhusluften – forskare uppmanar oss att vrida upp luftkonditioneringen och att använda luftrenare. Svenska YLE. 28.1.2022.

Läkare med postcovid: Jag saknar den jag var. Detta är min berättelse om postcovid och den är varken unik eller allmängiltig, skriver läkaren Lisa Norén som har postcovid och är aktiv i nätverket Läkare till läkare. Hon tar upp Hanne Kjöllers uppmärksammade artiklar om postcovid och avfärdar att det är en kultursjukdom. Hon menar att sjukdomen är komplex och därför krävs det läkare med postcovidkompetens. Kvartal. 27.1.2022.

THL:n Mika Salminen pohjoiselle valmiustoimikunnalle: Alueelliset toimijat ovat onnistuneet torjumaan koronaa hyvin. Pohjois-Suomen alueellinen valmiustoimikunta kokoontui alkuviikolla uudistuneessa kokoonpanossa ylijohtaja Terttu Savolaisen johdolla. Asiantuntijavieraana oli THL:n terveysturvallisuusosaston johtaja, professori Mika Salminen, joka kiitti alueellisia toimijoita erinomaisesta onnistumisesta koronapandemian torjunnassa. Mun Oulu. 27.1.2022.

Uusi normaali koittaa kesään mennessä, sanoo THL:n Mika Salminen – tätä se tarkoittaa. Kaikki merkit viittaavat siihen, että uusi normaali on kulman takana: se tarkoittaa ensi kesänä suurten ja perinteisten kesäfestivaalien paluuta. Iltalehti. 27.1.2022.

Asiantuntijan mukaan olemme koronapandemian loppuvaiheilla, mutta sinänsä korona ei koskaan lopu. Koronapandemia päättyy eri paikoissa eri aikaan, mutta epidemiologi Jussi Sanen mukaan pandemiassa ollaan jo loppuvaiheilla. HUSin apulaisylilääkäri Eeva Ruotsalainen ei kuitenkaan halua olla ylioptimistinen.YLE-Uutiset. 27.1.2022.


Turkulainen hammastahna-suuvesi covid-19-infektiota vastaan sai patentin Yhdysvalloissa.
Yhtiön mukaan koronaa vastaan toimiva hammastahna-suuvesi perustuu elimistön oman kemiallisen puolustusmekanismin vahvistamiseen. Mediuutiset. 27.1.2022.

The Covid Resilience Ranking. The Best and Worst Places to Be as We Learn to Live With Covid. Bloomberg. 27.1.2022.

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A second version of omicron is spreading. Here’s why scientists are on alert. NPR. 27.1.2022.

Satasairaalan henkilöstöllä todettu runsaasti koronatartuntoja – Leikkauksia joudutaan perumaan. Kiireelliset toimenpiteet ja päivystysleikkaukset toteutetaan poikkeustilanteesta huolimatta normaalisti. Satakunnan Kansa. 26.1.2022.

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When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? 4 essential reads on past pandemics and what the future could bring. The Conversation. 26.1.2022.

Alueelliset toimijat ovat onnistuneet torjumaan koronaa, totesi Mika Salminen Pohjois-Suomen alueellisessa valmiustoimikunnassa.
Pohjois-Suomen alueellinen valmiustoimikunta kokoontui 25.1.2022 uudistuneessa kokoonpanossa ylijohtaja Terttu Savolaisen johdolla. Asiantuntijavieraana oli Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitoksen terveysturvallisuusosaston johtaja, professori Mika Salminen, joka kiitti alueellisia toimijoita erinomaisesta onnistumisesta koronapandemian torjunnassa. Aluehallintovirasto. 25.1.2022.

The Real-time Assessment of Community Transmission (REACT) programme is one of the largest, most significant pieces of research looking at how the COVID-19 pandemic is progressing in England. Imperial College. 25.1.2022.

The study is being carried out by a world-class team of scientists, clinicians and researchers at Imperial College London, in partnership with Ipsos MORI, and was commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care. Explore our study’s findings below.

Neutralizing immunity in vaccine breakthrough infections from the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron and Delta variants. medRxiv. 25.1.2022.

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“Hengitysilma paremmaksi ja FFP2-maskit kasvoille” – fysiikka ei erehdy, koronan torjunnassa on otettava uusi askel. Pandemian alkuvaiheessa monet asiantuntijat ja poliitikot uskoivat vahvasti myyttiin, etteivät virukset leviä ensisijaisesti hengitysilmassa vaan kosketustartunnan kautta. Fyysikot toivat kuitenkin jo pandemian alkuvaiheessa esille, että korona leviää voimakkaimmin nimenomaan hengitysilmassa. Virusta täytyykin jatkossa torjua rokotusten ohella ennen kaikkea hengitysilman laatuun keskittymällä, kirjoittaa apulaisprofessori Ville Vuorinen. MustRead. 21.1.2022.

Ville Vuorinen: Hengitysilman parantaminen on avain pandemian torjuntaan. Korona leviää ilmateitse, ja siksi sitä ei pysäytetä käsien pesulla, sanoo apulaisprofessori Ville Vuorinen. Paukut pitäisi pistää ilmahygieniaan, ja siinä tarvitaan sekä tehokasta ilmanvaihtoa että oikeanlaisia maskeja.  A” Uutiset 21.1.2022.

January 21 – 31

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2 multi-center, quadruple-blind, parallel group randomized phase 3 trial. SSEN. 20.1.2022.

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Tamperelaisyritys sai luvan koronakeksinnölleen: puhallustesteri antaa alle minuutissa tiedon koronatartunnasta. Suomessa kehitetty puhallustesteri mittaa uloshengityksestä koronainfektion aiheuttamia yhdisteitä. YLE-Uutiset. 17.1.2022.

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With COVID-19, Air Is Both the Problem and the Solution. SARS-CoV-2 can linger in the air. Dealing with it can be relatively easy, but first, we have to admit we have a problem McGill. 15.1.2022.

One in nine recent virus cases in Israel are reinfections — report. High proportion of those who recovered and were then reinfected were at least partially vaccinated; officials believe confirmed daily cases will reach 100,000 in coming days. Times of Israel. 15.1.2022.

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Risk for Newly Diagnosed Diabetes >30 Days After SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Persons Aged <18 Years — United States, March 1, 2020–June 28, 2021 (SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with worsening of diabetes symptoms, and persons with diabetes are at increased risk for severe COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2 infection might also induce newly diagnosed diabetes. Persons aged <18 years with COVID-19 were more likely to receive a new diabetes diagnosis >30 days after infection than were those without COVID-19 and those with prepandemic acute respiratory infections. Non–SARS-CoV-2 respiratory infection was not associated with an increased risk for diabetes.). CDC MMWR. 14.1.2022.

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COVID-19 starkly increases pregnancy complications, including stillbirths, among the unvaccinated, Scottish study shows. Separate study finds timing of infection during pregnancy predicts prematurity. Science. 14.1.2022.

Immunological dysfunction persists for 8 months following initial mild-to-moderate SARS-CoV-2 infection (Combinations of the inflammatory mediators IFN-β, PTX3, IFN-γ, IFN-λ2/3 and IL-6 associated with LC with 78.5–81.6% accuracy.). nature immunology. 13.1.2022.

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Covid loses 90% of ability to infect within 20 minutes in air – study
Exclusive: Findings highlight importance of short-range Covid transmission. The Guardian. 11.1.2022.

WHO: Jatkuvissa tehosterokotuksissa ei järkeä
Maailman terveysjärjestön mukaan tarvitaan rokote, joka ehkäisee tartuntoja. Iltalehti. 11.1.2022.

January 11 – 20 

Slow the Spread? Speeding It May Be Safer. Tamping down on Omicron may increase the risk of an ‘antigenic shift’ to a far deadlier supervariant. WSJ Opinnon. 10.1.2022.

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Liikuntaväki huolissaan lasten harrastusten rajoituksista – THL:n Tervahauta: Hyödyt vähäiset, haitat suuret. Viranomaisten toimia pidetään poukkoilevana ja rajoituskaavailuja epäreiluina lasten ja nuorten kannalta. Lajiliittojen johtajat pelkäävät koko ikäluokan menettämistä. YLE-Uutiset. 8.1.2022.

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Hospitals Are in Serious Trouble. Omicron is inundating a health-care system that was already buckling under the cumulative toll of every previous surge. Atlantic. 7.1.2022.

STM:n asiantuntija­ryhmä: Korona voi ilmetä pitkäkestoisena joka toisella aikuisella – HS seurasi tiedotus­tilaisuutta. Uupumus, hengenahdistus ja kognitiiviset häiriöt yleisiä oireita. Helsingin Sanomat. 7.1.2022.

Immunity against Omicron from breakthrough infection could be a matter of timing. Laboratory studies hint that a longer interval between vaccination and infection is better than a shorter one. Nature. 7.1.2022.

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South African scientist thinks she may have solved the mystery of long COVID-19, which afflicts 100M people. A recent study by Resia Pretorius and her team at Stellenbosch University in South Africa suggests that long COVID-19 may be triggered by microclots. The Hill. 5.1.2022.

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Residual SARS-CoV-2 viral antigens detected in GI and hepatic tissues from five recovered patients with COVID-19. @IanRicksecker, A Duke pathology study in Singapore “detected SARS-CoV-2 .. in the colon, appendix, ileum, haemorrhoid, liver, gallbladder and lymph nodes .. suggesting widespread multiorgan involvement of the viral infection.” The same study found “evidence of residual virus in .. tissues during the convalescent phase, up to 6 months after recovery, in a non-postmortem setting,” suggesting that “a negative swab result might not necessarily indicate complete viral clearance from the body.” Gut. 5.1.2022.  gut.bmj/content/gutjnl-2021-324280.full.pdf

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By wearing face masks in schools, students protect their learning, families and long-term health. Flawed or unrepresentative studies promote the view that masks are ineffective or harmful. But at times when Covid case rates are high, they’re one of our best options. iNews. 5.1.2022.

Practical Indicators for Risk of Airborne Transmission in Shared Indoor Environments and Their Application to COVID-19 Outbreaks. Environ Sci Technol. 5.1.2022.

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Viikoittaiset tilastot kuolleista julkaistaan jatkossa kerran kuukaudessa. Tilastokeskus. 4.1.2022.

Long Covid: why do some people have symptoms months after infection? Researchers say more than 100m suffer ill effects for at least 12 weeks. Financial Times. 4.1.2022.

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The hyper-transmissible SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant exhibits significant antigenic change, vaccine escape and a switch in cell entry mechanism.  @IanRicksecker, Luckily, the University of Glasgow found that “Whilst Delta is optimised for fusion at the cell surface, Omicron .. achieves entry through endosomal fusion. This switch .. offers [an] explanation for [its] reduced syncytia formation.”1.1.2022.

What is an N95 respirator? N95DECON Publications. 2022.

Satunnaistetut, pragmaattiset monikeskustutkimukset ovat parantaneet COVID-19-taudin hoitoa.  Duodecim. Jan 2022.

2022 January 1 – 10

Tutkija HS:lle: Tällainen on koronan “superimmuniteetti”
Rokotetutkimuskeskuksen johtajan  (Mikko Rämet) mukaan immuniteetti voi vaikuttaa jopa koko elämän ajan. Verkkouutiset. 31.12.2021.


Are People Optimistically Biased about the Risk of COVID-19 Infection? Lessons from the First Wave of the Pandemic in Europe. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 31.12.2021.

Studies suggest why omicron is less severe: It spares the lungs. The Seattle Times. 31.12.2021.

Travelers infected one another across hallway in Covid-19 quarantine facility, New Zealand research shows. CNN Travel. 31.12.2021.

Paradoxical sex-specific patterns of autoantibody response to SARS-CoV-2 infection. @IanRicksecker, Those warnings have since been proven by discovery of autoimmune features. This study of 177 Los Angeles healthcare workers found that all had persistent self-attacking antibodies at least 6 months after infection, regardless of illness severity. J Translational Medicine. 30.12.2021.

Covid-19: Is it safe to reduce the self-isolation period? BMJ. 30.12.2021.

Taiwan rejects US CDC guidance on 5-day quarantine. Some Omicron cases still infectious up to 12 days after testing positive. Taiwan News. 30.12.2021.

Rekord bei Corona-Neuinfektionen. Die Pandemie erreicht in der Schweiz und weltweit einen neuen Höhepunkt. Mehr als 17’600 Ansteckungen innert 24 Stunden – und das dürfte erst der Anfang einer riesigen Welle in der Schweiz sein. Welche Länder ebenfalls stark betroffen sind. BaZ. 29.12.2021.

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Omikron voi todella olla lievempi – Tutkija: Ihan huippua. Akatemiatutkijan mukaan uusi virusmuunnos ei ilmeisesti pääse leviämään yhtä tuhoisasti keuhkoissa kuin aiempi delta. Verkkouutiset. 29.12.2021.

HUSin ylilääkäri ehdottaa erillisten koronasairaaloiden perustamista Suomeen. Ylilääkäri Eero Hirvensalon mukaan sairaalat olisi mahdollista perustaa terveydenhuollon niukoista resursseista huolimatta, jos mukana olisi useita toimijoita ja soveltuvilta osin yksityinen terveydenhuolto. YLE Uutiset. 29.12.2021.

Can COVID-19 alter your personality? Here’s what brain research shows. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and traumatic brain injury can cause changes in behavior by altering brain anatomy. Now it seems the coronavirus can too. National Geographic. 29.12.2021.

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Combined triple treatment of fibrin amyloid microclots and platelet pathology in individuals with Long COVID/ Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) can resolve their persistent symptoms. @IanRicksecker, [COVID-19] also causes microclots: “Fibrin(ogen) amyloid microclots and platelet hyperactivation [were] observed in [Long COVID] patients,” in this work by Stellenbosch University of South Africa, which also explored potential treatments. Research Square.  28.12.2021.

Risk of Cardiovascular Events after Covid-19: a double-cohort study. (@IanRicksecker) Oregon Health & Science University found that “symptomatic or asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with increased risk of [fatal] cardiovascular outcomes and has causal effect on all-cause mortality.” medRxiv. 27.12.2021.

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Medical technologies have been central to US pandemic response – but social behaviors matter just as much. The Conversation. 22.12.2021.

Kannattaako oireettoman tehdä koti­testi? Pitääkö lapset testata ennen iso­vanhempien tapaamista? 10 kysymystä ja vastausta toisesta koronajoulusta. Turun yliopiston virusopin professori Ilkka Julkusen mukaan kotitestejä voi hyvin käyttää lieväoireisessa taudissa. Kotitestistä saatuun negatiiviseen tulokseen pitää kuitenkin suhtautua pienellä varauksella. Helsingin Sanomat. 22.12.2021.

11 Early Signs of Dementia. healthline. 22.12.2021.

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Covid News: What the U.S. Vaccination Campaign Looks Like One Year On. Pfizer said a combination of pills reduced the risk of hospitalization and death by 89 percent if given within three days of the onset of symptoms. New York Times. 21.12.2021.

WHO:n suomalaisasiantuntija kutsui omikronia ”mahdollisesti jopa evoluution joululahjaksi” – selittää nyt sanojaan (– Kaikki toistaiseksi olemassa oleva tosielämän data (ei mallit) eri maista vahvistaa mitä E-Afrikasta kuultiin aiemmin. Omikron ei ole katastrofi, mahdollisesti jopa evoluution joululahja. Jos nyt aikuiset taas kiusaa lapsia ja mm. sulkee kouluja niin tuleepahan varsinainen jälkipeli, Jussi Sane tviittasi.).Iltalehti. 21.12.2021.

In world first, Israel set to give 4th COVID shot to over 60s, at-risk groups. Hailing recommendation by panel of health experts, Bennett orders swift roll-out of extra vaccine booster for people over 60, immunocompromised and health care workers. The Times of Israel. 21.12.2021.

Viranomainen määräsi yleisötilaisuudet säppiin – Kirkko vetää omaa linjaa: joulukirkot järjestetään. “Älytön päätös tässä vaiheessa.” Salon seurakunnassa kritisoidaan tuomiokapitulin ohjetta. Kirkon mukaan uskonnon harjoittaminen auttaa ihmisiä jaksamaan pandemiassa. Suomen Kuvalehti. 21.12.2021.

Koronarajoitukset kiristymässä. Useat alueet ovat tiedottaneet rajoitussuosituksista. Lääkärilehti. 21.12.2021.

December 21 – 31 

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SARS-CoV-2 infection and persistence throughout the human body and brain. Research Square. 20.12.2021.

Teholla 63 koronapotilasta – tehohoidon koordinaattorit: Hallituksen tehtävä rajuja päätöksiä ja heti. Professori Matti Reinikainen arvioi, että Suomeen vasta tuloaan tekevä omikron työllistää sairaaloita arvioitua enemmän. Etelä-Afrikassa virus on jyllännyt nuorten keskuudessa. YLE-Uutiset. 20.12.2021.

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Ministeri Krista Kiuru: Hätä­jarrusta on päätettävä jo ensi viikolla ja rajoitus­toimia on lisättävä merkittävästi. Kiuru toivoo, että Italian tapaan Suomi alkaa vaatia myös eurooppalaisilta ennen maahan tuloa otettua koronatestitodistusta. Perhe- ja peruspalveluministeri Krista Kiurulla (sd) on tapana varoitella korona­tilanteesta, mutta tällä kertaa hän on jopa Kiuru-mittarilla tarkasteltuna äärimmäisen huolestunuta. Helsingin Sanomat. 18.12.2021.

Status på omikron-varianten (B.1.1.529) pr. Statens Serum Institut finder et stadigt stigende antal omikron tilfælde i Danmark. Samlet er der nu fundet 11.559 tilfælde af smitte med virus-varianten omikron. Alle fakta om forekomsten af omikron i Danmark udsendes nu i en daglig rapport. Statens SerumInstitut. 17.12.2021.

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Huonossa sisäilmassa koronatartunnan voi saada minuuteissa – tehokas tuuletus laskee riskiä luultua enemmän, kertoo VTT:n tuore tutkimus. Mitä enemmän huonetilassa on viruksia, sitä suurempi on riski taudin leviämisestä. Tuulettamalla viruspitoisuudet tippuvat tutkijoiden mukaan jopa 90 prosenttia. YLE-Uutiset. 16.12.2021.

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The S1 protein of SARS-CoV-2 crosses the blood-brain barrier in mice. @IanRicksecker The virus appears to be able to cross the blood-brain barrier and cause significant neurological damage. The ability of the spike protein to cross the blood-brain barrier was demonstrated in mice at the University of Washington. Nature Neuroscience. 16.12.2021.  https://doi:10.1038/s41593-020-00771-8.

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Impacts of K-12 school reopening on the COVID-19 epidemic in Indiana, USA (There is now a growing body of evidence that school closures contributed to mitigating the first wave of the epidemic  and, as we have shown, may have contributed to the resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 during fall 2020. Our study adds to this evidence, and suggests an even greater impact of school reopening than several other studies. This is due in part to our assumption that asymptomatic and symptomatic infections contribute similarly to transmission, and in part to our model’s ability to capture chains of transmission within schools and extending out into the community. Our study echoes several modeling studies in emphasizing the importance of reducing school operating capacity to impede transmission. As schools grapple with COVID-19 going forward, results such as these provide an important basis for motivating the adoption and sustainment of reduced school operating capacity and adherence to face-mask requirements in schools. As we demonstrated, these actions are highly consequential for those directly linked to schools and for the communities in which they are embedded.). Epidemics. December. 2021.

A tantalizing clue to why omicron is spreading so quickly. NPR. 15.12.2021.

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THL haluaa rajoille kireämmän linjan kuin hallitus suunnittelee – Ruotsikin on omikronin riskimaa. Valtioneuvosto on päättämässä huomenna torstaina matkustusrajoitusten kiristämisestä. Sisäministeri Mikkonen sanoo, että hallituksessa on keskusteltu myös sisärajatarkastusten palauttamisesta. YLE-Uutiset. 15.12.2021.

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Final data on pills to treat Covid-19 holds strong against hospitalization and death, Pfizer says. CNN Health. 14.12.2021.

Pfizer’s Covid Pill Works Well, Company Confirms in Final Analysis. The treatment, called Paxlovid, is likely to work against Omicron and could be available in the United States before the end of the year. New York Times. 14.12.2021.

Sairaalapomot eivät näe hätäjarrulle tarvetta hoidon kuormituksen takia – johtajalääkäri: “vaikuttavin toimi olisi puuttuminen ravintoloiden aukioloihin”
Koronan omikronmuunnoksen tulevaa vaikutusta sairaaloiden kuormitukseen ei vielä tiedetä. Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö valmistautuu rajoitusten tiukentamiseen, mutta kahden sairaanhoitopiirin johtajat arvioivat, että toistaiseksi hätäjarrun käytölle ei ole tarvetta. YLE-Uutiset. 14.12.2021.

Pääministeri Marin: Kolmansien rokotusten antamista vauhditettava – ”Työterveyden­huoltoa voitaisiin hyödyntää laajemmin”. Hallitus käsittelee koronatilannetta neuvottelussaan ensi viikon tiistaina 21. joulukuuta. Ilta=sanomat. 14.12.2021.

Ministeri Kiuru: Maahantulorajoitukset kiristyvät – kolmansiin rokotuksiin on pyydetty apua puolustusvoimilta
Tänään kokoontunut sote-ministeriryhmä on tehnyt hallitukselle esityksen rajatoimien kiristämisestä sekä lisäavusta kunnille rokotusten järjestämistä varten. YLE-Uutiset. 14.12.2021.

Hollanti sulkee koulut etuajassa koronan takia. Hollannissa koululaiset pääsevät joululomalle viikkoa aiemmin heikentyneen koronatilanteen takia.Iltalehti. 14.12.2021.

Covid-19: Almost 100 ICU staff from Malaga hospital test positive after Christmas lunch. BMJ. 14.12.2021.

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Merck’s COVID pill loses its lustre: what that means for the pandemic. Molnupiravir was initially heralded by public-health officials as a game-changer for COVID-19, but full clinical-trial data showed lower-than-expected efficacy. Nature. 13.12.2021.

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Where I Live, No One Cares About COVID. Outside the world inhabited by the professional classes in a handful of major metropolitan areas, many Americans are leading their lives as if COVID is over. Atlantic. 13.12.2021.

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HUS: Neljä kymmenestä teho-osastolla hoidetuista koronapotilaista ei ollut palannut työhön tai harrastukseen kolme kuukautta kotiutumisen jälkeen. Teho-osastolle joutuneiden koronapotilaiden keski-ikä on koko epidemian ajalta 57 vuotta. Nuorempien ikäryhmien osuus tehohoidossa olevista koronapotilaista on kasvanut. YLE Uutiset. 11.12.2021.

Modelling the potential consequences of the Omicron. SARS-CoV-2 variant in England. 11.12.2021.


December 11 – 20 

South Africa: early data suggest Omicron is more transmissible but less severe. The Conversation. 10.12.2021.

Uusi tutkimus: tässä ajassa kaksi koronarokotetta ottaneiden suoja tartuntaa vastaan heikkenee. Koronarokotteiden teho hiipuu kolmen kuukauden jälkeen. Ilta=sanomat. 10.12.2021.

Lopettaako Suomi rokotteiden tilaamisen? Hallitukselta vaaditaan vastauksia. Kokoomuksen Terhi Koulumies kysyy, aikooko Suomi todellakin peruuttaa rokotetilauksiaan. Verkkouutiset. 10.12.2021.

The Hunt for a Single Shot to Defeat Omicron and All Coronaviruses. While the science is still in its early stages, the hardest part about developing a super-vaccine for all coronaviruses could be finding a way to pay for it. Bloomberg. 9.12.2021.

Alarm as almost 20% of South Africa’s healthcare workers contract Covid. Mail&Guardian. 9.12.2021.

16- and 17-year-olds are now eligible for a Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine booster. CNN Health. 9.12.2021.

STM huolestui Suomen kouluista ja lasten tartuntojen noususta – vetoomus THL:lle. WHO kehotti koronatoimiin peruskouluissa. STM huolestui Suomen tilanteesta ja vetoaa nyt THL:ään. Uusi Suomi. 9.12.2021.

Corona infections and air quality. More infections in poorly ventilated classrooms. Indoor air quality has an influence on how many corona virus infections occur there. This has now been shown for the first time in a pilot project involving Empa researchers in 150 primary school classrooms in Graubünden. The analysis also showed that the air quality in many classrooms is poor. The study concluded that regular ventilation of classrooms is therefore very important, even in winter months. EMPA. 9.12.2021.

Study shows benefit of regular classroom ventilation classroom. A Swiss study has found that poorly ventilated school classrooms record up to six times as many Covid-19 cases compared with those which are regularly aired. SwissInfo. 9.12.2021.

Ensimmäiset merkit omikronin kyvystä väistää rokotussuoja ilmi – Melatoniinista ja D-vitamiinista nyt apu pandemian hallintaan? (Mikko Paunio). Uusi Suomi. 8.12.2021.

Pfizer antoi ensimmäisen arvion koronarokotteensa tehosta omikronmuunnosta vastaan. Kolmas annos Comirnaty-rokotetta herättää alustavien tulosten mukaan lupaavan paljon vasta-aineita omikronvarianttia vastaan. Mediuutiset. 8.12.2021.

Pfizer, BioNTech vaccine neutralises Omicron with three shots.  Reuters. 8.12.2021.


Scientists Discover Harder-to-Detect Version of Omicron. Bloomberg. 8.12.2021.

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Tallinnan-laivalta pääsi kävelemään suoraan Helsinkiin, vaikka kuulutus varoitti koronapassin tarkastuksesta. Katajanokan terminaalissa Helsingissä ei tarkastettu koronapasseja matkustajilta vaan jaettiin vanhentunutta ohjetta koronatestiin menemisestä. HS. 8.12.2021.

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Omikron paljasti leviämisensä saloja: Se on lainannut geneettistä koodia tavalliselta flunssalta.  Koronan sairastaminen näyttää suojaavaan uudelta koronatartunnalta kolme kertaa huonommin, jos tartuttaja on deltamuunnoksen sijasta omikron. Mediuutiset. 8.12.2021.

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FHI: Alvorlig situasjon, men lite sannsynlig at omikron gir mer alvorlig sykdom. Det er ingen sikre tegn på at smittesituasjonen er i ferd med å snu. Folkehelseinstituttet (FHI) forventer en betydelig forverring for sykehusene selv om omikron trolig ikke gir mer alvorlig sykdom.NRK 7.12.2021.

Monet maat antavat jo keppiä rokottamattomille – Tässä lista 11 valtion käyttämistä kovista keinoista. Useat maat iskevät rokottamattomille sanktioita, kertoo uutistoimisto Bloomberg. Kovien keinojen joukossa ovat esimerkiksi lihavat sakot ja lomautukset. Mediuutiset. 7.12.2021.

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Sollen auch Geimpfte und Genesene Maske tragen? Vielerorts gilt wieder Maskenpflicht. Eine neue Studie zeigt: FFP2-Masken schützen weit besser als medizinische Masken. Was Sie dazu wissen sollten. BaZ. 6.12.2021.

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Omicron can reset the World’s Covid Strategy. Bloomberg. 5.12.2021.

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Covid-19: Antibody boost after third dose varies greatly by vaccine, study finds.  BMJ. 3.12.2021. doi:

NHS forecasts 230,000 extra cases of PTSD in England due to Covid. Post-traumatic stress disorder diagnoses likely be among domestic abuse victims, care workers and the bereaved. Guardian. 3.12.2021.

COVID-19: Omicron has ‘substantial’ ability to evade immunity from previous coronavirus infection. Researchers at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) warn their finding has important public health implications. Sky News. 3.12.2021.

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A Prospective Multimodal Study of Recovery and Brain Connectivity. Neurology. 3.12.2021.


Disorders of Consciousness Associated With COVID-19. A Prospective Multimodal Study of Recovery and Brain Connectivity (Cognitive). Neurology. 3.12.2021.

Koronavirus leviää ilmateitse – onko sillä merkitystä?
On hämmästyttävää, miten vähän on varmaa tietoa siitä, millä lailla yleiset ylähengitysteiden tartuntataudit tarttuvat. Lyhyessä ajassa on käynyt selväksi, että aiemmin tunnettujen kosketus- ja pisaratartuntamekanismien lisäksi aerosolivälitteinen leviäminen on yleistä (1,2). Usein näiden reittien erottaminen ei ole helppoa. Infektoitunut voi tartuttaa vieressä seisovan terveen henkilön kaikilla kolmella tavalla. Kaukana tartunnan saaneesta olevat eivät voi saada tartuntatautia kosketus- tai pisaratartuntana – jäljelle jää siis aerosolitartunta.Lääkärilehti. 3.12.2021.

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Impact of community masking on COVID-19: A cluster-randomized trial in Bangladesh (Even in places where it is obligatory, people tend to optimistically overstate their compliance for mask wearing. How then can we persuade more of the population at large to act for the greater good? Abaluck et al. undertook a large, cluster-randomized trial in Bangladesh involving hundreds of thousands of people (although mostly men) over a 2-month period. Colored masks of various construction were handed out free of charge, accompanied by a range of mask-wearing promotional activities inspired by marketing research. Using a grassroots network of volunteers to help conduct the study and gather data, the authors discovered that mask wearing averaged 13.3% in villages where no interventions took place but increased to 42.3% in villages where in-person interventions were introduced. Villages where in-person reinforcement of mask wearing occurred also showed a reduction in reporting COVID-like illness, particularly in high-risk individuals. ). Science. 2.12.2021.

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THL: Kolmas koronarokote annetaan kaikille täysi-ikäisille – Osa saa Comirnatyn, osa Spikevaxin. ”Koska kaksi koronarokotetta ei täysin estä tartuntoja, kolmansilla annoksilla saadaan edelleen ehkäistyä tartuntojen leviämistä myös nuoremmissa ikäryhmissä.” Mediuutiset. 2.12.2021.

Safety and immunogenicity of seven COVID-19 vaccines as a third dose (booster) following two doses of ChAdOx1 nCov-19 or BNT162b2 in the UK (COV-BOOST): a blinded, multicentre, randomised, controlled, phase 2 trial. 2.12.2021. Lancet.

How bad is Omicron? What scientists know so far
COVID researchers are working at breakneck speed to learn about the variant’s transmissibility, severity and ability to evade vaccines. Nature 2.12.2021.

THL suosittelee, että kolmansia koronarokoteannoksia aletaan tarjota kaikille 18 vuotta täyttäneille 5–6 kuukautta toisesta annoksesta. THL. 2.12.2021.

Aikuisista yli 99 % täysrokotettuja, mutta korona ryöpsähti silti – Gibraltarin tapaus ihmetyttää, mutta nyt ”tehosterokote todella toimii”. Pienen Gibraltarin koronatilanne nousee tällä hetkellä toistuvasti esiin rokotekeskusteluissa, koska maa on täysin rokotettu mutta tartunnat lähtivät silti eksponentiaaliseen kasvuun. Mediuutiset. 2.12.2021.

Tässä on THL:n uusi suositus – kaikki 3. rokotukseen: ”Varastossa 1,5 miljoonaa annosta”. (THL suosittelee kolmansia koronarokoteannoksia tarjottavaksi kaikille 18 vuotta täyttäneille 5–6 kuukautta toisen annoksen jälkeen. Tehosteannoksia suositellaan otettavaksi niin ikään 5–6 kuukautta toisen rokoteannoksen jälkeen niille ryhmille, joille THL on jo aiemmin suositellut kolmatta rokoteannosta. Voimakkaasti immuunipuutteisille kolmatta annosta suositellaan otettavaksi jo kaksi kuukautta toisen annoksen jälkeen.

– Suosituksen perusteena on koronavirusinfektioiden määrän vähentäminen ja tartuntojen leviämisen estäminen. Kolmas rokoteannos vähentää viruksen kiertoa väestössä ja parantaa suojaa vakavaa tautimuotoa vastaan, sanoo THL:n ylilääkäri Hanna Nohynek tiedotteessa.

– [Mia] Kontio lisää, että toisen annoksen osalta rokotekattavuus laahaa pahasti perässä. Tulevaisuudessa ei Kontion mukaan välttämättä kuitenkaan tarvita useita rokotuskierroksia, ainakaan perusterveiden kohdalla.). Iltalehti. 2.12.2021.

Miten hallitus suhtautuu asiantuntijoiden riippumattomuuuteen? SDP:n edustaja kuuli kriittisen THL-lausunnon ensi kertaa suorassa lähetyksessä (Iltalehti uutisoi viime viikolla nimettömiin hallituslähteisiin vedoten, että hallituksessa ollaan tyytymättömiä Kansallisen rokotusasiantuntijaryhmän (KRAR) ja THL:n vitkutteluun kolmannen koronarokotekierroksen aloittamisessa. / Lehden silloisten tietojen mukaan hallituksessa olisi jopa haluja vaihtaa ylilääkäri Hanna Nohynek pois asiantuntijaryhmän sihteerin paikalta. / – Haluaisimme kyllä vaihtaa Nohynekin KRARin johdosta, mutta THL:n pääjohtajan Markku Tervahaudan pitäisi se tehdä. Siitäkin on puhuttu, onko Tervahauta enää tehtäviensä tasalla pandemian tässä vaiheessa, hallituslähde kertoi Iltalehdelle.). mtv-uutiset. 2.12.2021.

Omicron will likely ‘dominate and overwhelm’ the world in 3-6 months, doctor says. “Frankly, omicron will dominate and overwhelm the whole world in three to six months,” Singapore doctor Leong Hoe Nam told CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia.”
New vaccines targeting omicron are a “nice idea” but won’t be practical because of the transmissibility of the strain, he said.
Experts don’t know exactly how contagious the highly mutated omicron variant is, but the virus’ spike protein — which binds to human cells — has mutations associated with higher transmission and a decrease in antibody protection. CNBC. 2.12.2021.

Sotrovimab: New COVID drug which cuts risk of hospitalisation and death by 79% approved for use in UK in people aged 12 years and older. Xevundy, also known as sotrovimab, has been approved for anyone aged 12 and over, who weighs more than 40kg. It is authorised for use in people who have a mild or moderate COVID infection and who are at risk of developing severe illness, Sky News. 2.12.2021.

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1 – 10. Joulukuuta

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Sukujouluja ei ole peruttu, sanoo THL:n Mika Salminen. Jos on rokotettu ja perusterve, voi viettää joulua niin kuin muutenkin viettäisi, sanoo Mika Salminen (Vaikka tautitilanne on monissa sairaanhoitopiireissä heikentynyt nopeasti ja esimerkiksi pääkaupunkiseudulla korona­koordinaatio­ryhmä palautti viime viikolla etätyö- ja maskisuosituksen, voivat rokotetut Salmisen mukaan näillä näkymin kokoontua oman harkintansa mukaan oman lähipiirinsä kanssa.”Yhdessä sitten otetaan huomioon, jos perheessä tai lähipiirissä on riskiryhmään kuuluvia tai heikkokuntoisempia iäkkäitä läheisiä”,…60 vuotta täyttäneille ja riskiryhmään kuuluville on jo jonkin aikaa suositettu kolmatta rokoteannosta. ”Jos sen on saanut, voi olla varsin rauhallinen”, Salminen sanoo). Helsingin Sanomat. 30.11.2021.

Health Department-Reported Cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) in the United States. @IanRicksecker You may think, at least our children are safe. They are not. The CDC is tracking incidence of a life-threatening multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children following an acute COVID-19 infection, with 5,973 cases as of November 30, 2021. CDC Covid Data Tracker.  updated 30.11.2021.

Ilmanvaihto-ohjeistus varhaiskasvatuksen, opetuksen ja koulutuksen tilojen käytöstä vastaaville. THL. 30.11.2021.

Omicron variant found in two previous test samples. RIVM has found the Omicron variant in test samples taken in the Netherlands earlier in November. These samples were taken in the GGD test lanes on 19 and 23 November 2021. Saltro, the lab that analysed the tests, submitted the samples when requested by RIVM. RIVM. 30.11.2021.

COVID-19: Why the Omicron variant has scientists worried.
Scientists have detected cases of a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19, in a number of countries. Omicron (B.1.1.529) has an unprecedentedly large number of mutations in the part of its genome that encodes a key section of its spike protein, which the virus uses to infect host cells. This suggests that Omicron may be able to evade some of the immune protection afforded by vaccines, many of which are based on the original spike protein, and past infections. Medical News Today. 29.11.2021.

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Det svenska coronaexperimentet. Den negativa uppmärksamhet som statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell, eller den svenska strategin över huvud taget, fick möta berodde till övervägande del på dödsfallen inom äldrevården. När många europeiska länder förbereder sig för att återinföra coronarestriktioner är läget i Sverige förhållandevis lugnt: Den svenske journalisten Johan Anderberg beskriver i en uppmärksammad bok hur den omdiskuterade svenska strategin föddes. HBL 29.11.2021.

Professorit vetosivat sunnuntaina kolmannen koronarokotuksen kiirehtimiseksi. Iltalehden mukaan THL ja Kansallinen rokotusasiantuntijaryhmä (Krar) eivät ole noudattaneet hallituksen pyyntöjä nopeuttaa kolmannen koronarokotuskierroksen aloittamista alle 60-vuotiaiden keskuudessa. Mediuutiset. 29.11.2021.

Asiantuntijat vaativat HS:n mielipide­kirjoituksessa kiirehtimään kolmansia rokotuksia – näkevät merkittävän ongelman THL:n Nohynekin arviossa. Lasse Lehtonen, Tuuli Lappalainen, Marjukka Myllärniemi ja Mark Daly kommentoivat THL:n Hanna Nohynekin sanomisia HS:n mielipidekirjoituksessa. Ilta=Sanomat. 29.11.2021.

Peruspalveluministeri Krista Kiuru (sd) on esittänyt toiveen THL:lle ja KRARille, jotta nämä lausuisivat nopeasti kolmannesta rokotteesta. (THL:n ylilääkäri Hanna Nohynek on KRARin sihteeri. Hallituslähteet kertovat Iltalehdelle, että THL ja Kansallinen rokotusasiantuntijaryhmä (KRAR) eivät ole noudattaneet hallituksen pyyntöjä nopeuttaa kolmannen koronarokotuskierroksen aloittamista alle 60-vuotiaiden keskuudessa.). Iltalehti. 28.11.2021.

IL:n tiedot: Kolmatta rokotekierrosta ei ole nopeutettu, vaikka hallitus vaatii. ”Kansallisen rokoteasiantuntijaryhmän (KRAR) sihteeri Hanna Nohynek on ollut laumasuoja-ajattelun vallassa, eikä ole halunnut aloittaa kolmatta rokotuskierrosta”, hallituslähde sanoo Iltalehdelle. Iltalehti. 28.11.2021.


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Neljäs aalto on pysäytettävä

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IS:n tiedot: Hallitus kaavailee rajoitus­toimia “kohtalaisen riskin” tilaisuuksiin – pöydällä valta­kunnallinen etä­työ­suositus. THL:n ympärillä pyörivä keskustelu kiristää tunnelmia hallituksen sisällä. Yksi hallituslähde kritisoi THL:n suhtautumista kolmanteen rokotuskierrokseen. Toinen hallituslähde ihmettelee, miksi “koronan hoidon ammattilaisten” uskottavuutta halutaan nakertaa. Ilta=Sanomat. 28.11.2021.

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Scientists warn of new Covid variant with high number of mutations. The B.1.1.529 [Omicron] variant was first spotted in Botswana and six cases have been found in South Africa. Guardian. 24.11.2021.

Koronarokotusten annosväli taas esillä, kun kolmansien annosten jakelu etenee – asiantuntija: kaikki riippuu siitä, mitä rokotusohjelmalla halutaan saada aikaan
Koronapandemian alkaessa harva tiesi RNA-rokotteista tai siitä, millaisella annosvälillä rokotteet tulisi antaa parhaan mahdollisen suojan varmistamiseksi. Siksi käytännöt ovat vaihdelleet eri puolilla maailmaa. YLE-Uutiset. 24.11.2021.

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Tyksin teho­hoidon yli­lääkärillä on selkeä viesti rokote­keskusteluun: ”Jos yhteis­kunta unohtaa tärkeimmän periaatteensa, ollaan matkalla kohti jotain aivan muuta kuin demokratiaa”
Tyksin tehohoidon ylilääkäri Mika Valtonen on huomannut, että etenkin nuoret lääkärit kokevat toisinaan voimakasta turhautumista hoitaessaan rokottamattomia potilaita. Helsingin Sanomat. 22.11.2021.

COVID in Israel: Booster Shot Much More Effective Than First Two Shots, Officials Believe
Meanwhile, Israel’s pandemic advisory panel recommended a COVID booster shot to be administered to teens. Haaretz. 22.11.2021.

Kuusamon ja Suomen koronatilanne ja käytännön ratkaisuvaihtoehdot. Koronatilanteesta keskustelemassa muun muassa ympäristöterveyden tutkimusprofessori emeritus Matti Jantunen, keuhkosairauksien professori Marjukka Myllärniemi, empiirisen makrotaloustieteen professori Antti Ripatti ja taloustieteen ja terveystaloustieteen tutkijatohtori Liisa T. Laine. 22.11.2021.

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THL:n Mika Salminen: Uusi arvio paluusta normaaliin elämään
Vaikka 80 prosentin rokotuskattavuus saavutetaan tällä viikolla, paluu normaaliin ei voi alkaa. THL:n Terveysturvallisuusosaston johtaja Mika Salminen kertoo nyt kaiken siitä, miltä Suomen tulevaisuus näyttää. Ilta=Sanomet. 3.11.2021.

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Poor handling has intensified an enduring distrust of state authorities. FT. 3.11.2021.

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Nur Spanische Grippe und Aids tödlicher als Corona
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November 1-10

Taloustieteilijät: Ilman koronasulkuja taloudellisia tappioita ja kuolleita olisi tullut paljon enemmän. Suurin osa kulutuksen laskusta on tullut ihmisten varovaisuudesta, ei yhteiskunnan suluista, Ylen haastattelemat koronatutkimukseen perehtyneet taloustieteilijät arvioivat. Norjassa tehdyn tutkimuksen mukaan kuolleita olisi kymmenkertainen määrä Ruotsin kaltaisella koronapolitiikalla. YLE Uutiset. 31.10.2021.

THL ehdottaa koronapassia sote-työntekijöille – näin kommentoivat kansanedustajat terveysalalta
Iltalehti kysyi kolmelta sote-taustaiselta kansanedustajalta, mitä mieltä he ovat THL:n ehdotuksesta käyttää koronapassia sote-alan työntekijöihin. Iltalehti. 31.10.2021.

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RKI warnt vor Superspreading: 8-Punkte-Check zeigt, wann das Risiko besonders hoch ist. Das Robert-Koch-Institut warnt vor weiter steigenden Corona-Zahlen – vor allem durch Kontakte in Innenräumen. Um besser einschätzen zu können, wie hoch das Risiko in welcher Umgebung ist, hat Virologe Hendrik Streeck gemeinsam mit Aerosol-Forschern und Lungenmediziner den “Lufthygiene”-Guide veröffentlicht. Focus. 30.10.2021.

Vaaran paikka. Virustutkimus auttaa suojelemaan terveyttä. Joskus virukset karkaavat laboratorio-onnettomuuden seurauksena. Wuhanissa Kiinassa suunniteltiin riskialtista koetta, jolla olisi voinut olla vakavia seurauksia. YLE-Uutiset. 30.10.2021.

Suomessa ensimmäiset Delta plus -löydökset – tämä aiempaa tartuttavammasta koronamuunnoksesta tiedetään.
Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitoksen tietojen mukaan ensimmäiset löydökset Delta plus -variantista tulivat jo elokuussa. Viranomaiset eivät kerro yksilönsuojan takia paikkakuntia, kun tartuntoja on alle viisi. MTV-Uutiset. 29.10.2021.

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Yökoulusta levinneet koronatartunnat hätkähdyttivät ihmisoikeusjuristin – Martin Scheinin: “Pidän aiheellisena, että asiassa tehdään tutkintapyyntö”
Ihmisoikeusjuristi Martin Scheininin mukaan viranomaisten mahdolliset laiminlyönnit tartuntatautilain noudattamisessa on syytä punnita oikeudessa. Lappajärvellä Etelä-Pohjanmaalla koronatartunnat levisivät alakoululaisten yökoulussa. YLE Uutiset. 27.10.2021.

Immunocompromised may need a fourth Covid-19 shot, CDC says. CNN Health. 27.10.2021.

Noin 20-vuotiaat rokottamattomat nuoret joutuneet koronan takia keskussairaalaan – keuhkot huonossa kunnossa. Ilkka-Pohjalainen kertoo, että Seinäjoen keskussairaalassa on tällä viikolla hoidettu muutamaa vasta noin 20-vuotiasta koronapotilasta, joiden keuhkot ovat huonossa kunnossa. IS. 27.10.2021.

Breakthrough infections can lead to long COVID; genes may explain critical illness in young, healthy adults. Reuters. 27.10.2021.

Finland’s Success in Combating Covid-19: Mastery, Miracle or Mirage? SSERN. 27.10.2021.

F.D.A. Panel Recommends Covid Shots for Children 5 to 11
Covid-19 was “the eighth-highest killer of kids in this age group over the past year,” said a C.D.C. official in favor of broader authorization. NYT. 26.10.2021.

Ansiktsskydd behövs fortfarande. HBL. 26.10.2021.

Type of ultraviolet light most effective at killing coronavirus is also the safest to use around people. The Conversation. 26.10.2021.

Terveyden­huollon työnantajalla tulisi olla oikeus tietää työntekijän rokotus­suojasta, vaatii Lääkäri­liitto – ”Olisi helpompaa, jos tiedon näkisi kysymättä”, sanoo Husin Ruotsalainen. Husin apulaisylilääkäri Eeva Ruotsalaisen mukaan on selvä potilasturvallisuusriski, jos esimerkiksi rokottamaton työntekijä tuo tartuntoja hoivakotiin. HE. 25.10.2021.

Professori varoittaa keskustelun kärjistymisestä: Nykyinen puhetapa voi lisätä rokotus­vastaisuutta. Rokotusta vaille jääminen ei ole aina tietoisen harkinnan tulos, sanoo professori Nelli Hankonen. HS. 25.10.2021.

Evaluation of the relative virulence of novel SARS-CoV-2 variants: a retrospective cohort study in Ontario, Canada. CMAJ. 25.10.2021.

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SARS-CoV-2 infects human adipose tissue and elicits an inflammatory response consistent with severe COVID-19, BioRxiv. 24.10.2021.

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose-Based Nasal Sprays Effectively Inhibit In Vitro SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Spread (HPMC, e.g., VirX.  We found that virus release from cells previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 was inhibited by the gel matrix product in a dose-dependent manner, with virus levels reduced by >99.99% over a 72 h period at a dose of 6.4 mg/3.5 cm2. We also show that the pre-treatment of cells with product inhibited SARS-CoV-2 infection, independent of the virus variant. The primary mechanism of action appears to be via the formation of a physical, passive barrier. However, the addition of wild garlic provided additional direct antiviral properties in some formulations.). Viruses. 23.11.2021. DOI: 10.3390/v13122345

Health leaders accuse ministers of bungling rollout of UK Covid booster jab
Vaccine drive described as ‘fragmented’ with half the people eligible for third dose yet to come forward. FT. 22.10.2021.

Suomi purki koronarajoituksia, vaikka THL:n käyrät varoittivat uhkaavista seurauksista – tautiekologi: “Masentavinta, että meni juuri niin kuin ajateltiin”.  THL mallinsi elokuussa, miten sairaalahoito kuormittuisi, jos rajoituksia purettaisiin 80 prosentin rokotekattavuuden koittaessa. Hoidon tarve olisi noussut merkittävästi. Rajoitukset purettiin, kun kattavuus oli vielä selvästi vähemmän, noin 70 prosenttia. YLE-Uutiset. 22.10.2021.

Orthodoxy, illusio, and playing the scientific game: a Bourdieusian analysis of infection control science in the COVID-19 pandemic [The hegemonic grip of medical infection control discourse remains strong. Exit from the pandemic depends on science and policy finding a way to renegotiate what Bourdieu called the ‘rules of the scientific game’—what counts as evidence, quality, and rigour.]. Wellcome Open Research. 22.10.2021.

Safe traveling in public transport amid COVID-19. Science. 22.10.2021.

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The SARS-CoV-2 main protease Mpro causes microvascular brain pathology by cleaving NEMO in brain endothelial cells. Nature Neuroscience. 21.10.2021.

Pfizer boosters show 95.6% efficacy against Covid, study finds. Results hailed as ‘important’ but duration of protection still unknown. FT. 21.10.2021.


The American founders didn’t believe your sacred freedom means you can do whatever you want – not even when it comes to vaccines and your own body. The Conversation. 21.10.2021.

Voisiko Suomeen tulla rokotepakko? Oikeusoppineet hämmästelevät, miksi kissa ei ole jo pöydällä. Rokotepakko on vaikeampi asia poliittisesti kuin juridisesti. Rokotevelvoitteen käyttöönotto vaatisi lääketieteellistä arviointia ja poliittista keskustelua.  Iltalehti. 21.10.2021.

October 21-31


Moscow orders unvaccinated over-60s to stay home for 4 months as Russia’s Covid-19 crisis deepens. CNN World. 20.10.2021.

Koulu pantiin jatkuviin koronatesteihin: Yllätys lasten tartunnoissa. Tutkimuksen perusteella lasten rooli taudin levittäjinä voi olla oletettua suurempi. Verkkouutiset. 20.10.2021.

COVID-19 pandemic drove flu to historic lows, and may have eliminated one virus type completely. ABC Science News. 20.10.2021.

Miten koronan torjuntaa pitäisi mitata? Professorin (Lillrank) laskelman mukaan pelastetut elinvuodet ovat maksaneet kymmeniä kertoja kohtuuhintaa enemmän. Koronaa on torjuttu kohtuuttomalla hinnalla, kun käyttöön otettiin laajat sulkutoimet, professori Paul Lillrank sanoo. Koronan kustannusten mittaaminen on kuitenkin vaikeaa, koska emme tiedä mitä olisi tapahtunut, jos olisimme tehneet toisin. YLE-Uutiset. 20.10.2021.

Covid-19-tapaukset lisääntyvät koulujen avautuessa – Etenkin silloin, kun opettajat ja oppilaat eivät käytä maskeja. Koulut lisäävät yhteisön tartuntoja, mutta hyvä uutinen on, että suhteellisen yksinkertaiset lieventävät toimenpiteet voivat tehdä kouluista paljon turvallisempia paikkoja, kirjoittaa Tutkijalta-palstalla epidemiologi ja biostatistikko Zoë Hyde Länsi-Australian yliopistosta. TM. 20.10.2021.

HS: Teho-osaston lääkäriltä lohduton arvio tulevasta koronatilanteesta – ”Jos meininki jatkuu tällaisena…” Turun yliopistollisen sairaalan osastonlääkäri Jussi Heiro antaa Helsingin Sanomissa lohduttoman arvionsa tulevasta koronatilanteesta. IS. 20.10.2021.

The association of opening K–12 schools with the spread of COVID-19 in the United States: County-level panel data analysis. PNAS. 19.10.2021.

Without Covid-19 jab, ‘reinfection may occur every 16 months’
Reports grow of repeat infection as experts warn prevalence among school pupils puts older people at risk. Guardian. 19.10.2021.

Piispa Teemu Laajasalo kannusti ihmisiä ottamaan rokotteen – yli 200 ihmistä erosi kirkosta. Eilen kirkosta erosi 242 ihmistä. Iltalehti. 19.10.2021.

Covid-19: Silencing health workers, researchers, and journalists caused unnecessary deaths, says Amnesty. 19.10.2021.

Excess risk and clusters of symptoms after COVID-19 in a large Norwegian cohort. medRxiv. 18.10.2021.

swedish study shows covid vaccines drop below zero efficacy on spread by about 200 days. protection from severe covid dropped as well. bad cattitude. 18.10.2021.

Nelli Hankonen blog: Albertan koronasyksy 2021. 18.10.2021.

Emeritusprofessori esittää Suomeen Italian ja Ranskan tyylistä ‘de facto’ rokotuspakkoa. Käytännössä rokotuspakko voidaan Matti Jantusen mukaan toteuttaa samalla mallilla kuin esimerkiksi Italiassa ja Ranskassa. Mediuutiset. 18.10.2021.

Mask-wearing linked to 53% cut in Covid incidence, global study finds. Researchers said results highlight the need to continue with face coverings, social distancing and handwashing alongside vaccine programmes. Guardian. 17.10.2021.

TERVEYSPSYKOLOGIA: Koronataistelu muuttuu sissisodaksi. Matti TJ Heino blog. 17.10.2021.

Nyt puhuu teho­hoito­lääkäri: ”Emme jaksa enää”. Tehohoitolääkärin mukaan hoitohenkilökunta on aivan loppu.
THL on julkaissut rokotekampanjavideoita – kehottavat ihmisiä hakemaan rokotteen. Iltalehti. 17.10.2021.

Victoria and NSW schools are reopening amid Covid outbreaks – what can be learned from overseas? In Victoria, once the lockdown is lifted, all children in year 3 and above will be required to wear masks indoors. Experts say there are important lessons for Australia in order to reduce the rate of transmission and hospitalisation. Guardian. 16.10.2021.

Asiantuntija ryöpyttää Suomen päättäjiä: ”Onko meillä siis tyhmempi kansa josta osa ansaitseekin sairastaa ja kuolla?” Tuuli Lappalaisen mukaan sekä viranomaiset että poliitikot ovat antaneet ennenaikaisia ja ylioptimistisia lupauksia, ja niiden peruminen nyt tekee kipeää. Uusi Suomi. 16.10.2021.

Lääkäriltä suorat sanat: Kohta nämä hoidetaan itkun kanssa.
Tutkijalääkäri sanoo olevansa äärimmäisen pettynyt poliittiseen johtamiseen.Verkkouutiset. 16.10.2021.

UK falls behind European peers in battle against Covid ahead of winter
Deaths and hospital admissions remain stubbornly high in Britain as the continent reports record lows. FT. 16.10.2021. ttps://

Resurgence of Ebola virus in 2021 in Guinea suggests a new paradigm for outbreaks (The 2021 lineage shows considerably lower divergence than would be expected during sustained human-to-human transmission, which suggests a persistent infection with reduced replication or a period of latency. The resurgence of Zaire ebolavirus from humans five years after the end of the previous outbreak of Ebola virus disease reinforces the need for long-term medical and social care for patients who survive the disease, to reduce the risk of re-emergence and to prevent further stigmatization.). Nature. 15.9.2021.

Virhekäsitykset ja yksinkertaistukset johtavat meitä harhaan: 10 julkisen koronakeskustelun kampittajaa. Osa 2. Blogi. CitizenShield. 15.10.2021.

K-12 schools without mask mandates in Michigan saw 62% more coronavirus spread. Detroit Free Press. 15.10.2021.

Suomi värjäytyi punaiseksi Euroopan tauti­keskuksen kartalla – matkustamista ei suositella. Kahden viime viikon aikana Suomessa on raportoitu 7 763 uutta koronatartuntaa, mikä on 1 632 tartuntaa enemmän kuin edellisten kahden viikon aikana. IS. 15.10.2021.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey, UK: 15 October 2021
Estimates for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. This survey is being delivered in partnership with the University of Oxford, University of Manchester, Public Health England and Wellcome Trust. This study is jointly led by the ONS and the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) working with the University of Oxford and Lighthouse laboratory to collect and test samples. Office of National Atatistics. 15.10.2021.

How many lives have coronavirus vaccines saved? We used state data on deaths and vaccination rates to find out. The Conversation. 15.10.2021.

FDA vaccine advisers recommend emergency use authorization for booster dose of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine. CNN Health. 15.10.2021.

Covid-19 Breakthrough Infections in Vaccinated Health Care Workers. @IanRicksecker, But if you’re counting on vaccination to feel safe, there’s even more bad news. A study of Israel healthcare workers found that “Most breakthrough cases were mild or asymptomatic, although 19% had persistent symptoms (>6 weeks).” N MEngl J Med. 14.10.2021.  https://doi:10.1056/NEJMoa2109072

Covid-19: Fatal errors, not fatalism, created UK’s public health disaster. BMJ. 14.10.2021.

Covid-19 Breakthrough Infections in Vaccinated Health Care Workers. NEJM. 14.10.2021.

Covid and flu: what do the numbers tell us about morbidity and deaths? BMJ. 14.11.2021.

Children could be dangerous carriers of virus. Study finds kids to be potential spreaders of COVID-19 and emerging variants.  Harvard Gazette. 14.10.2021.

A public health strategy for SARS-CoV-2, grounded in science, should guide Swiss schools through the coming winter. Swiss Medical Weekly. 14.10.2021.

Molnupiravir vs. COVID-19: Will the drug live up to the hype?
In the search for effective COVID-19 treatments, many drugs have failed to live up to their early promise. In a recent trial, seen as an important advance, the oral antiviral drug molnupiravir halved the risk of hospital admissions and deaths from COVID-19. Medical News Today explored the evidence to see whether this optimism is justified. Medical News Today. 14.10.2021.

Koronapotilaiden sairaalahoito tulisi järjestää uudella tavalla. Jos jatkamme nykyisellä tavalla, muiden sairauksien hoitovelka kasvaa. HS. 14.10.2021.

Short-term and Long-term Rates of Postacute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection – A Systematic Review (In this systematic review of 57 studies comprising more than 250 000 survivors of COVID-19, most sequelae included mental health, pulmonary, and neurologic disorders, which were prevalent longer than 6 months after SARS-CoV-2 exposure. These findings suggest that long-term PASC must be factored into existing health care systems, especially in low- and middle-income countries.). JAMA. 13.10.2023.

SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro. MDPI. 13.10.2021.

Rokoteasian­tuntijat pohtivat kolmatta rokote­kierrosta tänään – THL:n Nohynek: Tulee miettiä, onko lisä­annoksen terveys­hyöty oikeassa suhteessa hintaan. THL:n alainen Kansallinen rokotus­asiantuntija­ryhmä (Krar) kokoontuu pohtimaan kolmansia koronarokoteannoksia keskiviikkona. HS. 13.10.2021.

In Conversation: The neurocognitive impact of long COVID
For many people, long COVID has associations with serious neurological and neurocognitive impairments, a phenomenon sometimes known as neuro-COVID. Why does this happen, and who is most at risk? In this Special Feature and podcast, we speak to two researchers and a person with lived experience of neuro-COVID to find out more.

A cross-sectional analysis of meteorological factors and SARS-CoV-2 transmission in 409 cities across 26 countries. Nature Communications. 13.10.2021.

Husin ylilääkäri kertoo, keitä sairaaloissa nyt koronataudin vuoksi hoidetaan – ”Rokotukset ovat edenneet huonosti muiden kuin nuorimpien kohdalla”
HS:n uusi grafiikka seuraa rokottamattomien osuutta sairaaloissa. HS. 13.10.2021.

Think a mild case of COVID-19 is no big deal? Think again. New research shows concerning effects of the virus, even in asymptomatic cases. Colorado Newsline. 13.10.2021.

In Conversation: The neurocognitive impact of long COVID: For many people, long COVID has associations with serious neurological and neurocognitive impairments, a phenomenon sometimes known as neuro-COVID. Why does this happen, and who is most at risk? In this Special Feature and podcast, we speak to two researchers and a person with lived experience of neuro-COVID to find out more. Medical News Today. 13.10.2021.

Kun sairaala­hoidon tarve kasvoi keväällä tällaiseksi, hallitus julisti ”sulkutilan” – Voiko Marin vielä perääntyä yhteis­kunnan avaamisesta? Pahenevasta tautitilanteesta huolimatta hallituksella on korkea kynnys ajaa kireämpiä rajoituksia. Koronapassi voi tulla laajasti käyttöön vain, jos rajoituksia kiristetään. HS. 12.10.2021.

Brain MRI and neuropsychological findings at long-term follow-up after
COVID-19 hospitalisation: an observational cohort study. BMJ Open. 12.10.2021.

Maailmalla koronalääkettä tilataan jo vauhdilla, Suomessa ei vieläkään – Uhkana on lääkkeiden tuleva saatavuus. Koronalääkkeen myyntiin tulosta on ollut tietoja ilmassa jo pitkään. Suomessa tilanteeseen ei ole nopeasti havahduttu. Mediuutiset. 12.10.2021.

Your Wednesday Briefing. A damning report on Britain’s virus response. NYT. 13.10.2021.

COVID lesson: trust the public with hard truths. When governments assume that people will panic, that exacerbates the pandemic. Nature 12.10.2021.

‘The real problem is the repetition of mistakes’: scientists react to Covid inquiry. Senior figures say failure to prevent second wave was inexcusable given what was known about the virus. Guardian. 12.10.2021.

Covid response ‘one of UK’s worst ever public health failures’.
Early handling and belief in ‘herd immunity’ led to more deaths, Commons inquiry finds. Guardian. 12.10.2021.

What the Future May Hold for the Coronavirus and Us
Viral evolution is a long game. Here’s where scientists think we could be headed. NYT. 12.10.2021.

Infektiolääkärin epätoivoinen vetoomus koronarokotusten puolesta: “Hetken näytti hyvältä ja melkein juhlittiin, mutta nyt laivan pohja vuotaa”. Tampereen yliopistollisen keskussairaalan infektiolääkäri kertoo MTV Uutisille rokottamattomien vaikeasta koronatilanteesta. Syyskuussa lähes 80 prosenttia sairaalahoidossa olevista oli rokottamattomia. Lääkäri Reetta Huttusen mukaan hätkähdyttävää on, että merkittävä osuus sairaalaan joutuvista potilaat ei ole iäkkäitä, vaan nuoria tai keski-ikäisiä. MTV-Uutiset. 12.10.2021.

Selvitys: Britannia aloitti korona­sulun liian myöhään, mikä oli merkittävä kansan­terveydellinen epä­onnistuminen maan historiassa. Raportin mukaan tämä oli yksi merkittävimmistä kansanterveydellisistä epäonnistumisista maan historiassa. HS. 12.10.2021.

How did we get here: what are droplets and aerosols and how far do they go? A historical perspective on the transmission of respiratory infectious diseases. The Royal Society. 12.10.2021.

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 After COVID-19 Screening and Mitigation Measures for Primary School Children Attending School in Liège, Belgium. JAMA. 12.10.2021.

FDA scientists neutral on Moderna Covid-19 vaccine booster ahead of key meeting. STAT. 12.10.2021.

Covid-19: Government’s handling of pandemic had “big mistakes,” MPs say. BMJ 12.10.2021.

Covid response ‘one of UK’s worst ever public health failures’. Early handling and belief in ‘herd immunity’ led to more deaths, Commons inquiry finds. Guardian. 12.10.2021.

Lessons for all from the UK’s Covid mishandling. Politicians and scientists succumbed to a flawed, fatalistic groupthink. FT. 12.10.2021.

Frequency of Neurologic Manifestations in COVID-19. A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Neurology. 11.10.2022.

Covid-19: Is New Zealand’s switch in policy a step forward or a retreat?. BMJ. 11.10.2021.

Life-saving COVID Drug Regeneron in Israel – but Most Patients Won’t Take It. Some Israelis are COVID anti-vaxxers who distrust Regeneron, but others just don’t see the need or are talked out of it at the last moment. 11.10.2021.

Kouvolan koululaisille tuli helpotuksen päivä, kun maskeja ei enää tarvitse käyttää – suurin askel kuitenkin vielä odottaa.
Kouvolassa on tänään maanantaina luovuttu koulujen ja päiväkotien maskisuosituksesta. Ainakin ensimmäisenä päivänä kasvomaski vielä oli monen yllä.. YLE-Uutioset 11.10.2021.

Pääkirjoitus: Krista Kiuru putosi kurvissa pääministerin kyydistä.  (Pääministeri Sanna Marinin toimintaan koronavirusepidemian hoidossa ollaan yhä tyytyväisempiä, kertoo HS:n tuore kysely. Sen sijaan perhe- ja peruspalveluministeri Krista Kiuru herättää tyytymättömyyttä. / Marinin kannatus on kesän aikana kasvanut, sillä toukokuussa tyytyväisiä oli kuusi prosenttiyksikköä vähemmän. Keväällä suosiota verotti käynnissä ollut kuntavaalitaistelu, mutta vaikutusta saattaa olla myös Marinin ketterällä suunnanmuutoksella: tiukasta koronarajoitusten kannattajasta kuoriutui kesällä vahva vapauttamisen puolestapuhuja. / Jotkut ovat yhdistäneet muutoksen pääministerin kesän aikana Instagramissa julkaisemiin lomakuviin. Huomasiko Marin Kallion baareissa, että valomerkki tulee ihan liian aikaisin? Todennäköisemmin Marinin poliittinen ja henkilökohtainen vapautuminen kertoo kuitenkin kyvystä lukea suuren yleisön mielipiteitä. / Suomalaisten enemmistö on lopen kyllästynyt rajoituksiin. Se näkyy myös HS:n kyselyssä, jossa kaksi kolmasosaa katsoi, että rajoitukset purettiin oikeaan aikaan tai liian myöhään. Kauemmin rajoituksia olisi jatkanut vain 29 prosenttia vastaajista.). Helsingin Sanomat. 11.10.2021.

October 11-20

Here’s what Bay Area doctors say about how COVID affects the brain. San Francisco Chronicle. 10.10.2021.

Korona-altistus. Satakunnan koronatilanne Suomen huonoin – jopa sairaalassa todettu altistumisia. Turun Sanomat. 10.10.2021.

Korona vie yhä enemmän sairaalaan: Satakunnassa joudutaan erityisjärjestelyihin. Hoitoon joutuvat ovat valtaosin rokottamattomia. Alle 60-vuotiaita lähes puolet. Kokemäkijokilaakson Uutiset. 10.10.2021.

Kraftig ökning av psykisk ohälsa under pandemin. Dagens Nyheter. 10.10.2021.

Sanna Marin otti riskin, joka näyttää toteutuneen – Tehohoidon ”kriittinen piste” alkaa lähestyä. Sanna Marinin hallitus purki viikko sitten isosti koronarajoituksia ja sen jälkeen tautiluvut kohosivat. Riski näyttää realisoituneen, mutta seuraako tästä rajoitusten palauttamisia, mistä STM jo vihjaisi? Viranomaiset ja pääministeri antavat nyt varsin erilaista viestiä tilanteesta. Mediuutiset. 9.10.2021.

IL-Analyysi: Ministeriö salaa Krista Kiurun koronasähköpostit – asiantuntija: “Epäuskottavaa ja ongelmallista”. (Ministeriö salaa koronapäätösten taustalla käydyn sähköpostikirjeenvaihdon, vaikka lain mukaan näin merkittävän viestinvaihdon kuuluisi olla julkista, kirjoittavat Mari Julku ja Sami Koski.  Pitkin koronataivalta on ihmetelty erityisesti perhe- ja peruspalveluministeri Krista Kiurun (sd) suurta valtaa rajoituspäätöksissä. Lukuisissa analyyseissä on kerrottu, kuinka Kiurun tahto tiukemmista rajoituksista on aina jyrännyt lievemmät näkökannat. Syyskuun viimeisenä päivänä tähän tuli muutos, kun ravintolarajoituksia lievennettiin reippaasti täysin yllättäen. Ilta-Sanomien mukaan pääministeri Sanna Marin (sd) oli alkanut ajaa ravintolarajoitusten purkua vasten Kiurun tahtoa. IS:n mukaan Kiuru on nyt ”yksin kuin haavoitettu eläin”. Hänen tukenaan on enää sosiaali- ja terveysministeriön (STM) niin kutsuttu ”nuiva kolmikko”. Siihen kuuluvat Iltalehdenkin sivuilla usein esiintyneet osastopäällikkö Taneli Puumalainen, strategiajohtaja Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki ja kansliapäällikkö Kirsi Varhila. Mutta minkälaista valtaa Kiuru on todella käyttänyt? Onko esimerkiksi THL:n mielipiteitä ohitettu? Vai ovatko Kiuru ja Varhila olleet samoilla linjoilla koronarajoitusten purkamisesta kuin esimerkiksi THL:n johtohahmot Markku Tervahauta ja Mika Salminen? Torstaina STM ja THL arvioivat, että rajoituksia purettiin liian aikaisin. Pääministeri Marin ei kuitenkaan allekirjoittanut näkemystä. Toisaalta esimerkiksi THL oli kuukautta aiemmin aivan toista mieltä. Sen mukaan rajoituksia olisi voitu purkaa asteittain jo syyskuun alussa. ). Iltalehti 9.10.2023.

Latviassa julistettiin kolmen kuukauden poikkeustila koronan takia. Kyseessä on kolmas kerta, kun Latviassa otetaan käyttöön poikkeustila koronapandemian takia. Poikkeustila koskee erityisesti rokottamattomia. HS. 9.10.2021.

Meilahden koronapotilaiden tehohoitopaikat ovat loppumassa – rokottamattomien asenne herättää tuskaa linjajohtajassa: “En enää keksi, miten voisi vaikuttaa”. Korona: Hus tehohoidon linjajohtaja Minna Bäcklund sanoo olevansa huolissaan rokottamattomien asenteesta. Leikkaukset siirtyvät, kun koronapotilaiden hoito vie paikat. Helsingin Uutiset. 9.10.2021.

They Had the Vaccines and a Plan to Reopen. Instead They Got Cold Feet. Singapore’s experience offers lessons for other countries that want to reduce pandemic restrictions but have yet to deal with widespread infections. NYT 8.10.2021.

COVID-19 is linked to new diabetes cases—but long-term problems could be more severe.
In addition to driving new cases of diabetes, the virus may be directly damaging the pancreas in ways that could lead to chronic inflammation and even cancer. National Geographic. 8.10.2021.

Physical, cognitive, and mental health impacts of COVID-19 after hospitalisation (PHOSP-COVID): a UK multicentre, prospective cohort study. Lancet. 7.10.2021.

Pfizer Asks F.D.A. to Authorize Its Covid-19 Vaccine for Children 5 to 11. The agency has promised to move quickly on the request and tentatively plans to meet on Oct. 26 to consider it. A decision could come soon after Halloween.NYT. 7.10.2021.

SARS-CoV-2 RNA in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of a Patient with Long COVID (...the first report to confirm the occurrence of SARS-COV-2 RNA in the CSF of a patient with long COVID specifically. This case raises the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 may persist in the central nervous system weeks after respiratory infection. / Further studies of SARS-CoV2 RNA, markers of inflammation, and neuronal damage in the CSF of patients with long COVID would be useful and should address the following questions:
– Is the CNS a possible reservoir of SARS-CoV-2 persistence, and if so, what are the consequences to the overall and neuropsychiatric health?
– With or without the contribution of viral persistence, what are the characteristics of the inflammatory response in the CNS and how can it be therapeutically addressed?
– Is there a clear clinical and physiological distinction between the post-COVID syndrome (the damage caused by the CNS inflammation during acute COVID-19) and long COVID, or is persistent inflammation with or without viral persistence necessary for long COVID to develop?). SACE Journals. 7.10.2021.;

SARS-CoV-2 emerging variants display enhanced syncytia formation. @IanRicksecker, Also worrisome are syncytia, where an infected cell extrudes its own spike protein and takes over its neighbors, fusing together to create a large multi-nucleus cell.  Delta’s particular aptitude for this may partly explain its severity. NewsMedical. 6.10.2021.

ECDC:n raportti: Suomi kuuluu maihin, joissa alhainen rokotustaso voi aiheuttaa tartuntojen lisääntymistä ja sairaaloiden kuormittumista. Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitoksen (THL) johtava asiantuntija Mia Kontio kertoo, ettei Suomen jääminen EU- ja ETA-maiden keskiarvon alle ollut yllätys. HS. 6.10.2021.

HS muuttaa koronauutisoinnin painopisteen pois tartuntamääristä kohti elämää koronan kanssa. ”Ylhäältä annetun luvan sijasta jokaisen pitää itse päättää, että nyt on turvallista elää enemmän. Korona loppuu siinä vaiheessa, kun kukin meistä itse päättää lakata pelkäämästä”, kirjoittaa HS:n toimituspäällikkö Esa Mäkinen. Helsingin Sanomat. 6.10.2021.

A clinical case definition of post COVID-19 condition by a Delphi consensus. WHO 6.10.2021.

Kannattaisiko rokotetun nyt altistaa itsensä koronalle? – “Tätä on mietitty”, toteaa ylilääkäri. Kaksi koronarokoteannosta antaa todennäköisesti hyvän suojan vakavaa tautia vastaan, mutta täydellinen turva se ei ole. Iltalehti. 5.10.2021.

Pääkaupunkiseudulle oma suositus: Käytä maskia julkisissa liikennevälineissä, ihmispaljoudessa ja sairaana. Helsinki, Espoo ja Vantaa luopuvat samalla päiväkotien, koulujen ja oppilaitosten altistumistietojen raportoinnista. YLE-Uutiset. 5.10.2021.

One-year Risks and Burdens of Incident Cardiovascular Disease in COVID-19: Cardiovascular Manifestations of Long COVID. Research Square. 5.10.2021.

Koronaepidemia voi poikia syöpärokotteen – ”Näitä ei olisi ikinä muuten syöpätutkimuksessa havaittu”, sanoo Docrateen ylilääkäri. Pfizerin ja Modernan koronarokotteesta tutusta mRNA-tekniikasta haetaan nyt apua vähän kaikkeen, vesikauhusta ja kystisestä fibroosista syöväntorjuntaan. Mediuutiset 4.10.2021.

COVID-19 Case Age Distribution: Correction for Differential Testing by Age (Adjustment for testing frequency provides a different picture of SARS-CoV-2 infection risk by age, suggesting that younger males are an underrecognized group at high risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection.). Annals of Internal Medicine. 4.10.2021.

THL-johtajan ja pääministerin ulostulot puhuttavat lääkäreitä: ”Viranomaisellakin on jo vähän hätä kädessä”. ”Tämä on marinilainen Suomi: arvoiltaan kova, lapsia, rokottamattomia ja sairaita sortava yhteiskunta. Rokotetuilla vain oikeuksia, ei mitään velvollisuuksia”, ylilääkäri Harri Tohmo kuvailee. Mediuutiset. 4.10.2021.

Study confirms SARS-CoV-2 transmission through aerosols, and effectiveness of masks in preventing transmission. Medical News Today. 4.10.2021.

Specific UV light wavelength could offer low-cost, safe way to curb COVID-19 spread. PhysOrg. 4.10.2021.

Detailed reconstruction of the Iranian COVID-19 epidemic reveals high attack rates of SARS-CoV-2 in several provinces. medRxiv. 4.10.2021.

Battling Delta, New Zealand Abandons Its Zero-Covid Ambitions. The country is changing course seven weeks into a lockdown that has failed to end the outbreak and tested the patience of many residents. NYT. 4.10.2021.

Israel Tightens COVID ‘Green Pass’ Rules, Sparking Protest. Israel has restricted its COVID Green Pass to allow only those who have received a vaccine booster dose or recently recuperated from coronavirus to enter indoor venues. US News and World Report. 3.10.2021.

The 2,000-year-old airborne disease theory that blinded Covid experts
As a result precautions such as wearing masks and better ventilation in public spaces were tragically delayed, says a new report. The Telegraph. 2.10.2021. The 2,000-year-old airborne disease theory that blinded Covid experts (

Pääministeri Marin kertoo Ylelle, miksi hallitus ohitti THL:n näkemyksen ravintoloista: “Rokotetuilla on täysi oikeus normaalimpaan elämään”. Sanna Marin myöntää, että ravintoloita koskevien koronarajoitusten reipas lieventäminen voi näkyä tautitapausten kasvuna. Hän ei kuitenkaan pidä koronatilannetta niin huonona, että entisille rajoituksille olisi perusteita. YLE Uutiset. 2.10.2021.

COVID-19 Associated Hepatitis in Children (CAH-C) during the second wave of SARS-CoV-2 infections in Central India: Is it a complication or transient phenomenon. MedRxiv. 2.10.2021.

Alberta acted like the pandemic was over. Now it’s a cautionary tale for Canada. Saskatchewan faces similar surge in hospitals, while Manitoba is at risk from low vaccination rates. CBC. 2.10.2021.

Efficacy of a Nasal Spray Containing Iota-Carrageenan in the Postexposure Prophylaxis of COVID-19 in Hospital Personnel Dedicated to Patients Care with COVID-19 Disease (e.g., Algovir, ViruSeptin, This is a pilot pragmatic multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study assessing the use of a nasal spray containing I-C in the prophylaxis of COVID-19 in hospital personnel dedicated to care of COVID-19 patients. Clinically healthy physicians, nurses, kinesiologists and other health care providers managing patients hospitalized for COVID-19 were assigned in a 1:1 ratio to receive four daily doses of I-C spray or placebo for 21 days. The primary end point was clinical COVID-19, as confirmed by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction testing, over a period of 21 days. The trial is registered at (NCT04521322). / A total of 394 individuals were randomly assigned to receive I-C or placebo. Both treatment groups had similar baseline characteristics. The incidence of COVID-19 differs significantly between subjects receiving the nasal spray with I-C (2 of 196 [1.0%]) and those receiving placebo (10 of 198 [5.0%]). Relative risk reduction: 79.8% (95% CI 5.3 to 95.4; p=0.03). Absolute risk reduction: 4% (95% CI 0.6 to 7.4).). Int J Gen Med. 1.10.2021. doi: 10.2147/IJGM.S328486

Exhaled particles from nanometre to millimetre and their origin in the human respiratory tract. medRxiv. 1.10.2021.

The durability of immunity against reinfection by SARS-CoV-2: a comparative evolutionary study. Lancet Microbe. 1.10.2021.

Covid-19: Lancet investigation into origin of pandemic shuts down over bias risk. BMJ. 1.10.2021.

U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 700,000 Despite Wide Availability of Vaccines. The latest Covid-19 deaths were concentrated in the South, and included more younger people than before. Every age group under 55 saw its highest death toll of the pandemic this August. NYT. 1.10.2021.

Monitoraggio Fase 2. Report settimanale. Report 72. Sintesi nazionale. ISS. 1.10.2021.

Tyksissä jouduttiin perumaan leikkauksia, sillä teholla oli rokottamattomia koronapotilaita. Turun Sanomat. 1.10.2021.

Vaccinating against covid and flu at same time is safe, study shows. BMJ. 1.10.2021.

Merck and Ridgeback’s Investigational Oral Antiviral Molnupiravir Reduced the Risk of Hospitalization or Death by Approximately 50 Percent Compared to Placebo for Patients with Mild or Moderate COVID-19 in Positive Interim Analysis of Phase 3 Study. MERCK. 1.10.2021.

SARS-CoV-2 infections elicit higher levels of original antigenic sin antibodies compared to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations. MedRxiv. 1.10.2021.

In Portugal, There Is Virtually No One Left to Vaccinate. Portugal is among the most highly vaccinated countries in the world. Vice Adm. Henrique Gouveia e Melo, who led the campaign, said there was a key to his success: Keep politics out of it. NYT. 1.10.2021.

October 1-10

Reliability of COVID- 19 symptom checkers as national triage tools: an international case comparison study. BMJ. 30.9.2021. extension://elhekieabhbkpmcefcoobjddigjcaadp/

COVID-19 Tutkimuskatsaus 11/2021. Koronakriisiin liittyviä ajankohtaisia tutkimustuloksia maailmalta ja Suomesta. Valtioneuvosto. 30.9.2021.

Upgrading PPE for staff working on COVID-19 wards cut hospital-acquired infections dramatically. When Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge upgraded its face masks for staff working on COVID-19 wards to filtering face piece 3 (FFP3) respirators, it saw a dramatic fall – up to 100% – in hospital-acquired SARS-CoV-2 infections among these staff. University of Cambridge. 29.9.2021.

What are the long-term effects of COVID-19?
What we know
Mild and moderate cases
Severe cases
Mental health
Treatment and support
Chronic fatigue syndrome
When to seek help
Most people who develop coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) recover within 2–6 weeks, but some experience lasting symptoms. Others with severe COVID-19 may develop complications, require rehabilitation after a hospital stay, or both. Medical News Today. 29.9.2021.

DNA vs. mRNA vaccines: Similarities and differences
DNA and RNA vaccines use genetic material to deliver information to human cells and elicit an immune response. DNA vaccines are safe, easy, affordable to produce, and, unlike RNA vaccines, are stable at room temperature. These attributes make them more promising for rapidly immunizing populations, especially in resource-limited settings. Medical News Today. 28.9.2021.

Evolving phenotypes of non-hospitalized patients that indicate long COVID. BMC Medicine. 27.9.2021.

Yhdysvaltalaistutkimus: Näin koulujen maski­pakko suojasi lapsia korona­virukselta. Yhdysvaltain tautikeskus CDC julkaisi perjantaina kaksi tutkimusta, jotka käsittelevät maskien käyttöä kouluissa. IS. 25.9.2021.

U.S. schools with mask requirements are seeing fewer outbreaks, the C.D.C. finds. NYT. 24.9.2021.

Association Between K-12 School Mask Policies and School-Associated COVID-19 Outbreaks – Maricopa and Pima Counties, Arizona, June-August 2021. CDC. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). 24.9.2021.

Pediatric COVID-19 Cases in Counties With and Without School Mask Requirements — United States, July 1–September 4, 2021. CDC. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). 24.9.2021.

Pääministeri Marin oli keväällä “aika väsynyt” mutta IS haasattelussa hänellä on kansalle vapauden viesti – korona on pian selätetty: “Nyt sa mennä, kokea ja tehdä”. … mutta nyt hänestä [Sanna Marin] jokaisen suomalaisen on aika palata normaaliin elämään. Marinin tuoreimman arvion mukaan rajoitukset voidaan purkaa jo muutaman viikon päästä. ilta=sanomat. 24.9.2021.

Epidemia COVID-19. Aggiornamento nazionale 22 settembre 2021 – ore 12:00. ISS. 24.9.2021.

New ease of measures announced: The new rules were announced on 23 September by the Prime Minister, António Costa, at the end of the Ministers meeting in which it was decided that Portugal will enter in the third and last phase of the ease of lockdown plan approved on 29 July. Find out everything you need to know about the new measures. The Portugal News. 23.9.2021.

SARS-CoV-2 infection causes immunodeficiency in recovered patients by downregulating CD19 expression in B cells via enhancing B-cell metabolism. Nature. 22.9.2021.

COVID-19 clinical trials: learning from exceptions in the research chaos. nature medicine. 22.9.2020.

New Zealand growth in Q2 2021 confirms the Zero-Covid strategy outperforms the mitigation strategy of the G10 countries: 44 times less deaths, pre-crisis GDP exceeded, mobility and daily freedoms better preserved. Institut Economique Molinari. 21.9.2021.


September 21-30

Coronaviruses with a SARS-CoV-2-like receptor-binding domain allowing ACE2-mediated entry into human cells isolated from bats of Indochinese peninsula. ResearchSquare. 17.9.2021.

Cognitive and Psychological Sequelae of COVID-19: Age Differences in Facing the Pandemic. Frontiers in Psychiatry. 16.9.2021.

Muistio paljastaa: Näin THL ja STM kävivät kiistaa Suomen hybridi­strategiasta. THL toi muistiossa esille huolensa siitä, onko STM arvioinut muuttuneessa tilanteessa riittävästi erilaisten rajoitustoimien oikeasuhtaisuutta ja välttämättömyyttä. Ilta=Sanomat. 16.9.2022.

A clinical case definition of post COVID-19 condition by a Delphi consensus. WHO 6.10.2021.

Post-COVID Conditions. CDC.16.9.2021.

EXCLUSIVE WHO-backed vaccine hub for Africa to copy Moderna COVID-19 shot. Reuters. 15.9.2021.

Social network-based cohorting to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in secondary schools: A simulation study in classrooms of four European countries (We find that cohorting reduces the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in classrooms. Relative to random cohorting, network-based strategies further reduce infections and quarantines when transmission dynamics are strong. In particular, network-based cohorting inhibits superspreading in classrooms. Cohorting that explicitly minimizes cross-cohort contacts is most effective, but approximation based on chained nominations and classroom division by gender also outperform random cohorting. Every-second-week instruction in-person contains outbreaks more effectively than daily in-person instruction of both cohorts.). Lancet Regional Health – Europe. September 2021.

Successful control of COVID-19 outbreak through tracing, testing, and isolation: Lessons learned from the outbreak control efforts made in a metropolitan city of South Korea. Journal of Infection and Public Health. nn.9.2021.

Why are Covid vaccine boosters needed and who in the UK will receive them?
Britain is joining nine other countries that have announced similar programmes offering an additional jab. FT. 14.9.2021.

11% of Israeli kids who got virus now suffer from ‘long COVID’ – study. Health Ministry survey finds 30% of those with long-term effects have cognitive, mental health issues, but cautions these can also be attributed to lockdowns, school closures, war. The Times of Israel. 14.9.2021.

Model-driven mitigation measures for reopening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic (For both primary and secondary schools, the risk of an outbreak increases as cases in the surrounding community rise. One of the most effective ways to safely reopen schools is by controlling COVID-19 in the community. Surveillance should be in place to monitor levels of community transmission, and schools should be prepared to respond flexibly.
Our model suggests that, under certain parameters, it may become difficult or impossible to keep the probability of outbreaks low across the schools of an entire district. Tripwire strategies may be necessary under these circumstances.). PNAS. 13.9.2021.

Covid-19 and the new merchants of doubt. How best can scientists push back against science denialist campaigns? David Gorski and Gavin Yamey suggest some evidence based strategies. BMJ. 13.9.2021.

Genetic emergence of B.1.617.2 in COVID-19. New Microbes and New Infections NN.9.2021.

September 11-20


Kommentti: Kuka jatkossa saa hoitoa? STM:n tuleva kansliapäällikkö sanoi sen, mitä muut eivät uskalla. Kirsi Varhila ansaitsee kiitosta rohkeudestaan. Hän nosti esiin asian, joka on poliittisesti tulenarka ja siksi siitä ollaan hiljaa, kirjoittaa erikoistoimittaja Heidi Hagelin. IS. 10.9.2021.

Keskustelun koronatesteistä tulee perustua tutkimusnäyttöön
Pikatestit löytävät koronavirusta tartuttavat yksilöt paremmin kuin Suomessa on ymmärretty. Kuka tartutti kenet -strategiasta voitaisiin siirtyä tartuntojen ennaltaehkäisyyn. Lääkärilehti. 8.9.2021.

Dose-dependent COVID-19 symptoms. (COVID-19 presentation varies widely between individuals, ranging from asymptomatic to life-threatening infection. Several host and viral factors have been shown to influence disease penetrance and severity. In addition, the infectious dose has also been speculated to have a role. Dabisch et al. show in a SARS-CoV-2 challenge study of 16 cynomolgus macaques that the infectious dose indeed influences symptom development and seroconversion. They used aerosolized virus at different concentrations and found that low doses could lead to seroconversion and virus replication in the respiratory tract without symptom development, such as fever, whereas higher doses produced fever, which suggest that low infectious doses might be associated with asymptomatic infection.)nature reviews microbiology. 7.9.2021.

Unmasking the mask studies: why the effectiveness of surgical masks in preventing respiratory infections has been underestimated [(1) masks protect against respiratory infections and (2) non-linear effects must be taken into account]. J Travel Med. 6.9.2021.

Toimintasuunnitelma COVID-19 -epidemian hillinnän hybridistrategian toteuttamiseksi 2021-22. Luonnos 6.9.2021. VNK.

HS muuttaa koronauutisoinnin painopisteen pois tartuntamääristä kohti elämää koronan kanssa
”Ylhäältä annetun luvan sijasta jokaisen pitää itse päättää, että nyt on turvallista elää enemmän. Korona loppuu siinä vaiheessa, kun kukin meistä itse päättää lakata pelkäämästä”, kirjoittaa HS:n toimituspäällikkö Esa Mäkinen.. Helsingin sanomat. 6.9.2021.

THL:n Salminen: Pandemian loppusuora häämöttää – paluuta koviin rajoituksiin tuskin tullaan näkemään. THL:n Mika Salmisen mukaan rokotekattavuus on nyt tärkein epidemiatilanteesta kertova mittari, ja päivittäisten koronalukujen raportoinnista voitaisiin jo luopua. Paluu normaaliin häämöttää jo, sillä ensi viikolla Suomeen on tullut riittävästi rokotteita 80 prosentin rokotekattavuuden saavuttamiseksi. YLE. 5.9.2021.

THL- Mika Salminen Ylelle: Meidän ei hirveästi tarvitse huolehtia koronapandemiasta täällä Suomessa enää (Salmisen mukaan rokotekattavuus on jo pian niin korkea, että Suomessa voidaan palata “aika normaaliin”. – Käyttäisin tässä ehkä urheiluvertausta. Olemme varmaan lähteneet viimeiselle kierrokselle ja takasuoralla ehkä jopa ollaan jo. Käytännössä olemme niin lähellä hyvää rokotekattavuuta, että meidän ei hirveästi tarvitse enää huolehtia pandemiasta täällä kotimaassa. – Ihan kuukauden parin sisällä meillä rokotekattavuus on sillä mallilla, että voidaan varmasti palata aika normaaliin.). MTV-Uutiset. 4.9.2021.

Total Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Measured 6 Months After Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccination in Healthcare Workers.  SSRN. 3.9.2021.

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Has Covid ended the neoliberal era? The year 2020 exposed the risks and weaknesses of the market-driven global system like never before. It’s hard to avoid the sense that a turning point has been reached. Guardian. 2.9.2021.

Risk factors and disease profile of post-vaccination SARS-CoV-2 infection in UK users of the COVID Symptom Study app: a prospective, community-based, nested, case-control study. @IanRicksecker … finding contradicts the findings from the UK Zoe app study, which found that “the odds of having symptoms for 28 days or more after post-vaccination infection were approximately halved by having two vaccine doses.” LANCET Infectious Diseases. 1.9.2021.

September 1-10

Airborne transmission of respiratory viruses. Science . 27.8.2021.

SARS-CoV-2 infection of the central nervous system in a 14-month-old child: A case report of a complete autopsy. @IanRicksecker, An autopsy of a 14-month-old at Brazil’s Federal University of Rio de Janeiro found that “The brain exhibited severe atrophy and neuronal loss.” Lancet Regional Health Americas. 27.8.2021.

Mitigating COVID-19 outbreaks in workplaces and schools by hybrid telecommuting (In this paper, we simulate SARS-CoV-2 transmission and assess the epidemiological impact of various telecommuting strategies. Our study goes beyond previous work by modeling the fine-grained spreading effects of Sars-Cov2, using real-world contact networks at a workplace, a primary school and a high school. To summarize, our results highlight that (1) when is moderately high, all the hybrid telecommuting strategies considered reduce it to less than 1, and the choice between them should primarily be done on the basis of practical considerations. (2) To help prevent dissemination of the disease, it is preferable to alternate over longer periods (weekly rather than daily), but the difference is so slight that practical, psychological, and other considerations should determine the alternation time. In future work, it might be interesting to incorporate the real-life networks as blocks within larger synthetic networks for simulations at larger scales of society.). PLOS Computational Biology. 26.8.2021.

IL-TV SENSUROIMATON PÄIVÄRINTA: Suojateho hiipuu – kolmas rokoteannos Suomeenkin? THL:n ylilääkäri: “Siltä se valitettavasti näyttää” (Sensuroimattomassa Päivärinnassa nähdään vieraana THL:n ylilääkäri ja rokotevastaava Hanna Nohynek.          P. Voitaisiinko tehdä samalla tavalla kuin Britit ja avata yhteiskunta?” N. “Ei ihan vielä… Lokakuun loppuun mennessä kaikki jotka ovat halunneet kaksi annosta ovat sen saaneet – paitsi alle 12 v.” “Ei ole vielä riittävästi näyttöä siitä kuinka luonnon uudelleen kohtaaminen, kuinka hyvän lisäsuojan se antaisi” “tulevaisuudessa me saadaan joko luonnon tehostamista tai sitten me saadaan jonkinlainen uusi räätälöity rokote“). Iltalehti. 25.8.2021.

When it comes to staff safety during the pandemic, the buck stops with chief executives. One of the main preventive roles of occupational health experts in the pandemic is, or should have been, to advise and support managers/employers in risk management and control both as regards compliance with legal duties on health and safety. HSJ Wilmington Healthcare. 24.8.2021.

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A microscopic video shows the coronavirus on the rampage. @IanRicksecker, And, yes, syncytia formation can happen in neurons. For our visual learners, here is video of syncytia and apoptosis (cell death) in a (bat) brain: NYT. 22.8.2021.

Persistent clotting protein pathology in Long COVID/Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) is accompanied by increased levels of antiplasmin. Cardiovascular Diabetology. 23.8.2021.

COVID-19-associated hyperinflammation and escalation of patient care: a retrospective longitudinal cohort study. Lancet. 21.8.2021

Intelligence Review Yields No Firm Conclusion on Origins of Coronavirus. Declassified portions of a report presented to President Biden revealed divisions among federal agencies over whether the virus came from a lab leak or emerged more naturally. NYTimes. 21.08.2021.

August 21 – 31

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Persistent Exertional Intolerance After COVID-19. Insights From Invasive Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing. @IanRicksecker These patients are struggling with real physical issues. This Yale study demonstrated reduced aerobic capacity, oxygen extraction. and ventilatory efficiency in “mild” COVID patients even after recovery from their acute infection. CHEST Journal. 10.8.2021.

August 11 – 20

We Studied One Million Students. This Is What We Learned About Masking. New York Times. 10.8.2021.

Moderna may be superior to Pfizer against Delta; breakthrough odds rise with time. Reuters. 9.8.2021.

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KOTIMAA: Laumasuojateoria romahti, Suomessa suhde maskeihin mullistui yhdessä kesässä – näin tieto koronasta on muuttunut . Kiinan Wuhanista vuoden 2019 lopulla levinneeseen virukseen on liitetty useita harhaluuloja. Ilta=sanomat. 8.8.2021.

Viral infection and transmission in a large well-traced outbreak caused by the Delta SARS-CoV-2 variant. 7.8.2021.

Pediatricians plead with FDA to move quickly on Covid vaccine for kids
“The delta variant has created a new and pressing risk to children and adolescents across this country,” president of the leading pediatricians group wrote. NBC News. 7.8.2021.

The Pandemic Will End The Only Way It Can — The Hard Way. We still haven’t learned. Medium. 7.8.2021.

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Worauf warten Sie noch? Das ausgebuchte Impfzentrum ist keine Ausrede mehr – Ihre Hausärztin müsste längst Impfstoff für Sie haben. Zehn Gründe, mit der Corona-Impfung nicht länger zu warten. Zeit OnLine. 5.8.2021.

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Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 in a non-hospitalized cohort: Results from the Arizona CoVHORT. @IanRicksecker The CoVHORT study, limited to non-hospitalized patients in Arizona – “mild” cases – found a 68% prevalence of 1 or more Covid symptom after 30 days, rising to 77% after 60 days. PLOS ONE. 4.8.2021.

Where will you need a covid passport? Proof of vaccination or recovery from infection is increasingly being demanded, not just for international travel but also within countries. Economist. 4.8.2021.

Asiantuntija penää selkeää linjaa: Mikä on ”riittävä rokotekattavuus” ja ”hyväksyttävä määrä” tartuntoja? Virustutkija Tuomas Aivelon mukaan kukaan ei tunnu tietävän, millainen rokotekattavuus olisi riittävä. Iltalehti. 4.8.2021.

Wuhan back in spotlight as China’s Delta variant challenge grows
China reports 328 locally transmitted cases in July — equal to previous five months’ total. AA. 3.8.2021.

The association of opening K–12 schools with the spread of COVID-19 in the United States: County-level panel data analysis. PNAS. 3.8.2021.

THL:n Mika Salmisen arvio: Tällainen on Suomen uusi koronastrategia. Suomen uusi koronastrategia saattaa muistuttaa aiemmin käytössä ollutta hybridimallia, mutta luvassa on myös merkittäviä muutoksia aiempaan. Ilta=sanomat. 3.8.2021.

Lapsi­asia­valtuutettu vaatii kouluihin muutoksia koronan takia: “Herkästi tarttuvat virus­muunnokset herättävät pelkoa”. Moitteita saa myös muun muassa lapsille ja nuorille suunnattu viestintä. Ilta=sanomat. 3.8.2021.

Kainuun sote testasi 74 ulkomaalaisen marjanpoimijan ryhmän: tartuntoja löytyi 44
Ulkomaalaisten marjanpoimijoiden ryhmässä 44 koronatartuntaa Kainuussa. Iltalehti. 3.8.2021.

SARS-CoV-2 infects human pancreatic β cells and elicits β cell impairment. Cell Metabolism (Diabetes). 3.8.2021.

What is the newly found COVID-19 ‘Epsilon variant’ in Pakistan? – Details inside. New Epsilon variant found in Pakistan in its fourth wave amid the surge of COVID-19 cases.DNA India. 2.8.2021.

Text-message nudges encourage COVID vaccination. A field trial shows that text-message ‘nudges’ encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. To be effective, nudge approaches such as this must combine three aspects: they must prompt, enable and motivate behaviour. Nature. 2.8.2021.

Delta infections among vaccinated likely contagious; Lambda variant shows vaccine resistance in lab. Reuters. 2.8.2021.

Suojaako jo yksi rokote pitkittyneeltä koronalta? Asiantuntijat vastaavat. Long covidin eli pitkittyneen koronan mahdollisuus mietityttää monia. Asiantuntijat kertovat, mitä nyt tiedetään rokotteiden tehosta sitä vastaan. Iltalehti. 2.8.2021.

Microbiologist Elisabeth Bik queried Covid research – that’s when the abuse and trolling began. Bik’s home address was posted on Twitter and she faced a barrage of attacks after dissecting a paper endorsing hydroxychloroquine as treatment. Guardian. 2.8.2021.

Lääkärit huolissaan koulujen alkamisen riskeistä: ”Oppivelvollisten sairastuttaminen olisi vastuutonta ja typerää”. Uusi Suomi. 1.8.2021.

Brittiasiantuntijat varoittavat: Englannin puolittuneet koronatartunnat eivät välttämättä kerro todellisesta tilanteesta – tässä syy. mtv-uutiset. 1.8.2021.

Florida, COVID-19 epicentre in the U.S., breaks record with more than 21,000 new cases.
Sunshine State accounts for about a fifth of all new coronavirus cases in the country. CBC News. 1.8.2021.

Nyssessä ei toistaiseksi oteta maskipakkoa uudestaan käyttöön – poistettiin juuri ennen kuin tartuntatapaukset alkoivat jyrkästi nousta: ”Ajoitus ei ollut täydellinen”
Maskipakkoa ei oteta uudestaan käyttöön, koska sen teho ei olisi enää yhtä suuri kuin aiemmin. Aamulehti. 1.8.2021.

Mask Mandates Save Lives. IMF Working Paper WP/21/205 nn.8.2021

In Provincetown 14 friends nab covid in a show of Delta’s might. Bloomberg. 1.8.2021.

Miten Suomi päätti voittaa koronan. Adlibris. 1.8.2021.

August 1-10

Miksi korona ei ryöpsähdä Afrikassa? Viisi koronamysteeriä, jotka ovat vailla vastauksia
Tartuntatautien tutkimuskeskuksen johtajan mukaan virus ei ole levinnyt odotetusti. ILtalehti. 31.7.2021.

Porilaistaustainen erikoislääkäri Maria Juusela pitää ministereiden lähikoulupuhetta edesvastuuttomana – lapset etäkouluun ja kaikki rokotuksiin: ”Kuka ottaa vastuun, jos vanhempi kieltää lapselta koronarokotteen ja tämä sairastuu vakavasti?
Keuhkosairauksiin erikoistunut erikoislääkäri Maria Juusela varoittaa koronarokotusten viivyttelystä, sillä nuorten ja rokottamattomien osuus sairaalahoidossa kasvaa. Nuoria on jo nyt tehohoidossa ja puolet lievänkin koronan saaneista nuorista kärsii tutkimusten mukaan long covid -oireista. Satakunnan Kansa. 31.7.2021.

Yli 20 uutta tartuntaa rippileirillä levinneestä koronaryppäästä – altistuneiden määrää lähes mahdoton arvioida. Koronavirus ehti levitä rippileirillä tehokkaasti. Lääkäri epäilee, että lähes kaikki leirille osallistuneet ovat voineet sairastua. YLE-Uutiset. 31.7.2021.

”FFP2-suojain on ainoa tapa, jolla omaa turvallisuuttaan voi parantaa” – Deltavariantti leviää helposti myös ulkona, asian­tuntija kertoo, miten se on syytä huomioida
Deltavariantti tarttuu aiempia variantteja herkemmin myös ulkotiloissa. Asiantuntija neuvoo hyödyntämään tupakansavu­sääntöä ja käyttämään maskia, jos etäisyyttä ei voi pitää. Helsingin Sanomat. 31.7.2021.

Evidence of lung perfusion defects and ongoing inflammation in an adolescent with post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Lancet. 30.7.2021.

CDC document warns Delta variant appears to spread as easily as chickenpox and cause more severe infection. CNN Politics. 30.7.2021.

Vaccinated People May Spread the Virus, Though Rarely, C.D.C. Reports
The agency cited an outbreak in Provincetown, Mass., in which most of the infected were immunized. An internal C.D.C. document paints an even more harrowing picture. New York Times. 30.7.2021.

FFP3 masks: study shows they significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. Royal College of Nursing. 29.7.2021.


Covid-19 linked to cognitive decline, acceleration of Alzheimer’s-like symptoms, research finds. CNN Heakth. 29.7.2021.

An outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant (B.1.617.2) in a secondary care hospital in Finland, May 2021. Eurosurveilance. 29.7.2021.

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New study finds COVID-19 can cause changes in brain that mimic Alzheimer’s disease. FOX9. 29.7.2021.

Was there a COVID-19 harvesting effect in Northern Italy? in: Associazione iitaliana di scienze regionali 61/2021 Regions between challenges and unexpected opportunities. 28.7.2021. []

SARS-CoV-2 Lambda variant exhibits higher infectivity and immune resistance. bioRxiv. 28.7.2021.

Israeli hospitals reopen their coronavirus wards as serious cases mount
Number of serious patients reaches 153, having more than doubled in a week, Health Ministry data shows. The Times of Israel. 28.7.2021.

Texas doctor warns COVID-19 cases are rising among children. Some are on ventilators. The Hill. 28.7.2021.

Hoitoalalla työskentelevä nainen järkyttyi Tikkurila Festivaalilla – Turvaväleistä ei puhettakaan, maskeja ei yleisössä kellään. Vantaan Sanomat. 27.7.2021.

COVID-19 false dichotomies and a comprehensive review of the evidence regarding public health, COVID-19 symptomatology, SARS-CoV-2 transmission, mask wearing, and reinfection. @IanRicksecker It’s even good for the economy: “Globally, economic contraction and growth closely mirror increases and decreases in COVID-19 cases… Public health strategies that reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission also safeguard the economy.” BMC Infectious Diseases. 27.7.2021.

COVID-19-infektioon liittyvä lasten hyperinflammatorinen oireyhtymä. Duodecim. 27.7.2021.

UPDATE week to 26-July. Childhood COVID, England. @jneill. 26.7.2021.

Long COVID cases among children and pediatric death toll rise globally. World Socialist Web Site. 26.7.2021.

Biden says ‘long COVID’ patients could qualify for having disability. UPI. 26.10.2021.

Doctors Worry That Memory Problems After COVID-19 May Set The Stage For Alzheimer’s. NPR. 26.7.2021.

Guidance on “Long COVID” as a Disability Under the ADA, Section 504, and Section 1557. U.S.Dept Health and Human Services. 26.7.2022.

COVID-19 linked to ‘substantial’ drop in intelligence, new research finds
People who had been hospitalised and put on a ventilator saw the biggest deficit in the Great British Intelligence Test – equivalent to a seven-point drop in IQ. Sky news. (Long COVID)  26.7.2021.

The mystery of COVID-19 reinfections: A global systematic review and meta-analysis of 577 cases. medRxiv. 25.7.2021.

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Falling off the cliff: Mythical sacrifice mirrored in Sweden’s COVID-19 response. AAGE. 23.7.2021.

SARS-COV-2 Delta variant now dominant in much of the European Region and efforts must be reinforced to prevent transmission, warn WHO/Europe and ECDC. ECDC. 23.7.2021.

Cognitive deficits in people who have recovered from COVID-19. @IanRicksecker, That seems to explain why there is evidence of persistent cognitive deficits in people who have recovered from SARS-CoV2 infection in Great Britain. EClinicakMedicine. 22.7.2021.

Short Report on Long COVID. This report is provided at the request of SAGE and includes information from ongoing studies investigating long COVID including the COVID-19 Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing National Core. Study-CONVALESCENCE Study, REACT-2, PHOSP-COVID, ONS’s COVID-19 Infection Survey (CIS) and the COVID Symptom Study App. ONS. 22.7.2021.

Hospital length of stay for COVID-19 patients: Data-driven methods for forward planning. BMC Infectious Diseases. 22.7.2022.

We’re Zeroing In On the ‘Holy Grail’ of COVID-19 Immunity. There’s no good way of measuring whether your vaccine worked—yet. Atlantic. 21.7.2021.

CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel For Emergency Use Only:Instructions for Use. 21.7.2021.

Cognitive deficits in people who have recovered from COVID-19. Lancet. 21.7.2021.

July 21 – 31

COVID-19 Transmission during Transportation of 1st to 12th Grade Students: Experience of an Independent School in Virginia (A total of 39 individuals were present on buses during their COVID-19 infectious period, which resulted in the quarantine of 52 students. Universal testing and contact tracing revealed no transmission linked to bus transportation. This study demonstrates a model for the safe operation of school buses while near capacity. COVID-19 transmission can be low during student transport when employing mitigation including simple ventilation, and universal masking, at minimal physical distances and during the highest community transmission.). Journal of School Health. 20.7.2021.


Covid: ‘Beware Of Epsilon Variant, Risk Of Infection Even For Immunised People’. Epsilon variant of Covid: only two cases, in Italy, already isolated. Emergency LIVE. 19.7.2021.

‘Acute Covid’ spreading in young people can ‘rip through their organs’, expert warns
Professor Calum Semple has warned that while they may not be at risk of death, young people could be “damaged” by the devastating effects of acute Covid on their organs. Mirror. 15.7.2021.

Beyond the new normal: Assessing the feasibility of vaccine-based suppression of SARS-CoV-2 (Our modeling points to the feasibility of complete SARS-CoV-2 suppression with high population-level compliance and vaccines that are highly effective at reducing SARS-CoV-2 infection. Notably, vaccine-mediated reduction of transmission is critical for viral suppression, and in order for partially-effective vaccines to play a positive role in SARS-CoV-2 suppression, complementary biomedical interventions and public health measures must be deployed simultaneously.). PLOS ONE. 16.7.2021.

Air pollution, racial disparities, and COVID-19 mortality. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. NN.7.2021.

Assessing school-based policy actions for COVID-19: An agent-based analysis of incremental infection risk (The information provided in this work could provide school and university administrators with information that will allow them to tradeoff the benefit of infection risk reduction with the cost of implementation and hence identify the best portfolio of interventions for their specific setting. In addition, the proposed model has applicability in other settings including policies to reduce the spread of tuberculosis in clinics in resource constrained countries that do not have the resources to effectively isolate infected patients, and the spread of other infectious disease outbreaks in closed settings such as measles.).  Computers in Biology and Medicine. July 2021.

Presence of SARS-CoV-2 Aerosol in Residences of Adults with COVID-19. Annals of American Thoracic Society. nn.7.2021.

Kaikkien koronatartuntojen estäminen rajoituksilla on mahdotonta, sanoo THL:n Hanna Nohynek: ”Olemme kohta kuin Pohjois-Koreassa”
Emeritusprofessori Matti Jantunen on toista mieltä: hänestä rajoitusten purku olisi kuin sallisi humalassa ajamisen. Yhteiskunnan avaamisen aikataulu on arvokysymys. Suomen Kuvalehti. 14.7.2021.

Lloyds pulls nasal spray over ‘bold’ Covid claims (LloydsPharmacy has “paused” sales of a £15 nasal spray that claims to neutralise the coronavirus before it can make people ill, as concerns are raised about the “bold” nature of these claims. Starpharma claims its product Viraleze, which contains astodrimer sodium and was stocked exclusively in LloydsPharmacy stores from late March, can “irreversibly inactivate” almost 100 per cent of SARS-CoV-2 within one minute.). Pharmacy Magazine. 13.7.2021.

THL:n Salminen: ”Elämä palaa vanhoille raiteille” – lohduttava viesti suomalaisille
THL:n johtaja Mika Salmisen mukaan edessämme on paluu aivan normaaliin arkeemme, ei uuteen normaaliin. TERVEYS. 12.7.2021.

A Molecular Basis of Long COVID-19. Cell. 12.7.2021.

OpenABM-Covid19—An agent-based model for non-pharmaceutical interventions against COVID-19 including contact tracing. PLOS. 12.7.2021.

Coronavirus: Hong Kong study shows significant percentage of recovered patients struggle with memory loss, depression.  South China Morning Post. 12.7.2021.

July 11-20

NIH study associates COVID-19 surges with mortality increases for patients (Long COVID). NIH. 8.7.2021.

Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild coronavirus symptoms. UK neurologists publish details of mildly affected or recovering Covid-19 patients with serious or potentially fatal brain conditions. Guardian. 8.7.2020.

A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of ‘Long COVID’
We need to plan for a future where millions of survivors are chronically ill. Scientific American. 6.7.2021.

7-1-7: an organising principle, target, and accountability metric to make the world safer from pandemics. Lancet. 6.7.2021.

COVID and the brain: researchers zero in on how damage occurs. Growing evidence suggests that the coronavirus causes ‘brain fog’ and other neurological symptoms through multiple mechanisms.  @IanRicksecker, If you’re interested in further understanding the host of neurological symptoms and the mechanisms underlying them, this Nature article is an excellent primer: Nature. 7.7.2021.

A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of ‘Long COVID’. We need to plan for a future where millions of survivors are chronically ill. @IanRicksecker, Since our vaccines don’t stop transmission, and don’t appear to stop long-term illness, a “vaccination only” strategy is not going to be sufficient to prevent mass disability. This isn’t something we want to expose our kids to. Scientific American. 6.7.2021.

Testicular pathology in fatal COVID-19: A descriptive autopsy study. @IanRicksecker, The brain isn’t the only organ affected: Testicular pathology has found evidence of “SARS-Cov-2 antigen in Leydig cells, Sertoli cells, spermatogonia, and fibroblasts” in post-morten examination. Andrology. 1.7.2021.

July 1-10

COVID-19 and Human Rights. Routleg. 30.6.2021.

A New Covid-19 Myth? A correspondent suggested I should have known that the pandemic was over months ago. That’s obviously a myth. But where did that idea come from (…I mentioned that bad news along with this good news: “Pandemic death rates are declining. On June 13, there were 105 new deaths confirmed in the U.S. compared to 6,000 deaths per day a year ago.” In response, I got a surprising email saying the pandemic has been over for months, and suggesting I would have known that had my MD degree not been “from Walgreen’s U”. I was flabbergasted….)? Science Based Medicine.


FFP3 masks: study shows they significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. Royal College of Nursing. 29.6.2021.

Covid: Masks upgrade cuts infection risk, research finds (The quality of face masks healthcare workers wear makes a huge difference to their risk of coronavirus infection, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust research has found. Wearing a high grade mask known as an FFP3 can provide up to 100% protection. By contrast, there is a far greater chance of staff wearing standard issue surgical masks catching the virus.). BBC News. 29.6.2021.

Ivermectin for the Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. IDSA 28.6.2021.

Physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent person-to-person transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis [N95 > MMask > distancing (1+m) > eye protect]. Lancet. 27.6.2020.


Using mixed-effects modeling to estimate decay kinetics of response to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Antibody Therapeutics. 25.6.2021.

Long COVID in a prospective cohort of home-isolated patients. @IanRicksecker Despite a different definition of “symptoms”, the Bergen study in Norway found that 61% of patients had symptoms after six months, including 52% of patients aged 16-30 years who had not been hospitalized. Nature Medicine. 23.6.2021.

Dysregulation of brain and choroid plexus cell types in severe COVID-19. @IanRicksecker A joint study by Stanford and Germany’s Saarland University found inflammation in the brain, and “show[ed] that peripheral T cells infiltrate the parenchyma.” Nature. 21.6.2021.

Longitudinal Assessment of Diagnostic Test Performance Over the Course of Acute SARS-CoV-2 Infection. IDSA. 20.6.2021.

Long COVID: cognitive complaints (brain fog) and dysfunction of the cingulate cortex. Journal of Neurology. 18.6.2021.

Low In-School COVID-19 Transmission and Asymptomatic Infection Despite High Community Prevalence (Universal masking was required for all ages of students and faculty/staff and is a key component in the mitigation of COVID-19 spread.11,17 The only in-school transmission in our study was among a cluster in prekindergarten, which was traced to poor adherence with masking. In response to this early cluster of cases, the school converted to virtual learning for 2 weeks and enforced strict masking on return. No further in-school transmission was detected, including among the youngest children. School outbreaks in Israel and North Carolina similarly have been attributed to an absence of face coverings). Journal of Pediatrics. 15.6.2021.

Why are women more prone to long Covid? While men over 50 tend to suffer the most acute symptoms of coronavirus, women who get long Covid outnumber men by as much as four to one. Guardian. 13.6.2021.

Breathing, speaking, coughing or sneezing: What drives transmission of SARS-CoV-2? Journal of Internal Medicine. 8.6.2021.

Evidence for Biological Age Acceleration and Telomere Shortening in COVID-19 Survivors (The results show a consistent biological age increase in the post-COVID-19 population, determining a DeltaAge acceleration of 10.45 ± 7.29 years (+5.25 years above the range of normality) compared with 3.68 ± 8.17 years for the COVID-19-free population (p < 0.0001). A significant telomere shortening parallels this finding in the post-COVID-19 cohort compared with COVID-19-free subjects (p < 0.0001). Additionally, ACE2 expression was decreased in post-COVID-19 patients, compared with the COVID-19-free population, while DPP-4 did not change. In light of these observations, we hypothesize that some epigenetic alterations are associated with the post-COVID-19 condition, particularly in younger patients (< 60 years).). Int J Mol Sci. 7.6.2021.

Probable airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in a poorly ventilated restaurant. Building and Environment.  June 2021.

Household COVID-19 risk and in-person schooling. Science. 4.6.2021.

Face masks, public policies and slowing the spread of COVID-19: Evidence from Canada (Counterfactual policy simulations suggest that adopting a nationwide mask mandate in June could have reduced the total number of diagnosed COVID-19 cases in Canada by over 50,000 over the period July-November 2020. Jointly, our results indicate that mandating mask wearing in indoor public places can be a powerful policy tool to slow the spread of COVID-19.). J Health Econ. 3.6.2021.


Mask Use and Ventilation Improvements to Reduce COVID-19 Incidence in Elementary Schools — Georgia, November 16–December 11, 2020 []sisäilman sekoittamisella päästiin 35 prosenttia pienempään koronatartuntojen esiintyvyyteen ja yhdistettynä ilmanpuhdistuksen tehostamiseen 48 prosenttia pienempään esiintyvyyteen.. CDC-MMWR. 28.5.2021.

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The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill. All pandemic long, scientists brawled over how the virus spreads. Droplets! No, aerosols! At the heart of the fight was a teensy error with huge consequences. Wired. 13.5.2021.

COVID-19 está en el aire. Numeroteca. 13.5.2021.

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COVID-19 Indoor Safety Guideline.

Risk of rapid evolutionary escape from biomedical interventions targeting SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (Our modeling suggests that SARS-CoV-2 mutants with one or two mildly deleterious mutations are expected to exist in high numbers due to neutral genetic variation, and consequently resistance to vaccines or other prophylactics that rely on one or two antibodies for protection can develop quickly -and repeatedly- under positive selection. Predicted resistance timelines are comparable to those of the decay kinetics of nAbs raised against vaccinal or natural antigens, raising a second potential mechanism for loss of immunity in the population. Strategies for viral elimination should therefore be diversified across molecular targets and therapeutic modalities). PLOS ONE. 28.4.2021.

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Ten scientific reasons in support of airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Lancet. 15.4.2021.

Apparently just by talking about it, I’m super-spreading long Covid, George Monbiot
A professor has suggested that press coverage could make people believe they have the condition. Guardian. 14.4.2021.

Tuore suomalaistutkimus: FFP-maski suojaa koronalta terveydenhuollossa
Väitöstutkija Lotta Oksanen suosittelee FFP-suojaimia työpisteisiin, joissa voi kohdata koronaan sairastuneen.  Lääkärilehti. 12.4.2021.

Sources of healthcare workers’ COVID‑19 infections and related safety guidelines (Lotta-Maria A.H. Oksanen, In total, 41 (4.7%) participants tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, with 22 (53.6%) of infections being confirmed or likely occupational, and 12 (29.3%) originating from colleagues. In 14 cases (63.6%), occupational infections occurred while using a surgical mask, and all infections originating from patients occurred while using a surgical mask or no mask at all. No occupational infections were found while using an FFP2/3 respirator and following aerosol precautions. The combined odds ratio for working at an intensive care unit, an emergency department, or a ward was 3.4 (95% CI: 1.2–9.2, p = 0.016)). Occup Med and Environ Health 2/2021,132898,0,2.html

Povidone Iodine (PVP-I) Oro-Nasal Spray: An Effective Shield for COVID-19 Protection for Health Care Worker (HCW), for all. Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 8.4.2021.

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Low pH Hypromellose (Taffix) nasal powder spray could reduce SARS-CoV-2 infection rate post mass-gathering event at a highly endemic community: an observational prospective open label user survey (HPMC, e.g.,VirX. After 14 days, 0/81 (0%) of (PP) Tafffix users, 2/83 (2.4%) of (ITT) Taffix users and 16/160 (10%) nonusers were infected. Odds ratio for infection among Taffix users was 0.22, a reduction of 78% (95%CI 1%–95%). No side effects reported. /Taffix could be an additional tool against COVID19 spread, in addition to recommended safety measures. This is the first time that a prevention measure of SARS-CoV-2, beyond the use of masks, has proved effective.). Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther. 1.4.2021.


Korona muuttuu pahemmaksi, mutta mitä se oikeasti tarkoittaa?
Evoluution näkökulmasta virusten pitäisi muuntua heikommiksi mutta helpommin tarttuviksi. Koronaviruksen mutaatiot näyttävät kuitenkin muuttavan taudinkuvaa vakavammaksi. Ennen kuin korona voi muuttua vaarattomaksi taudiksi, tarvitaan aikaa, sairastelua ja useampi rokotekierros. Tampereen yliopisto/AMK. 31.3.2021.

Covid jab probably does protect those around you. BBC News. 30.3.2021.

Sweden saw lower 2020 death spike than much of Europe – data. Reuters. 24.3.2021.

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Sweden, which has shunned the strict lockdowns that have choked much of the global economy, emerged from 2020 with a smaller increase in its overall mortality rate than most European countries, an analysis of official data sources showed.

Was there a COVID-19 harvesting effect in Northern Italy?  in Book: Regions between challenges and
unexpected opportunities. 21.03.2021.

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Olavi Tallgrénin oli määrä vielä kotiutua Rauhaniemestä, mutta koronatartunta vei hänen henkensä vain muutamassa päivässä. Tytär Heta Tallgrén ja työntekijät kertovat koronapainajaisesta tamperelaisessa sairaalassa, jossa jo yli sata on sairastunut ja kolmetoista kuollut koronaan. Aamulehti 17.1.2021.

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Folkhälsomyndigheten rekommenderar familjeisolering vid coronasmitta i hemmet. Men i för- och grundskolan gäller inte samma direktiv som i resten av samhället.
– Barn ska fortsätta gå i skolan, säger statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell.m,Enligt Anders Tegnell finns det en ganska god grund för att säga att barn inte är drivande i smittspridningen.  Skolavärlden 1.10.2020.


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Finnish health boss [Mika Salminen] questions WHO coronavirus testing advice. Finland’s national health authority questioned on Friday the World Health Organization’s call on countries to test as many patients as possible for coronavirus, after the country ran out of testing capacity this week. Reuters 20.3.2020.

Koronaviruksen tahallisesta levittämisestä voisi tulla pitkä linnatuomio – Suomen laki on tuntenut tartuntataudit pitkään. Laissa on monenlaisia tapoja puuttua tartuntatautien tarkoitukselliseen levittämiseen. Yle Uutiset. 19.3.2020.

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Click to access Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf

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Näin viesti koronaviruksen vaaroista on muuttunut – THL tammikuun lopulla: ”Pieni riski sille, että virus leviäisi Suomeen etenkin epidemiana”
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Uudet elinajanodotteet julkaistiin – Katso täältä, kuinka pitkään elät ja koska tilastojen mukaan kuolet
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Overweight and obesity – BMI statistics / Data presented in this article refer to year 2019. / A fourth wave of the European health interview survey (the source of these data) is foreseen in 2025. / Planned article update: March 2024. (Highlights: The proportion of overweight adults in the EU varied in 2019 between 37 % in Italy and 58 % in Croatia for women, and between 53 % in France and 73 % in Croatia for men. The age group 18 to 24 years presented the lowest shares of overweight population in the EU in 2019, while those aged 65 to 74 had the highest shares) Eurostat. 2019.

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5-11-vuotiaiden lasten rokottaminen COVID-19 tautia vastaan Suomessa. THL Nohynek.

Public health management during COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency. Learn about the public health management actions we are taking, and your responsibilities as a healthcare provider. Australian Government  Department of Health and Aged Care.

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Jatkuvasti päivittyvät

Home (

Top 50: Cumulative deaths per capita by income (last 12 months). Updated daily
Cumulative confirmed COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people (last 12 months). Tracker.

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Top 50: Cumulative deaths per capita by income (last 12 months)
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Johns Hopkina Coronavirus Resources Center.

Varmistetut koronatapaukset Suomessa (COVID-19).  esri-Finland.

12ng — Kuolleet viikoittain sukupuolen, iän ja maakunnan mukaan (Pikaennakko), 1990W01-2022W49*. Tilastokeskus.

Koronavirus COVID-19 tilanne Suomessa. Lähde THL. Tiedot päivitetty: tartunnat ja kuolemat 22.12.2022, sairaanhoito 27.12.2022 (eilen). Jätevesi päivitetty 25.12.2022.

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Tartunnat ja hoidon tarve rokotussuojan mukaan- Sivun aineisto päivitetään kuukausittain, kuukauden 15. päivästä seuraavana arkipäivänä, jolloin aineistoon päivitetään tiedot edellisen kuukauden loppuun saakka. THL.

Koronavirusepidemiaa koskevat infot ja tilannekuvat.

Tilannekatsaus koronaviruksesta – Tilannetietoa koronasta lukuina. Koronakartta päivittyy kerran viikossa torstaisin. Tälle sivulle on koostettu lähteet ajankohtaisiin tilannetietoihin koronaviruksesta.

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Rates of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Vaccination Status. CDC Covid Data Tracker. Updated monthly. CDC COVID Data Tracker: Rates of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Vaccination Status

Coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths worldwide per one million population as of April 26, 2022, by country

Demographic Trends of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the US reported to CDC. Maps, charts, and data provided by CDC, updates Tues-Sun by 8 pm ET. CDC COVID Data Tracker.

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Maps in support of the Council Recommendation on a coordinated approach to travel measures in the EU. ECDC.

Tracking COVID-19 variant Omicron.

Suomen riski ja tartuntakartat. Suomen COVID-19 riskikartta ja tartuntatilanne kunnissa –

[New Zealand] Alert Level 4: Information on what Alert Level 4 means for you. Alert Level 4 | Unite against COVID-19 (

COVID Data Tracker. CDC.

COVID-19 Alberta statistics. Interactive aggregate data on COVID-19 cases in Alberta.

Coronavirus tracked: see how your country compares. Financial Times.

More Than 2.3 Billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Tracker. In the U.S., 307 million doses have been administered.

UK summary. The official UK government website for data and insights on coronavirus (COVID-19).

Choosing Safer Activities. Vaccinated – not vaccinated. CDC. 2021.

Global Report Investigating Novel Coronavirus Haplotypes. These lineages are being tracked because they have mutations of interest and evidence of international spread.Pango lineages. Global report investigating novel coronavirus haplotypes. 2021.


Päivittyvä koronaseuranta. Helsingin Sanomat.

Excess mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Italia, yksityiskohtaiset Covid-19 tiedot alueittain:

Altistumiset, tietokanta.

Tracking covid-19 excess deaths across countries. In many parts of the world, official death tolls undercount the total number of fatalities. The Economist.

COVID-NET A Weekly Summary of U.S. COVID-19- Associated Hospitalisations. CDC.

Population receiving at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine, % of total. The Economist.

Our coverage of the coronavirus. A selection of our stories about covid-19 and its consequences. The Economist.

Hallituksen tiedotustilaisuudet sekä tilannekatsaukset koronavirusepidemiasta. Valtioneuvosto Statsrådet.

General information and news. LitCov.

Globaalit ja maakohtaiset koronatilastot.

WHO daily situation reports and corona statistics since 21.1.2020.

Maps & Trends. Follow global cases and trends. Johns Hopkins coronavirus Resource Center.

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Global research on coronavirus disease (COVID-19), WHO Database.

SSRN’s Coronavirus and Infectious Disease Research page provides a curated view into the early-stage research to help researchers, public health authorities, clinicians and the public understand, contain and manage this disease.

I.Stat il tuo accesso diretto alla statistica italiana.

All you need to Crush covid-19.

See how your community is moving around differently due to COVID-19. Community Mobility Reports.

Tämä artikkeli käsittelee COVID-19-tautia. Sen aiheuttavaa virusta käsittelee artikkeli SARS-CoV-2 ja viruksen aiheuttamaa pandemiaa käsittelee artikkeli koronaviruspandemia 2019–2020. WIKIPEDIA. (Sisältää lukuisia täältä puuttuvia viitteitä ja linkkejä – Ajoittain päivittyvä).


COVID-19: Latest news updates from around the world. Twitter

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Annals of Internal Medicine. (139 articles up to 9.7.2020.)

COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

Jatkuvasti päivittyvä koronagrafiikkakooste.  N.M.2020.

Morbidity and Mortalioty Weekly Report (MMWR). CDC. N.M.

Download data on the weekly subnational 14-day notification rate of new COVID-19 cases. ECDC. Weekly.

Koronavirusepidemian aikaiset rajoitukset. Valtioneuvosto.

Daily COVID-19 tests per thousand people: Because not all countries report testing data on a daily basis, daily test figures are not available for some countries in our dataset.

The Atlantic – Covid Tracking Project:

Covid in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count. New York Times.

Sonderseite, Coronavirus. Frankfurter Allegemenine Zeitung.

COVID-19: Current cases.  Information about confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand. Ministry of Health.

COVID-19 Projections. IHME.

COVID-19 Information Hub. Astra Zeneca.

RECOVERY Trial: This national clinical trial aims to identify treatments that may be beneficial for people hospitalised with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.  University of Oxford.

Covid-19 updates. New Scientist.

Template:COVID-19 pandemic data. Wikipedia.

COVID-19 lockdowns. Wikipedia.

Statistics and Research. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations. Our World in Data.

Osuus positiivisista COVID-19-testeistä. Vahvistettujen tapausten kokonaismäärä osuutena testattujen ihmisten kokonaismäärästä tai suoritettujen testien määrästä – sen mukaan, miten maa raportoi testitiedot. Luvut esitetään ajan mittaan viidennen vahvistetun kuoleman jälkeen kuluneiden päivien mukaan. .. viimeisin

GOV.UK-koronavirus (COVID-19) Isossa-Britanniassa.


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